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Valentine’s Day Breakfast on the Farm


This past Valentine’s Day weekend, Heather, Nolan and I bundled ourselves up and drove to a big farm in the black dirt region of Orange County, New York.  Upon our arrival, we parked the car near some farm machinery, wandered through a large, cold barn, and eventually found ourselves in one of the most interesting ‘restaurants’ in the area…although I would hardly call it a restaurant by any conventional means.

Rogowski Farm (www.rogowskifarm.com) is just north of the NY/NJ border in the hamlet of Pine Island (near Warwick), and along with supporting a CSA, hosting farmer’s markets, and growing a diverse array of produce, they offer fresh-from-the-farm breakfast every weekend throughout the year.  The fresh, local ingredients immediately made a wonderful impression on our tastebuds; our simple veggie omelettes with bacon and sweet potato home fries were just outstanding, and both Nolan and I could not get enough of the ‘just-came-from-the-pig’ bacon!

But this farm-to-table experience was much more than just amazing food, especially since breakfast was prepared, cooked, and consumed all in the same open area.  The setup was very comfortable, with tables of different sizes and styles (matched with chairs that are themselves different styles).  On top of the tables, no two coffee mugs were alike (at least from what we could see!), and a carafe of hot coffee just appeared on the table once we settled into our seats (which was perfect for a cold February morning).  A few small chalkboards described the morning’s options – nice and simple.  Friendly waitresses, delicious homemade hot chocolate, a tableside chat with the farm owner, bringing Nolan up to the chef for him to say Thank You…what a great breakfast.

So it goes without saying that I’d highly recommend a farm breakfast at Rogowski Farm, where you can support local farming and fill your belly with deliciousness.


Photo #1560 – 02.22.13


Of course I had to stick my head in a little oval-shaped hole at this farm where Heather and I picked a couple pumpkins this past fall…  Do they still make huge Sears catalogs??  And isn’t the toilet paper supposed to be inside the outhouse??

Photo #1531 – 01.24.13

A Few Bobolink Cows

A Few Bobolink Cows

Cows are cool, and these cows on a farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey were no exception.  This one definitely had some interesting coloration going on.  Heather and I visited Bobolink Farm last March, and we not only got to have fun with cows, but we got to do some cheese and bread tasting (everything was quite delicious!).  The farm was great, and the owners were really nice, so if you are ever in the area, stop by for a fun time (www.cowsoutside.com).

Photo #1400 – 09.14.12

Chock Full of Apples

Fall is quickly approaching, and Heather and I are looking forward to some fresh batches of applesauce and other apple goodness!  We stumbled upon this plethora of apples last October at Pochuck Valley Farms in Vernon, NJ.  If you’re looking for a fun place to pick a pound or two of apples…or even forty pounds…this is a great place to go.  They are even celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and they’ve got some great apple cider doughnuts that are quite satisfying after walking through the fields gathering apples.

Photo #1383 – 08.28.12

Fair Weather Summer Day in Vermont

With some rolling green mountains in the background, cornfields and meadows in the foreground, and a partly cloudy sky overhead, this shot captures a bit of the nice summer day we enjoyed a few years ago in northern Vermont.  The cornfield is part of The Great Vermont Corn Maze, which they say was selected as one of the top 10 mazes in America, and while we chose to only do a small maze off to the side, it was a fun farm to explore.

Photo #1376 – 08.21.12

Dolly in Profile

Chickens sure are funny lookin’, especially with their comb (part above the beak) and wattle (part below the beak).  Dolly, Amy’s chicken a few years back, was no exception, although she had an overall cool coloring and was generally nice.  She even posed in profile as I took this shot through the fencing of her coop.

Photo #1370 – 08.15.12

Parade of Tractors

You know you are at a fun parade when it concludes with a tractor convoy down the main street of town!  These tractor drivers, a mix of young and old, were proudly showing off their machines during the Sussex County Firemen’s Parade a couple years back, and I couldn’t pass up a shot of all the colorful tractors coming down the street in a line.