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Photo #1506 – 12.30.12

Cloudy Ocean Sunset

Well, it wasn’t all that cloudy…in fact, most of the sky was clear.  But a line of small clouds near the horizon added to a neat sunset as we cruised along in a big boat in the Caribbean.

Photo #1405 – 09.19.12

Cloudy Evening in Nassau Harbor

Having stopped at the city of Nassau in the Bahamas on two separate cruises, I would say that it is overall my least favorite destination.  I’m sure my impression would have improved if we had gone off on a nice excursion or gone outside of the city itself, such as to the nearby Atlantis resort…maybe next time!  But I am a fan of lighthouses, so I did like the little white Nassau Harbor Lighthouse that we passed as we left the port to head into the open ocean.

Photo #1307 – 06.13.12

Farewell to Manhattan

A cruise out of New York City is a great way to see some of the waterfront sites from a somewhat elevated vantage point.  On our way down to the Bahamas on this cruise a few years ago, we had some great weather to catch views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.  We also had some nice views as we returned at the end of the trip, but we weren’t nearly as excited about seeing the city again…we definitely would have preferred to see more sandy beaches and tropical waters!

Photo #1199 – 02.26.12

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

The capital and largest city of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie is a bustling port town of about 19,000 people.  We visited the city on our honeymoon cruise, but did not really explore much outside of the busy downtown area.  This view of the city and its harbor was taken on the docks at the base of our cruise ship.  Upwards of 1.4 million cruise passengers visit this port of call annually, and I believe two other ships were in port on this day.

Photo #1173 – 01.31.12

Disney Wonder in the Morn

Although it’s not necessarily easy to get up early on a cruise vacation, I’d definitely suggest doing so at least once to watch the sun rise over the horizon.  In addition to watching the sunrise, it’s also quite relaxing to walk around the open air decks of the ship with hardly another person around.  This cruise, aboard the Disney Wonder, was my first ocean cruise, and we all had a great time.  I think this was the only morning I woke up early, and it was the last morning on the ocean before the end of our trip, so I’m glad I forced myself to get out of bed!

Photo #1141 – 12.30.11

Grand Turk from Above

I cannot recall how tall our cruise ship was (although I believe about 11 stories), but while it was docked at Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos, I’m pretty sure it was the tallest structure on the island.  As we departed the island for our next destination in a Bahamas cruise, we enjoyed some great views of the island and its bright blue surrounding waters.

Photo #1103 – 11.22.11

Ellis Island – Gateway to America

From Annie Moore, an Irish girl who arrived in the United States in 1892, to a Norwegian by the name of Arne Peterssen who arrived in 1954, millions of immigrants passed through Ellis Island to begin their lives anew in America.  In fact, it is estimated that 12 million immigrants passed through this building (or an earlier form of it) between the first and last people noted above.  The island now hosts a museum managed by the National Park Service, and while I haven’t yet visited, I did get a chance to view the island as we passed by on our cruise ship heading out of New York Harbor.

Photo #1069 – 10.19.11

Rising Yellow Orb

While I have witnessed a handful of sunrises out on the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, none of them has been free of cloud cover of some sort.  This particular sunrise is the closest to the ocean horizon I have seen the rising sun, and this photo was taken aboard the Disney Wonder as we were cruising near the Bahamas.  For a short while, the sky was such a brilliant orange/yellow color, it was great.

Just a couple days ago, I was out walking Leggs just before the sun popped above the distant hills, and due to cloud cover everywhere else in the sky except where the sun was rising, the entire sky was a deep red.  By the time I went inside to get my camera, the sun had risen and the red tint had disappeared…oh well, it was still a great sunrise!

Photo #1034 – 09.14.11

Running Track and Mini-Golf on a Ship

Have you ever been on vacation…for instance, on a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean…and had the urge to run a couple miles?  If you are like me, the answer would be yes.  Luckily, most cruise ships have some sort of running track (in addition to some pretty nice indoor gyms), like this small one on the Carnival Miracle that circles around a mini-golf course and a basketball/multi-use court.  I ran on this track at least once, and it gets plenty of use by joggers and walkers alike.

As a side note, it’s pretty cool/weird walking around a cruise ship early in the morning when most people aren’t up yet…and it also makes it possible to take people-free photos of different parts of the ship.

Photo #958 – 06.30.11

Nassau Straw Market

The Straw Market in Nassau, the capital city of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, is one of the main tourist attractions for people coming off cruise ships…since it is located right near the port where you enter the city.  But unless you’re fond of walking through tight spaces, getting touch-feely with strangers, purchasing knock-off designer bags (or straw bags with a stiched-in elmo…), then the straw market doesn’t really have that much to offer.

Photo #930 – 06.02.11

Orange, Purple and Blue Sky

I love this color scheme.  Brilliant oranges, subdued purples, and a range of blues combine in this photo (along with some wispy clouds) to produce a lovely summer evening sunset.  It may appear to be over the ocean, but while the water is certainly part of the Atlantic Ocean, the sun is actually setting over the shores of New Jersey (a few distant points of light are visible on the horizon).

Photo #894 – 04.27.11

Approaching Sunset Off St. Maarten

After a full day of relaxation, baking in the sun, and walking around the streets of St. Maarten, Heather and I were forced to get back on our ship as we started our two-day return trip back to real life after a great honeymoon cruise.  As our ship was slowly making its way toward the open ocean, the sun started to approach the distant horizon and cast an orange glow across the hills of St. Maarten.

We’d like to get back to St. Maarten some time!

Photo #870 – 04.03.11

Vibrant Glass Chandelier

Full of bright colors and circular blobs, this huge chandelier gives me an impression of a swarm of vibrant, shiny jellyfish.  This glass chandelier (actually, a mixture of glass and acrylic) is in the atrium of the Disney Wonder cruise ship and is one of the first things you see as you step foot on the ship.  While this photo doesn’t show its size that well, it is a pretty huge piece of art!

Photo #859 – 03.23.11


Certain sunrises can bring with them a sense of renewal or a feeling of a fresh start, and this particular sunrise over the wide-open waters of the Atlantic Ocean was one such sunrise.  Even though the sun itself was obscured by thick clouds, wide beams of light shot through gaps in the clouds to produce a dramatic morning scene.  I often enjoy taking photos of sunrises and incorporating the surroundings, but this was one case where a zoom lens allowed me to focus right in on the main event.

Photo #844 – 03.08.11

Castaway Cay

Check out the lovely blue waters surrounding this little island known as Castaway Cay.  Only 1,000 acres in size, Castaway Cay is a private island owned by Disney that serves as a private island experience on their various cruise ship itineraries through the Caribbean.  Only about 55 acres of the island are actually developed into various beaches, shops and eateries, and in typical Disney fashion, everything on the island is distinctly ‘shipwreck’ themed.  This photo was taken from our cruise ship looking back at the main beaches, and one of the nicer areas on the island (for us, anyway) was the adults-only beach located on the back side of the island from this perspective.

It certainly was a great place to spend a hot, sunny day in January!

Photo #821 – 02.13.11

Bacchus Dining Room, Carnival Miracle

The Carnival Miracle cruise ship we we on a couple years ago definitely worked with some themes in their designs and really went all out.  The main dining room is named after the Roman god of wine and grapes, Bacchus (also known to the Greeks as Dionysus)…and you might notice that grapes and grapevines are the primary decor in the room.  I don’t think the colors in this photo are quite right, but it still was quite a bit of purple.

Of course, if you weren’t a fan of purple, there were plenty of other places to grab a bite to eat on board!

Photo #814 – 02.06.11

Sunrise Glow

One of the nice things about having a balcony-room on a cruise is waking up early and sitting on the balcony, watching a glowing sun rise above the distant ocean horizon.  It’s quite peaceful out in the middle of the ocean.

Of course, if getting up early doesn’t exactly sound like your idea of a vacation, I’m sure you’d be able to find something else to enjoy on a cruise.

Photo #785 – 01.08.11

Gatsby’s Garden

Most cruise ships are full of little nooks and crannies where, if you want to get away from the regular crowds (and kids), you can find a bit of quiet.  On the one cruise we went on aboard the Carnival Miracle, a small section near the front of the ship was one such place.  Gatsby’s Garden was mostly just a long hallway with large windows and small tables, and it looped around to a matching hallway on the other side of the ship.  Since it didn’t really lead anywhere all that exciting, it was a perfect place to relax for a bit, do some reading, and watch some rolling waves.

Photo #779 – 01.02.10

Statue of Liberty and Shipping Cranes in Bayonne

This side view of the Statue of Liberty was taken on our cruise ship a couple years ago while we were heading out of New York harbor.  It not only captures Lady Liberty and the crowds of people visiting this national monument, but also a group of large cranes in nearby Bayonne, NJ that operate in the busy shipyards.  A few years back, the ports in this area reportedly saw more than $130 billion worth of cargo pass through, and the bulk of shipping for New York City is actually conducted on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.

The Statue of Liberty is still a bit taller than the cranes, but I thought they looked pretty neat in the background with their massive crane arms extended just like Lady Liberty’s outstretched arm.

Photo #756 – 12.10.10

Morning Clouds in the Caribbean

Sure, it’s nice to wake up to a bright blue sky and know that it will be a spectacularly sunny day, but sometimes starting out with a few clouds isn’t all that bad.  This particular morning out in the Bahamas was a bit cloudy (still a nice sunrise!), but by mid-day, most of these clouds were long gone.  At Half Moon Cay {photo #402}, we had the sunniest, hottest day of the cruise, which was perfect for a day on a powdered-sugar sand beach!

So don’t worry about some morning clouds…they just might lead to a bright, clear day ahead.

Photo #686 – 10.01.10

Farewell to Nassau

Nassau Harbour is fairly picturesque, with a cool little lighthouse, the extravagant Atlantis resort, and a couple of cruise ships at the docks.  This photo was taken as our own cruise ship was departing Nassau and making its way back home to New York City.

Aside from a cool sunrise that morning, there wasn’t much else that I enjoyed in Nassau…

Photo #662 – 09.07.10

Lifeboat Powerwashers

I enjoy powerwashing, and I enjoy the ocean…so I think I would enjoy the job of powerwashing lifeboats while cruising through the ocean…

Sure it might be a bit slippery, and one wrong move could send you into the ocean below (it sure is a pretty blue color!)…but you’re at least attached to some sort of safety harness.

Photo #651 – 08.27.10

Embedded Seashell

While combing the beaches of Grand Turk for shells, sea glass and other fun stuff, Heather and I stumbled upon this cool seashell embedded in the rock at the edge of the beach.  It was a pretty good-sized shell, and I think we saw a couple other shells in the rock scattered about.

Photo #615 – 07.22.10

Honeymoon Sunset

On the last night of our honeymoon, Heather and I were treated to a nice sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a bit windy on the back of the ship where this was taken, and we were dressed in our formal attire for dinner so we didn’t stay too long.  But it was a nice way to finish up our lil’ vacation.