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Photo #1539 – 02.01.13

Snow Swing

Bright, sunny days after a big snowfall are the best, especially when there hasn’t been a bunch of wind to knock off the mounds of snow on top of everything.  The sunshine also makes shoveling driveways and cleaning porches that much more enjoyable…  On one such lovely, sunny afternoon about 10 years ago, my parents took a short break from tossing snow to have some fun.  I of course had to get a cute “sitting-together-on-a-snowy-swing” shot.


Photo #1422 – 10.06.12

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!

Wow, 40 years…that’s pretty unbelievable!  It was back in October of 1972 that my mom and dad got hitched, and they are still laughing and smiling together as much as ever.

This photo was taken a few years ago while on vacation up in Vermont, although it was enhanced by my brother Michael to help celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Happy 40th Anniversary!!

Photo #1408 – 09.22.12

Time to Get Out the Rake…

It is now officially autumn, which means it is time to dig out the rake and/or leaf blower and get ready for the onslaught of colorful falling leaves.  Along with all that back-aching work, it also means it is almost time to create big leaf piles for jumping into!  This photo illustrates what can happen when my parents and I have a little too much fun with dead leaves…

Happy Fall!

Photo #1389 – 09.03.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012…Gone Crazy!!

Well…we were a good lookin’ crew, until someone said “Silly Faces!” and we erupted into chaos.  Kids will be kids…whether they are actual kids or just kids at heart…

Have a happy Labor Day!

Photo #1388 – 09.02.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012

What a nice lookin’ group, if I may say so myself!  We took this photo in the beginning of August and managed to get smiles and open eyes throughout!  Gotta love family.

Photo #1365 – 08.10.12

Hannah Turns Eight!

In case you’re not sure, the one turning 8 is on the left…even though my dad can certainly be a big kid sometimes!  Today is Hannah’s 8th birthday, and this past weekend we celebrated with cake, pie, singing, and other fun shenanigans.  Right before we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, she shared some laughs with her PopPop…and soon after we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, we all proceeded to share some delicious cake.

So Happy 8th Birthday to my oldest niece, Hannah!

Photo #1333 – 07.09.12

Old Fart…Again

1987 was a great year, wasn’t it?  It seemed pretty good to me, but then again, I was only 4 and it probably didn’t take much to please me.  But it was the year that my dad apparently turned into an Old Fart, as evidenced by the lovely hats in the above photo.

Today is my dad’s birthday!  So Happy ‘Even Older Fart’ Birthday, Dad!