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Photo #1566 – 02.28.13

Dogs in the Fire

Hot dogs, that is.  Mmm, mmm, hot dogs roasted over an open fire are quite delicious, especially when they are a bit charred.  There are many different strategies for roasting the hot dog (or in this case, hot dog and a half), but whatever gets the roaster their desired dog, that is all that matters.

Photo #1411 – 09.25.12

November Moon-lit Bonfire

There’s nothing like sitting around a blazing bonfire on a chilly November evening with friends, especially with starry skies and a bright moon overhead.  Well, there were clear skies before the clouds rolled in on this particular night, but we didn’t mind at all.

Photo #1374 – 08.19.12

Thin Veil of Clouds Keeps the Stars Out of Sight…Mostly

A raging campfire is great, and being able to step away from the fire and see a clear sky of uncountable stars is pretty great too.  On this particular night of camping up in New York state, clear skies quickly disappeared as some thin clouds moved in for the night.  Even thought this dashed my hopes of any more long exposure star shots for the night, I thought the wispy clouds looked pretty cool in the night sky above the warm campfire.

Photo #1359 – 08.04.12

Sparks and Stars on a Summer Night

I don’t know about you, but I love winding down in front of a roaring fire on a cool summer night.  Enjoying a campfire on a super clear night with countless stars shimmering overhead is even better.

Have you been able to experience a nice campfire this summer yet??  If not, you had better build one soon before the summer disappears!

Photo #1328 – 07.04.12

American Independence

Independence Day isn’t all about fireworks and hot dogs and swimming, but being able to celebrate our country’s 236th birthday with friends and family is a great way to spend the day.  So have a great Fourth of July wherever you might be!

Photo #1243 – 04.10.12

Campfire Chefs

Although it looks like my dad and I were posing in this photo (this must have been the “smile but look like you’re doing something” pose), we were certainly tending to some delicious food simmering over a nice hot campfire.  A good campfire meal is hard to beat, but it is definitely important to keep a close eye on the fire to make sure the heat is evenly distributed and things don’t catch on fire that shouldn’t.

Who else is looking forward to roasted corn on the cob this summer?!?

Photo #1234 – 04.01.12

Campground Beneath the Stars

From this photo, it may look like our campground area was pretty well lit, but that is mainly because this was a long 1-minute-plus exposure.  Aside from the roaring fire, around which everyone is gathered, most of the light came from small torches or solar LED lights scattered throughout the camp.  As long as you weren’t staring directly at the fire, you could easily see countless stars in the dark skies above.  And that is exactly what I was doing while this photo was being taken…looking up at the stars above.