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Photo #1562 – 02.24.13

View near Dutch Shoe Rock, Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail through High Point State Park offers some great views of New Jersey, as well as nearby Pennsylvania and New York.  Large stretches of the trail follow the rocky ridgeline, and this particular section goes right along a large exposed slab of rock.  Dutch Shoe Rock is a great destination in the fall to catch some of the fall foliage surrounding Lake Rutherford in the park.


Photo #1520 – 01.13.13

Montana Sunrise

During our 5-day family trip to Glacier National Park more than 10 years ago, I saw some great sunrises.  Each morning, I quietly crept out of the cabin in which we were staying, wandered down to the edge of Lake McDonald, and enjoyed a Montana morning in all its glory while sitting on the shore.  On the last morning of our stay, I think I was able to convince most everyone to get up and see the sunrise for themselves.  That is how I got this shot of my sister staring off into the distance as the sun popped out from behind the mountains.

Photo #1495 – 12.19.12

Sunrise at the Dock – Etsy Print

Sunrise at the Dock

Right now, I’d love to jump in a kayak and go for a sunrise paddle around this Vermont pond.  Unfortunately, I’m not in Vermont, and it’s just about winter, so I’ll just have to stare at this photo a little longer to remember the wonderful sunrise on the lake.

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Photo #1492 – 12.15.12

Brink Pond

Located in a section of High Point State Park known as Lusscroft Farm, Brink Pond is a small pond right alongside one of the trails in the park that is certainly a little bit murky.  I took this photo a few years ago, and before then, I had last been at this pond about 15 years prior.  At that time, the lake wasn’t nearly as murky because the farm was the site of a summer 4-H camp.  I spent a week at 4-H camp here, although I think I only swam once in this pond (I passed the 1-minute ‘tread water’ test…woohoo!).

Photo #1487 – 12.10.12

A Bunch O’ Lilypads

How many lilypads do you see in this photo?  How many frogs do you see in this photo?  How many sticks do you see that almost look like they could be frogs?  How many questions am I going to ask?

Only four.  Four questions, that is…you can figure out the answers to the other questions.

Photo #1482 – 12.05.12

Islands of Blue Mountain Lake

On a visit to Blue Mountain Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks last fall, the weather conditions were not all that wonderful.  However, after a bit of pouring rain and dense fog that made it difficult to see anything at all, we were treated to a clearer view of the lake from the Adirondacks Museum as the rain and fog moved out of the area temporarily.  The lake is very pretty with all of its scattered islands, and hopefully the next time we visit, we’ll be able to see the blue waters of Blue Mountain Lake under a clear blue sky!

Photo #1401 – 09.15.12

Lake Aeroflex in Spring

On a nice spring day a couple years ago, I enjoyed a nice hike along the shore of Lake Aeroflex in Kittatinny Valley State Park.  This lake, the deepest natural lake in New Jersey at 110 feet deep, was quite picturesque and had a cool trail that followed the shoreline.  This photo was taken in May when the leaves on the trees were a brilliant spring green, but I’ll have to get back out to this location in the coming weeks to capture some of the great fall foliage that is sure to arrive soon!