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Photo #1315 – 06.21.12

Happy Birthday, Mother Dearest!

Doesn’t my mom look cute sitting here with her birthday cake to celebrate her 4th birthday?!?  It’s quite a big cake she has on her lap while sitting on the front stoop of the farmhouse where she grew up, and I hope it tasted good.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  Hope you had a great day!

Photo #1131 – 12.20.11

Off to the Races…the Steam Engine Races

If you’re ever in northwestern Kansas around the last weekend of July, I’d highly recommend checking out the Tri-State Antique Engine & Thresher Show in Bird City, Kansas.  From thrilling steam engine races (maybe thrilling isn’t the right word, but still exciting), to parades of antique farm equipment, to all kinds of delicious food, it’s guaranteed fun, Kansas style.

By the way, I think it was the little guy in the foreground that claimed victory in this race…although the big one right in the middle gave him a good run!

Photo #1067 – 10.17.11

Kansas Grassland Pasture

Did you know there are over a dozen types of ‘pastures’?  From grasslands, like this pasture on the farm where my mom grew up, to other classifications around the world like prairie, moorland, veld, steppe, and heathland, there are quite a number of different pasture habitats.  This particular pasture is full of grasses, tumbleweeds, some scattered trees, and a graveyard of cool old cars (just outside of the frame of this photo).

Photo #1018 – 08.29.11

Typical Kansas Dirt Road

If you’ve never been out to Kansas and have heard that it is flat and all farmland…there is definitely a good amount of truth to that statement!  That isn’t to say there aren’t more hilly and non-farmland areas, but there is plenty of flat pasture and cropland that just seems to go on for as far as the eye can see.  There are also plenty of straight-as-an-arrow roads criss-crossing the farmlands that also seem to go on forever.

So if you’re not a fan of driving along roads that don’t have any change in scenery, these roads in Kansas may not be for you!

Photo #973 – 07.15.11

“Elsie and Tame Cow, 1942”

This is one of the older photos of my Grandma Cook that I’ve come across, and I especially like the description written on the back (see the photo title).  My grandma (Elsie) was only 19 when this photo was taken with a friendly cow on a flat pasture in the midwest.  With a nice pair of horns on his head, I hope he remained friendly for the duration of the photoshoot!

Photo #905 – 05.08.11

Happy Mom’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to an awesome mom!  In this photo from back in the 90s (I think 1993), Michael, Kristin and I joined my mom for a picture among the sunflowers near her Kansas home.

Happy Mom’s Day to all the excellent mothers out there, including my great mom-in-law Jodie, my grandma Cook (she’ll be surrounded by these sunflowers in Kansas soon enough!), and of course Kristin and Robyn.  Have a wonderful day!

Photo #827 – 02.19.11

Happy 88th Birthday, Grandma!

This photo of my Grandma Cook was taken about 68 years ago in Kansas in front of a pretty cool old car!  Today my grandma is celebrating her 88th birthday, so Happy Birthday!