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Photo #1252 – 04.19.12

Brian’s Big Smile

Your first trip to Disney World is always magical, so you can understand why Brian had a big goofy smile while riding on one of the  coolest rides in the Magic Kingdom, the PeopleMover!  Of course, he may have been grinning to annoy Amy, since she wanted a ‘regular’ photo…but regardless, this trip to Disney World more than 7 years ago had all of us walking around with big grins.

Today is Brian’s birthday, so happy birthday!  Hope you get some good grins in today.

Photo #1190 – 02.17.12

Chocolate Moose

A visit to Disney World is always full of ooh’s and aah’s and random things that are a bit out of the ordinary.  After a huge, delicious meal at Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot’s Canada area, we ordered the chocolate mousse for dessert and received the moose in the photo above.  Not only was this a great representation of a homonym, but it was also a pretty tasty dessert!

Photo #1173 – 01.31.12

Disney Wonder in the Morn

Although it’s not necessarily easy to get up early on a cruise vacation, I’d definitely suggest doing so at least once to watch the sun rise over the horizon.  In addition to watching the sunrise, it’s also quite relaxing to walk around the open air decks of the ship with hardly another person around.  This cruise, aboard the Disney Wonder, was my first ocean cruise, and we all had a great time.  I think this was the only morning I woke up early, and it was the last morning on the ocean before the end of our trip, so I’m glad I forced myself to get out of bed!

Photo #1134 – 12.23.11

Mickey on the Tree

These Mickey and Minnie ornaments (Minnie is somewhat visible in the background) might be the smallest ornaments on our Christmas tree…the regular-sized hook from which Mickey is hanging should give a good idea of scale.  This is one of a number of photos I took experimenting with different lenses and flash units, using the ornaments, tree, and other decorations to try out various techniques.

Photo #1069 – 10.19.11

Rising Yellow Orb

While I have witnessed a handful of sunrises out on the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, none of them has been free of cloud cover of some sort.  This particular sunrise is the closest to the ocean horizon I have seen the rising sun, and this photo was taken aboard the Disney Wonder as we were cruising near the Bahamas.  For a short while, the sky was such a brilliant orange/yellow color, it was great.

Just a couple days ago, I was out walking Leggs just before the sun popped above the distant hills, and due to cloud cover everywhere else in the sky except where the sun was rising, the entire sky was a deep red.  By the time I went inside to get my camera, the sun had risen and the red tint had disappeared…oh well, it was still a great sunrise!

Photo #875 – 04.08.11

It’s Mary Poppins!

Don’t you love it when you’re eating a delicious, hearty breakfast in Norway and all of a sudden Mary Poppins appears and you have your picture taken with her?!  I’m sure Amy and Heather loved it at the time this photo was taken.  We weren’t actually in Norway, but we were in the Norway section of Disney’s Epcot at a Princess Storybook Breakfast…yes, we were all adults, but hey, the food was good and we got our pictures taken with Disney characters!  Check out Brian and I below!

Photo #870 – 04.03.11

Vibrant Glass Chandelier

Full of bright colors and circular blobs, this huge chandelier gives me an impression of a swarm of vibrant, shiny jellyfish.  This glass chandelier (actually, a mixture of glass and acrylic) is in the atrium of the Disney Wonder cruise ship and is one of the first things you see as you step foot on the ship.  While this photo doesn’t show its size that well, it is a pretty huge piece of art!

Photo #846 – 03.10.11

Red Telephone Box

Why exactly is Heather standing in a red telephone box, the iconic public telephone booth found throughout the United Kingdom?  Well, I’m pretty sure it was just to have her picture taken in one of these cool booths.  This particular booth wasn’t located in London, Liverpool, or any other city in the actual United Kingdom…but it was in the United Kingdom section of Disney’s Epcot!  And it was across the way from a great fish ‘n chips place!

As an interesting bit of trivia, it was 135 years ago today that Alexander Graham Bell became the first person to successfully transmit a voice over a telephone.

Photo #844 – 03.08.11

Castaway Cay

Check out the lovely blue waters surrounding this little island known as Castaway Cay.  Only 1,000 acres in size, Castaway Cay is a private island owned by Disney that serves as a private island experience on their various cruise ship itineraries through the Caribbean.  Only about 55 acres of the island are actually developed into various beaches, shops and eateries, and in typical Disney fashion, everything on the island is distinctly ‘shipwreck’ themed.  This photo was taken from our cruise ship looking back at the main beaches, and one of the nicer areas on the island (for us, anyway) was the adults-only beach located on the back side of the island from this perspective.

It certainly was a great place to spend a hot, sunny day in January!

Photo #836 – 02.28.11

Tom Meets Pocahontas

I’m guessing most people could choose their favorite Disney character…from regular ol’ Mickey Mouse to a fairytale princess to a villian like Captain Hook, there is likely one character you like more than the others.  It’s fun to be a kid walking around Disney World and have the chance to get your picture with your favorite characters…but believe it or not, it can be just as fun for a grown-up!  While we were walking around ‘Rafiki’s Planet Watch’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, Tom spotted Pocahontas and made a beeline to the short line (of mostly kids) waiting for a photo.  He enjoyed that photo op.

What’s not to like about Pocahontas (whether the ‘real’ Pocahontas or the disneyified Pocahontas)?!?

Photo #822 – 02.14.11

Heather, My Valentine

Only in Disney World can Peter Pan and Stitch (from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch) stand in front of Cinderella Castle…who knew that they would actually make a good couple?!?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By the way, is it just me or does Peter Pan kind of look funny without a beard…

Photo #605 – 07.12.10

Amy and Brian in ‘Toy Story’

Don’t these two look great as little green Martians??  Heather took this shot of Amy and Brian on a family trip to Disney World more than 5 years ago as we were having fun with various props and boards like this one from Toy Story.  With ‘Toy Story 3’ now in theaters, I thought this was an appropriate photo of them to post!

Amy and Brian are now less than 2 months away from calling one another husband and wife (or whatever weird names they might decide to call one another)!  Woohoo!!

Photo #414 – 01.02.10

Happy Palindrome Day!!

A palindrome is a word, phrase or number that reads the same both forward and backward.  In the photo above, Tom is sitting in a RACECAR getting ready to speed around the Walt Disney Speedway for 8 laps as part of the Richard Petty Driving Experience (he was driving pretty fast!).  Just as ‘racecar’ is a palindrome, so is today’s date of 01-02-2010.  If you missed it because you are reading this after January 2nd, then be prepared for January 11th at 1:11:10am (01-11-10 01:11:10).

Aren’t palindromes fun??

Photo #217 – 06.19.09

Life Jackets

What’s the funnest part of a cruise?  Why, the safety drill before you leave port, of course!  This is where you pull out your life jackets, put them on when the siren starts, walk out to a specific location on deck, and stand nice and orderly in your group while a voice on an intercom explains what to do if we start sinking.  After that’s out of the way, then the ship is allowed to leave port and your cruise can begin.  Yay!

I must say, the above life jackets are quite stylish…

Photo #211 – 06.13.09

Disney Cruise

My first cruise was on the Disney Wonder, and despite it being a Disney cruise, the kids were so occupied with other things that it never really felt like it was too kid-focused.  There was so much for adults to do, and overall, it was a lot of fun.  In addition, the food was outstanding.  We made a couple stops in the Bahamas, including a day at their private island, Castaway Cay.  This photo was from their island, which was basically just a couple of really nice beaches.  We headed over to the adult beach and relaxed the entire day, venturing out into the shallow blue-green waters to cool off once in a while.

Gotta love cruises!

Photo #183 – 05.16.09


Chewbacca is one cool Wookiee!  Here he is with C-3PO strapped to his back in pieces from the Empire Strikes Back.

This was definitely a fun time to be in Disney World, during Star Wars weekends.  They had all kinds of characters, kids learning jedi tricks and lightsaber dueling, stars from the movies, and all kinds of great stuff.  We even took part in a Star Wars disco inferno, complete with Chewie and others doing the Y-M-C-A…

Photo #159 – 04.22.09

Soft, Green Tree

Happy Earth Day!

Go hug a tree, like this tree above covered with luscious, soft moss.  Or find a plastic one like the tree below in Disney World…

Hug a Tree…Disney Style

Hug a Tree...Disney Style

Photo #131 – 03.25.09

Tomato Tree?

Have you ever seen a tomato tree?  This tomato tree here holds a Guinness World Record for number of tomatoes harvested at 32,000…that’s a lot of tomatoes!  It is in the greenhouse at Epcot in Disney World, and the tomatoes are served in some of the restaurants in Epcot.  One of the attractions, ‘Living With the Land’, takes you through the greenhouse and all the weird things in there, including pumpkins that have Mickey ears.

Photo #92 – 02.14.09

Happy Valentine’s Day, Heather!

This was our first photo as husband- and wife-to-be.  It was a warm, June night in Disney World when we went out for some ice cream and a stroll along the nearby river.  After finishing our ice cream on this nice bench overlooking the river, I asked Heather if she wanted her 5 year anniversary gift (it was only a few days away, and she had reeeeeally been wanting a nice bracelet).  To her surprise, I opened up the jewelry box to reveal a sparkling ring along with a great cheesy line like “I’m so happy we’ve been together for 5 years…how would you like to make it a bit longer???”  She said yes, and I was definitely relieved (in case you’re wondering, it’s really nerve-racking walking around Disney World with a ring in your pocket for a couple days trying to figure out the right time to ask!)

Off in the distance, some fireworks were going off, and we made some calls to our families (especially since I hadn’t told anybody at all beforehand).  It was a great night that I’ll always remember.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo #69 – 01.22.09

On the People Mover at Disney World

Okay, so this may be the slowest moving ride at Disney World, or at least in the Magic Kingdom, but it is probably our favorite ride of the whole park.  Why?  We’re not even quite sure.  To get to the ‘Tomorrowland Transit Authority’ (the official name), you ride up some escalators and hop  in these always-moving blue cars, and then you slowly travel above park-goers, into some various buildings, through Space Mountain (you go right through the attraction and see/hear the riders), and then through this cool Buzz Lightyear attraction.  All in all, the ride is almost 10 minutes long, rarely has a line to get on it, and is just a great way to sit down and take it easy after doing too much elsewhere in the park.  The photo above was probably taken when we started into Space Mountain in the dark.

Plus, it’s a great place to watch fireworks at night!  I guess those are a few of the reasons why we love it.

Full Video of People Mover Ride!

Photo #32 – 12.16.08

Heather with Moose Antlers

So Heather and I were walking around Epcot at Disney World, and we came to the country of Canada (probably my favorite!).  We checked out the gift shop sort of place, and of course they had all kinds of moose related stuff.  Heather just couldn’t resist trying on a pair of her own moose antlers and posing for a quick photo.  I tried on a coonskin hat sort of thing…not quite my look.  We had a lot more fun in Canada that day as well as the rest of Epcot.

Yay for Disney World!

Photo #15 – 11.29.08

Fun on Segways!

Guess what? We didn’t fall off! Although one lady in front of Heather wiped out pretty badly and partially broke her Segway (she was sleeping during the training video). We did this Segway tour at Disney’s Epcot in June 2007, and it was a pretty cool experience as we wandered through the different countries of Epcot’s World Showcase before they officially opened to the public. We both got the hang of the Segways pretty quickly, and although our knees were hurting a bit afterwards from constantly checking our balance, we had a good time zooming around Disney on our two-wheeled transporters.  It was also fun going through some crowds of people and having them look and point and throw things at us…

Have you tried out a segway yet? If so, let me know in the comments what you thought of it!