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Photo #1389 – 09.03.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012…Gone Crazy!!

Well…we were a good lookin’ crew, until someone said “Silly Faces!” and we erupted into chaos.  Kids will be kids…whether they are actual kids or just kids at heart…

Have a happy Labor Day!

Photo #1388 – 09.02.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012

What a nice lookin’ group, if I may say so myself!  We took this photo in the beginning of August and managed to get smiles and open eyes throughout!  Gotta love family.

Photo #1365 – 08.10.12

Hannah Turns Eight!

In case you’re not sure, the one turning 8 is on the left…even though my dad can certainly be a big kid sometimes!  Today is Hannah’s 8th birthday, and this past weekend we celebrated with cake, pie, singing, and other fun shenanigans.  Right before we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, she shared some laughs with her PopPop…and soon after we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, we all proceeded to share some delicious cake.

So Happy 8th Birthday to my oldest niece, Hannah!

Photo #1343 – 07.19.12

Keeping the Tooth Fairy Busy

This past February, Hannah was more than happy to show off her missing front tooth to the camera.  I wonder what the going rate for a tooth is these days…especially a front tooth…

Photo #1327 – 07.03.12

Hannah & Madison at the Lake

My two oldest nieces are pretty difficult to separate when they get together.  Such was the case when we celebrated Mother’s Day with family this past year, after which Hannah and Madison were exploring the docks on the nearby Swartswood Lake.  It was a gorgeous day, and the two of them had no problem stopping for a moment to pose for a photo with the lake behind them.

Photo #1299 – 06.05.12

Happy Birthday to Robyn!

This past Mother’s Day, both Hannah and Noah took a moment to pose with their mom, and they were all smiles (and slight squints due to the strong sun!).

Today is Robyn’s birthday!  I hope you had an enjoyable day!

Photo #1254 – 04.21.12

Playin’ Outside with Pop Pop

My niece Hannah sure was a cute baby, full of laughs, smiles, and chubby cheeks.  And there is no doubt she enjoyed playing with her Pop Pop whenever she could, which is what she was doing on a nice July afternoon in the photo above, taken almost 7 years ago.

Where does the time go?!