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Photo #1525 – 01.18.13

The Start of Something Delicious

My mom’s cinnamon rolls are, and have always been, the best ever.  Raisins or not (choose from the left or right side of the dish!), they are just the right consistency, have just the right amount of nuttiness and cinnamonniness, and are of course topped with a glaze that is just the right sweetness.  This is a before shot from one particular Easter batch, and I think they even look tasty in this form!

Photo #1328 – 07.04.12

American Independence

Independence Day isn’t all about fireworks and hot dogs and swimming, but being able to celebrate our country’s 236th birthday with friends and family is a great way to spend the day.  So have a great Fourth of July wherever you might be!

Photo #458 – 02.15.10

Ye Olde Presidents Day

If you happen to see a President today, like Thomas Jeffereson, Abraham Lincoln, or George W. Bush, make sure to get your picture taken with them!  And tell them thanks for helping to make our country so wonderfully amazing.  And, in a sarcastic tone, tell them thanks a lot for making history tests in high school so difficult because of all the different policies, wars, elections and all kinds of other stuff they were involved in…

Photo #377 – 11.26.09

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!