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Photo #1483 – 12.06.12

It’s Jon’s Birthday!

It's Jon's Birthday!

Hopefully my brother-in-law Jon was all smiles today, because it is his birthday!  Happy Birthday, Jon!

Photo #1407 – 09.21.12

Happy 10 Years to Jon & Kristin!!

Wow, 10 years…congratulations to Jon and Kristin today on the 10 year anniversary of their wedding back on September 21, 2002.  I’m sure the last 10 years have flown by with new jobs, a new home, and of course, two great kids!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Photo #1389 – 09.03.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012…Gone Crazy!!

Well…we were a good lookin’ crew, until someone said “Silly Faces!” and we erupted into chaos.  Kids will be kids…whether they are actual kids or just kids at heart…

Have a happy Labor Day!

Photo #1388 – 09.02.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012

What a nice lookin’ group, if I may say so myself!  We took this photo in the beginning of August and managed to get smiles and open eyes throughout!  Gotta love family.

Photo #1304 – 06.10.12

The Kindergarten Graduate and Her Family

As you can see, Madison was pretty happy to be a new kindergarten graduate…either that, or she loved holding up that paper cap and striking a pose in her cool butterfly rainbow shirt!  Kristin and Jon were quite proud of their graduate, while Jada was looking all around at the classroom thinking, “When do I get to come here and play with all these cool toys, books, and crayons?!”

I’m sure it will be soon enough, Jada.

Photo #1117 – 12.06.11

Happy Birthday to Jon!

This photo of Jon, Kristin and Jada (Madison was off somewhere playing princess…) was taken a couple months ago at Jada’s birthday party.  Today is Jon’s birthday, and while I hope he does not get as much cake on his face as his one daughter (especially a cool Elmo cake…), I do hope he has a really great day!

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Photo #1041 – 09.21.11

Happy 9th Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!

Check out this great lookin’ family!!  It was nine years ago today that this family started with a couple of heartfelt “I Do”s on a lovely September day.  A lot has certainly changed since then, from homes and jobs, to two wonderful girls (definitely two of my favorite nieces!).

So Happy Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!!