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Photo #1527 – 01.20.13

30 + 30

30 + 30

Happy Birthday today to two of my best buds, Ken and John!  They’re both that wonderful and young (well, mature young…) age of 30 today, and I hope they have a great day.

Happy 30th Birthday, Ken and John!


Photo #1348 – 07.24.12

Walkin’ With Charlie

Our friends, Ken & Lindsay, joined us on a great Memorial Day camping trip a couple months ago, and they brought their pup Charlie along for the fun.  He’s a great camping dog, and one of the days, we all went on a long hike around the neighboring park.  Near the end, we were all getting exhausted, and Charlie was definitely looking forward to getting back, so he was trotting along pretty well when this photo was taken near our campsite along the forested woods roads.

It was a great hike!

Photo #1290 – 05.27.12

Camp Kitchens

When we gear up for a camping trip with family and friends, we usually end up with a car full of equipment, food, drink, and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff (like solar lights and Jagermeister flags).  But we’re usually prepared to make all kinds of delicious food and be comfortable during our long weekend.  This photo from last year shows our kitchen and tent setup next to the kitchen of our friends Ken and Lindsay.

Photo #1162 – 01.20.12

Double the Birthdays, Double the Fun

Today is a great day.  Today is a stupendous day.  Today is the day when we can wish both Ken and John a Happy 29th Birthday!  What’s not to love about a double birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ken & John!

Photo #1143 – 01.01.12

Celebrating the Arrival of 2012…with a Bonfire

2011 has come and gone, but 2012 is now here in all its 366-day glory.  And what better way to celebrate the new year than with a wonderfully warming bonfire!  Heather and I joined a few of our close friends for a fun celebration last night/this morning, and with the unseasonably warm weather for a January night, we all enjoyed a toasty bonfire to close out the night’s festivities.  We were also treated to clear, starry skies that made the night even better (see the photo below).

Happy New Year!!

Photo #962 – 07.04.11

Happy Independence Day from the Joaquin Campground Campers!

Happy 4th of July!  Heather and I just got back from an outstanding weekend of camping with family and friends at the Joaquin campground up in New York state.  From huge campfires to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner to riding in the back of a pickup while getting pelted by large raindrops (and so many other things), it was a blast from start to finish.

We all had a great time, and we hope your Independence Day weekend was great as well!

Photo #957 – 06.29.11

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Ken & Lindsay!

Ken and Lindsay tied the knot three years ago today, so Happy Anniversary!  Hope you both have a great day!