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Photo #1508 – 01.01.13

Happy 2013!!

Happy 2013!!

With a shake of a champagne bottle and a cork that went flying off into the snow, we were able to toast to the New Year with good friends last night/this morning.  I’m sure 2013 will be an eventful year, so best wishes for a good one!

Photo #1505 – 12.29.12

Taking in the View Above Butte Creek

Butte Creek…that’s Butte with an ‘e’ at the end…is a small mountain tributary that feeds into the larger Wheaton River in the southern Yukon Territory.  Ken and I trekked along a snowmobile trail that paralleled the creek on a higher ledge, collecting snowpit data for my graduate research while continuously climbing toward the headwaters of the creek.  After finishing our last snowpit and before turning around for the hike back, we dropped our gear and climbed up the mountainside quite a bit.  The view of this little valley surrounded by snow-covered peaks was just outstanding.

Photo #1480 – 12.03.12

Ken Grows a Beard!

Today is my buddy Ken’s 30th birthday, and to celebrate, I thought I would share a photo of Ken in the Yukon with one of the best beards he has probably ever had!  Plus, it is a bit Santa-like…or maybe more like Santa after a bad morning shave…

Anyway, Ken always knows how to bring a good laugh, and I hope he has a great birthday today.  Happy 30th!!

Photo #1411 – 09.25.12

November Moon-lit Bonfire

There’s nothing like sitting around a blazing bonfire on a chilly November evening with friends, especially with starry skies and a bright moon overhead.  Well, there were clear skies before the clouds rolled in on this particular night, but we didn’t mind at all.

Photo #1345 – 07.21.12

Ken & Laura Advertising Spot

Is this an ad for Nikon cameras?  Lowepro camera bags?  Maybe some designer sunglasses?

Nah, just Ken and Laura being themselves up at High Point monument in High Point State Park.  It was a bright and clear New Year’s Day this past January when we joined them and other great friends on a great hike to the monument.

Photo #1317 – 06.23.12

First Summit Above Fish Lake

Fish Lake was a really cool location in the southern Yukon Territory that I was able to check out on a couple different trips.  On this particular trip, Ken and I parked at the end of the frozen lake (around Ken’s foot in the photo above), hiked up to this first false summit, and then continued up to a higher summit with even more outstanding views of mountains everywhere we looked.  Along the way, we did some snowpits and snow depth measurements, slid down a mountain, and also made sure to snap some photos of the snowy scenery.  We also snapped some photos of each other taking photos…like the photo above!

Photo #1200 – 02.27.12

Best Seats in the House

A light morning snowfall, mountaintops that appear to disappear in low cloud cover, a river rushing through growing gaps in the ice, a couple of strategically placed Adirondack chairs, some warm clothing, a cup of hot coffee, and a friend to share in the experience.  That basically sums up this scene that Ken and I enjoyed one chilly, snowy morning in the Yukon.  And these really were the best seats imaginable to fully take in all the beauty around us.

Ken took this photo by finding a spot for his camera, hitting the shutter with a timed delay, and dashing to jump back into his chair.  I’d say it captured the feeling of the Yukon pretty well!

Photo #1143 – 01.01.12

Celebrating the Arrival of 2012…with a Bonfire

2011 has come and gone, but 2012 is now here in all its 366-day glory.  And what better way to celebrate the new year than with a wonderfully warming bonfire!  Heather and I joined a few of our close friends for a fun celebration last night/this morning, and with the unseasonably warm weather for a January night, we all enjoyed a toasty bonfire to close out the night’s festivities.  We were also treated to clear, starry skies that made the night even better (see the photo below).

Happy New Year!!

Photo #1114 – 12.03.11

Drum Major Ken

Why is Ken’s face all painted up, and why is he playing an E-flat on his trumpet?  Because this photo (from our senior yearbook) was taken on a typical Saturday in the fall while Ken was leading our marching band as drum major.  He was pretty good, and we always had a fun time playing at the Wildcats’ football games.

Today is Ken’s birthday!  Hope you have a great day!  And just for fun, here is Ken’s quote from our yearbook (pretty deep stuff):

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”  ~W. Shakespeare

Photo #1071 – 10.21.11

Ken Didn’t Eat the Middle First…

Ken is quite the rebel, and this photo is proof of his rebellious nature.  Even though this nice package of cookies from the Real Canadian Superstore is called, in capital letters, “Eat the Middle First”, Ken decided to twist off the top and eat that first before the middle.  I’m guessing the President of “President’s Choice” wouldn’t be pleased to see this.

Good thing we were far from most civilization so he didn’t have to worry about getting caught.  I ended up taking the safer route and ate the cookie as the package told me to…and it was quite delicious.

Photo #1003 – 08.14.11

Happy 1st Anniversary, Ken & Laura!

I did not have Ken and Laura pose for the above shot…instead, their great professional photographers posed them and I just sort of stole some shots from the side!  It was a year ago today that Ken and Laura walked down the aisle, exchanged their vows, and, of course, started a life of wedded bliss.

So Happy 1st Anniversary, Ken & Laura!!

Photo #939 – 06.11.11

Scenic Fish Lake Mountain Slide

So you’ve just trudged up a snowy mountain in the Yukon and you’re looking to take the easiest route back down…why not sit down and slide right down!  Luckily for Ken and I, the snow on this mountain near Fish Lake had a somewhat icy crust that fully supported our sliding…well, until we reached a spot lower down where we just sank in waist deep snow.  Even with our snowshoes, we still had a pretty tough time making our way over to a more-established path, but in the end, the scenic slide down the mountain was a lot of fun.

Photo #800 – 01.23.11

High Point Gargoyle

If you’ve ever been to High Point Monument {photo #191}, the highest point in New Jersey, you might not remember seeing any gargoyles jutting out from the tall stone obelisk.  That’s probably because this gargoyle (technically a grotesque…gargoyles are more accurately figures that have a water spout in the mouth to send water away from the side of the structure) was a new addition just this year, and it was certainly scary enough to fend off evil spirits.  Mysteriously, the gargoyle is no longer sitting on High Point Monument, so be on the lookout for this crazed beast roaming the forests of northern Sussex County…

Photo #749 – 12.03.10

Mountain-Slidin’ Ken

(If you have any issue with the video above not playing, click here to view the video on Vimeo.com)

So you’re in the Yukon, you climb a snowy mountain while doing some fieldwork to check out some amazing views, and then you want to get back down the mountain because it is windy and cold up there…if your mind works like Ken’s, you’d suggest that the quickest and most fun way to descend would be to slide down.  And you’d be right.

In the video above, Ken slid down about 100 vertical feet in 12 seconds on the steep slopes of a mountain near Fish Lake {photo #475}.  He got a face-full of snow while proclaiming his love of the Yukon (make sure you have the volume turned up), but you can tell he enjoyed the slide from his reaction at the end.

Today is Ken’s birthday, so Happy Birthday!!  I hope you have an awesome day…although I suspect you’ll have to celebrate in some way other than flying down a snowy mountain slope!

Photo #712 – 10.27.10

Ken: Wanted in 2 Territories…

This is Ken.  He sometimes goes by the name ‘Buckwheat’.  As you can see in this photo, his weapon of choice is an ax.  If you see Ken, be sure to approach with extreme caution.  Better yet, run home as fast as you can and hide under the bed for a while.

Photo #688 – 10.03.10

Faces in the Yukon Night

Why were Ken and I out in the pitch black of the Yukon wilderness at 3am?  To do SCIENCE, of course!

We were in the Yukon at a time when the snow was melting during the day and refreezing at night, and since I was doing research about the use of satellites to determine when snow is melting vs. not-melting, it was important to do snowpits at all times of the day/night.  So we set our alarms for 3am this particular early morning, bundled ourselves up, and were out for about an hour under spectacularly starry skies.  And as an added bonus, neither of us were eaten by wild animals…although a nice caribou was kind enough to snap this photo of us doing science.

Photo #639 – 08.15.10

Congratulations to Ken & Laura (Now Mr. & Mrs. Karnas)!

Ken and Laura are now husband and wife!  They were married yesterday afternoon in a wonderful ceremony on Lake Mohawk, complete with stories from parents, some great singing, and selections from a brass quintet of family and friends…as well as all those other lovey-dovey vows and ‘kiss the bride’ moments.

Congratulations to the new bride and groom!!

Photo #598 – 07.05.10

Tri-States Monument

Three friends, three states, and one Tri-States Monument.  In the photo above, Ken K. is sitting in New York, Ken P. is standing in Pennsylvania, and John is standing in New Jersey.  In the background, the Delaware River is flowing just south of the city of Port Jervis.

If you ever visit the Tri-States Monument, make sure to bring along a couple friends!

Photo #572 – 06.09.10

Snow Cannonball!

What’s one great thing about wandering around the Yukon in deep snow??  You can do snow cannonballs!  It can be quite difficult to find an area that you can actually jump from (I believe Ken had jumped from our nearby dug-out snowpit), and it can also be hard to get out once you’ve created a nice depression.

It can also be a bit risky since you have no clue what is below the snow surface…you just have to hope there isn’t a tree stump or large boulder.  But hey, at least you don’t have to know how to swim.

Photo #439 – 01.27.10

Orderly Appalachian Trail Hike

Back in mid-October, when the foliage along the Kittatinny Ridge of New Jersey was still nice and vibrant for the most part, a group of us went for a nice hike along the Appalachian Trail in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  The hike brought us to an excellent viewpoint on Raccoon Ridge overlooking western NJ, and we spent a while just taking in the sights.  John even did some GPSing while we were there!

As the sun started to descend a bit more in the sky, we made our way back out to civilization, and as you can tell in this photo, we were a very orderly group of hikers…except for when we came upon large boulders, at which point some of us would jump off them into the air and kick our legs up behind us…

Photo #428 – 01.16.10

Ice Shards

One of the fun things about studying snowmelt in the Yukon is finding interesting snow and ice crystals that form under special conditions (well, it seems like fun to me anyway!).  Ken and I discovered these long ice shards along the Pelly River near the town of Faro, Yukon Territory.  The handful in Ken’s hands was shaved off the wall of shards in the background…just running your hand gently along the face of the wall caused the shards to come apart.

It was cool.

Photo #384 – 12.03.09

Happy Birthday, Ken!!

Lookout for that rock below!  If Ken had better planned this jump, he likely would not have landed on that small boulder and cracked his head open and need to be raced to the nearest hospital in the Yukon by a team of sleddogs…

That would have been a great story, right?!  Fortunately, Ken was nowhere near the boulder as he leapt over the distant Grey Ridge mountains into the somewhat-deep snow below.  He definitely got some good air!

Today is Ken’s birthday, so happy birthday Ken!  I hope your day is as exhilarating as your flying leap in the Yukon!

Photo #362 – 11.11.09

Bonfire by the Light of the Moon

Is there a better way to spend a chilly November evening outdoors in wonderful Wantage than next to a blazing campfire with friends, hot dogs, and gooey silver clouds??  Probably not.

On this night, some clouds rolled in and spoiled the clear starry sky as the moon started to rise behind Ken K.’s backyard.  We didn’t set any Christmas trees ablaze…but the fire was cracklin’ along just fine.

Photo #228 – 06.30.09

Senior Year Cruise Around New York City

Isn’t high school great?  I had a fun time throughout my four years, and senior year was no exception.  Near the end of our senior year in 2001, our class took a nice dinner cruise around New York City.  It maybe wasn’t the most exciting thing to do, but the food was good, and it was cool walking around on the boat checking out the nearby city.  Before we left the dock, a bunch of us were taking some group photos, and a few of my good friends got together for the photo above in front of lower Manhattan with the World Trade Center dominating the skyline.

Don’t we look good??