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Photo #1558 – 02.20.13

A Bit of Maine Fog

Heather loves Maine, even on a chilly, foggy day in May.


Photo #1484 – 12.07.12

Kennebunkport Town Line

Kennebunkport is a fun little town in southern Maine full of touristy shops and not-so-touristy shops.  It’s a great place to spend a couple hours checking out the sights, and that is what Heather and I did on a nice May day a couple years back.  While walking around, Heather spotted the cool ‘Welcome to Kennebunkport’ sign and wanted her photo taken by it.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get back up to Maine sometime soon!

Photo #732 – 11.16.10

Kennebunkport, Maine Directional Sign

How did this telephone pole in Kennebunkport, Maine turn into a sign post with 35 directional signs?  I don’t know the answer, so if anyone happens to know, I’d be interested in learning about it.  Did one go up, and then another, until all the space was filled…or did a professional sign poster put them all up at once?  Which position is the most coveted?  Are there height/length restrictions?  Is the ‘Cape Able Bike Shop’ a favorite for dogs?

Does anyone want to go check out Cape Pier Chowder House?

Photo #671 – 09.16.10

Welcome to Kennebunkport, Maine

I think this is a pretty cool town sign for a pretty cool little town.  Kennebunkport is right along the coast of southern Maine and has some nice rocky beaches, a little harbor filled with tons of boats, a variety of shops along the streets and a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop…what more could you ask for?

Photo #630 – 08.06.10

Rocky, Foggy Maine Coast

With a bunch of jagged rocks of all different colors mixed with little bits of vegetation and pools of greenish algae-filled water, this bit of Maine coast was pretty cool set against a foggy ocean backdrop.

This bit of coast was located near Perkin’s Cove outside of Ogunquit, Maine.

Photo #576 – 06.13.10

Maine Coast Near Kennebunkport

Maine is beautiful.

Heather and I attended a friend’s wedding last month in Portsmouth, NH and did some wandering around southern Maine while we were there.  We had a good time checking out some familiar places as well as areas that we hadn’t been to before, and Heather certainly came to the conclusion that she really missed Maine after being there at college for so long.  The photo above was taken near Kennebunkport, Maine looking south along the coast.  Just to the left of this photo is Walker’s Point, the summer residence of George H.W. Bush…it’s a pretty nice compound, especially with views like this!

Photo #112 – 03.06.09

60,000 Phish Fans in Maine, August 2003

Can you find me in this photo??  If you look really hard near the trees on the left of the photo, you might make out a little red speck…that’s me!  Actually, I think we were kind of behind those trees (see my photo below)…

In August of 2003, a group of us travelled up to the tip-top of Maine to camp out and see Phish at their IT festival.  In the background of the above photo, you can see the thousands of tents set up on and around the tarmac (this is a former air force base)…and it just seems like they go on forever. In fact, we became the largest city in Maine during that weekend!

They played some great music that weekend and it was just an amazing experience from start to finish.  Tonight, Phish is playing a show in Virginia that is their first show since they ‘broke up’ in 2004.  Yay Phish!

Our View of the Sea of People and the Stage at IT