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Photo #1576 – 02.19.14

Leggs and Nolan, 14 Weeks

Nolan likes taunting Leggs…and Leggs mostly tries to avoid Nolan if he can.  But once in a while, Leggs will get cozy with Nolan, especially if he is on a blanket that he wants to lay on.  That’s what Leggs did back in July as we were taking some photos at Nolan’s 14 week mark, and they both smiled (kind of) for the camera while chillin’ on the sheep blanket.

I’m sure Leggs cannot wait for Nolan to become even more mobile than he already is!

Photo #1548 – 02.10.13

4 Cool Yukon Pups

From left to right, this is Luka, Karma (in back), Tatra, and Tagish Charlie.  The owners of the cabin in which we stayed for much of our time in the Yukon had their own cool cabin nearby along with plenty of wilderness all around, and these dogs had a good old time exploring and protecting the home.  I believe I took this photo at a time that the owners were away, so that’s why they were in their fenced-in area.  Luka, the big while fluffball on the left, was crazy protective and barked at us like crazy.  The other three were fun and playful, and they all were just another component of an awesome Yukon experience.

Photo #1503 – 12.27.12

Leggs on Christmas Day

Leggs likes the snow…kinda.  He doesn’t go crazy in it and roll all over the place, but he also isn’t afraid of the white fluff.  So we enjoyed tromping around the yard on Christmas morning through the light covering of snow.  And as always, Leggs had no problem sitting and staring off into the distance for a photo-op…he probably thought he saw a squirrel or bird off in the woods…

Photo #1481 – 12.04.12

Leggs at the Falls

Leggs definitely enjoys a nice walk in the woods, and he had a great time on this particular hike through Stokes State Forest a few years ago.  We stopped for a few poses in front of Stony Brook Falls before continuing along the network of cool trails in the park.

Photo #1394 – 09.08.12

Deep in Thought with Karma

While enjoying a bit of midday relaxation outside our cabin on the Wheaton River in the Yukon Territory one day, my buddy Ken and I were joined by two of the cool dogs on the property, Karma and Tatra.  Ken snapped this photo of Karma and I staring off into the distance…who knows what we were looking at, or what we may have been pondering.  Although I’m guessing I was just checking out the fantastic scenery all around, since I found myself doing that quite often!

Photo #1348 – 07.24.12

Walkin’ With Charlie

Our friends, Ken & Lindsay, joined us on a great Memorial Day camping trip a couple months ago, and they brought their pup Charlie along for the fun.  He’s a great camping dog, and one of the days, we all went on a long hike around the neighboring park.  Near the end, we were all getting exhausted, and Charlie was definitely looking forward to getting back, so he was trotting along pretty well when this photo was taken near our campsite along the forested woods roads.

It was a great hike!

Photo #1326 – 07.02.12

Milo Up Close

My parents’ dog, Milo, enjoyed his first camping trip over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  He is around 6 months old, although his gray hair makes him look a bit elderly…  As a chihuahua/poodle mix (Chi-Poo), he is looking more and more…well, terrier-like actually.  He’s a fun puppy regardless of what he is or looks like!

Photo #1264 – 05.01.12

Rapid Catch-Up #9 – Leggs the Sentinel

Photo #1247 – 04.14.12

Lazy Dog Day

Sometimes it baffles me when I catch Leggs laying in some sort of awkward position like his “on my back but leaning up against the couch” position in the photo above.  That really does not look all that comfortable to me, but then again, I’m not a dog, so what do I know.  As long as it makes him happy to be lazy and relax in a weird way, that’s all that matters.

Photo #1229 – 03.27.12

Patio Garden

What do you do when you want to have a vegetable garden, but you only have a small concrete patio to call your own?  Why, you grow veggies in buckets, of course!  Last year, Heather and I got a good amount of small peppers and tomatoes from these two plants that grew on our patio.  They didn’t get tons of sunlight, but certainly enough to provide some tasty veggies.  And Leggs didn’t seem to mind the plants taking up his patio space!

We’ll see if we’re able to get any good veggies at our new home…a few potential garden plots means we might experiment a bit this first year.  I’ll be sure to take photos of our (hopefully) bountiful harvest!

Daily Photo Update: So I was almost caught up with my daily photos last week…and then I lost it again!  I’ve been off-track for just over 2 months, so I’ve got to get back to the present.  Thanks for your patience!

Photo #1224 – 03.22.12

Tilly & Leggs, Best Buddies?

On a lazy, sunny afternoon in February, Tilly and Leggs decided to put their differences aside for a bit as they relaxed on our comfortable bed.  It’s not that they don’t get along, but they generally avoid one another.  Sometimes Leggs runs over Tilly when he goes to chase his ball.  Sometimes Tilly swats at Leggs’ nose for no obvious reason.  But I guess deep down inside, they’re buddies of some sort…especially when it comes to sharing a comfy bed.

Photo #1208 – 03.06.12

Heather and Leggs Love to Hike

On a chilly but nice Sunday afternoon, Heather and I went for a short hike at Kittatinny Valley State Park and brought Leggs along for the fun.  He definitely liked sniffing everything and leaving his mark…and overall, we enjoyed our walk along Lake Aeroflex, including a quick posed shot at the lake’s edge.  There aren’t a great number of trails at the park, but we’re looking forward to checking more of them out.

I’m sure Leggs is looking forward to it as well!

Photo #1201 – 02.28.12

Meet Charlie

Meet Charlie.  Charlie comes from Georgia and is a good mix of lab/shepard/hound.  My friends Ken and Lindsay got Charlie over 2 years ago, and we got to spend a good amount of time with him this past summer when we joined all of us on a camping trip.  He is full of energy and is a good pup…although he certainly isn’t a puppy anymore.

Photo #1181 – 02.08.12

Meet Milo, the Chi-Poo

Meet Milo!  Milo is almost 10 weeks old and is my parents’ new puppy.  He is a Chi-Poo, or a Chihuahua/Poodle mix, and although he’s looking more poodle-like at the moment, he’s got some interesting fur on him.  He’s quite cuddly and playful, and certainly enjoys being held and pet.  Luckily, he and my parents’ other dog, Logan {photo #472}, are already best buds.

Milo’s namesake is actually none other than Milo B. Apgar, an American Civil War veteran and founder of Apgar Village in what is now Glacier National Park.  He was one of the first homesteaders to settle at the foot of Lake McDonald in the early 1890s, offering accommodations to visitors coming from the nearby just-completed Great Northern Railway.

Photo #1176 – 02.03.12

Leggs in Our Backyard

The other day, I posted a photo of the front of our new home, so here is a photo of the back and portion of our backyard.  Leggs is very pleased that he has a nice big yard and lots of woods all to his own.  He’s been trying to explore every little rocky nook around the house…and there are a bunch of rocks and cliffs on the property, of which you can see some behind Leggs’ head above.

Photo #1152 – 01.10.12

Power Outage Blues

Back in late October/early November, we made the most of a few days and nights without power following the big Halloween snowstorm…we did some reading and knitting, played games, listened to music, and even watched kids trick-or-treat outside in the dark.  I had some fun with my camera as well, and since Leggs was looking especially mopey (I’m sure he just wanted it to be a little warmer and brighter), I got down on the carpet and took some photos with the ambient candlelight being the only source of lighting.

Photo #1125 – 12.14.11

Looking for Santa

Leggs is a big fan of Santa Claus…especially when he passes by each year on a big red fire truck!  On this particular Christmas morning, Santa had already come and gone, but it seemed like Leggs was still looking for him outside.  Or, he may have been looking at a deer, which is a more likely explanation.  One thing he certainly was not doing was posing in front of the tree with a santa hat on his head, which is why the hat is on the ground in the photo above.

Christmas will be here soon enough, and Leggs cannot wait!

Photo #1082 – 11.01.11

Happy Dakota

Dakota loves to be happy, loves to get his slobber all over you, and loves getting as much attention as he possibly can.  And if it weren’t for the fact that Kristin and Jon’s lab is more than 7 (human) years old…and that he is a big bulk of muscle…you might think he was just a puppy.  You can see the difference from actual puppy to older-but-still-acts-like-a-puppy in these two photos I took 7 years apart.

Photo #1044 – 09.24.11

Tatra in Profile

One of the great features of being at the particular guest cabin we stayed at in the Yukon was coming back from a day of fieldwork to some cute, playful dogs that just wanted your attention.  Our hosts had a few cool dogs, and Tatra was the one that wouldn’t leave you alone until you threw a stick…or a snowball.  She was also very photogenic, whether showing off her beautiful eyes to the camera {photo #66}, leaping through the air to catch a snowball {photo #213}, or standing on the frozen river ice with a snowy backdrop of Yukon scenery.

Photo #1032 – 09.12.11

Leggs in Profile at Stony Brook Falls

Leggs always enjoys a nice hike, and while he isn’t the biggest fan of going in the water, I think he likes cascading waterfalls like the one in the background above.  Stony Brook Falls is a series of small cascades right in the middle of Stokes State Forest, and Leggs and I were having fun taking photos near the falls…okay, maybe I was the one having fun, but Leggs doesn’t mind a few camera flashes here and there.  For this photo, I asked for his ‘serious’ face…

Photo #1010 – 08.21.11

Snoozin’ Zoe

Zoe loved to lay underneath the dining room table, even when it didn’t seem there was enough room to fit.  She especially enjoyed being under the table when she had a pair of socks, some tissues, or an empty tuna can.  But when this photo was taken, she was just taking a nap under the table as the morning sun shone on her face.

Photo #986 – 07.28.11

Leggs High-Five

Leggs is a good dog, and depending on his anxiety level, he is pretty good at listening to and following directions.  On this particular autumn day, Leggs and I took a little stroll through Stokes State Forest before heading to the big grassy area at Kittle Field to take some pictures.  I set up my tripod and was able to get Leggs to sit and stay at just the right spot, although he was looking at me like he didn’t understand why he couldn’t come by me behind the camera.  So then when I set the timer and crouched down next to him, he of course starting putting his paw up for a high-five.

I of course gave him a high-five back…and a little biscuit or two…

Photo #969 – 07.11.11

Sled Dog Photoshoot at Fish Lake

The Yukon is full of outstanding scenery, and this location just outside the city of Whitehorse is no exception.  On this particular day, frozen Fish Lake was our starting point for a climb up in the mountains (near the mountain top shown at the far right), and as we were getting our gear together, we watched a sled dog team have their very own photoshoot!  There were a bunch of people helping out, including a few people holding reflective boards to add some fill light to the dogs, and while it would have been cool to stick around and watch the dogs, we had to get goin’ for a long hike ahead.

I’d say that a good indication that you’re in a great location is when it’s chosen as the spot to do a professional photoshoot!

Photo #962 – 07.04.11

Happy Independence Day from the Joaquin Campground Campers!

Happy 4th of July!  Heather and I just got back from an outstanding weekend of camping with family and friends at the Joaquin campground up in New York state.  From huge campfires to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner to riding in the back of a pickup while getting pelted by large raindrops (and so many other things), it was a blast from start to finish.

We all had a great time, and we hope your Independence Day weekend was great as well!