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Photo #1535 – 01.28.13

The Yukon, Forest Fires, and GIS

The majority of my time during graduate school was centered around all things Yukon Territory.  My research focused on snowmelt in the Yukon, but I was able to work my love for the Yukon in to other projects as well.  This poster was created for my one Remote Sensing course and describes how I used a series of aerial photos from different years to track effects of forest fires in the boreal forests of southeastern Yukon Territory.  This project was one of many that allowed me to play around with map-making a bit…career skills in their infancy!


Photo #1413 – 09.27.12

Go Hiking with Maps of the Jersey Highlands

Since I make maps, I’d say it is appropriate for me to promote the maps to potential users…so to anyone looking to get out on some trails this autumn in northern New Jersey or southern New York, check out some awesome trail maps!

This title, “Jersey Highlands Trails: Central North Region,” covers much of northern Morris County and portions of Sussex and Passaic counties, and there are more than 230 miles of marked trails shown on the maps.  I had no clue there were so many trails in this area until I worked on this map!  If you’d like to do some exploring yourself, click here to learn more about these maps.

Photo #1321 – 06.27.12

Time to Print the Maps

As a cartographer, I have found many people have questions about how trail maps are made, so I am always more than happy to describe the process.  Aside from creating the maps and collecting GPS information on the trails, a big component of the process is the printing itself.  Working with large printing facilities, we print our maps on a special synthetic material called Tyvek, and this Tyvek is run through massive six-color offset printing presses like the one above.  Each ink color has a separate printing plate, and the sheets of Tyvek run through this machine from right to left to produce our popular trail maps.  It’s fascinating watching this machinery at work, so I always enjoy attending these map printings.

Tonight I’ll be in Norwalk, CT concluding a series of presentations at regional REI stores about how maps are made.  I hope I have shed some light on this topic for you as well!

Photo #1236 – 04.03.12

Hudson Palisades Trails

The cliffs of the Palisades rise up from the western shore of the Hudson River, and the Palisades Interstate Park runs along these cliffs from the George Washington Bridge northward to the NY/NJ state line.  The Long Path runs along the top of these cliffs, while the Shore Trail runs along the base.  I must say, this is one area I haven’t done any exploring, aside from driving across the bridge to and from New York City.  I’ll definitely have to check out the cliffs sometime soon.

Photo #1113 – 12.02.11

REI Store in New York City — Check Out the Glass Railing!!

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is an outdoor recreation retailer that also operates as a co-op (which basically means the company is owned by its members).  Yesterday, I was able to attend a community reception to celebrate the opening of their first New York City store, located within the historic Puck Building in the SoHo area.  I was there as a representative of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, and if you look closely at the above photo of the store’s interior, you might notice a Trail Conference trail map integrated into the glass panels of the railing.  This map, showing the Four Birds Trail, is one of 7 that I provided to REI to use on these glass railings surrounding the 3-story staircase in the center of the store.  The store itself is an awesome space full of historical relics from the building, but in my obviously biased opinion, these map graphics that educate customers about outstanding trails in the region are definitely the coolest part of the store!

To see what this section of trail looks like on the published map, check out this previous daily photograph {photo #895}.  If you rotate the left-most glass panel 90-degrees counterclockwise, it’ll match up with the linked image above the label ‘BIRDS’.

The store’s grand opening celebration is going on all this weekend, so stop in if you are in the neighborhood (or take a special trip if you’re not doing anything…they have some nice giveaways!): www.rei.com/soho (click for details)

Photo #1053 – 10.03.11

Jersey Highlands Trails: Central North Region Map Set

The New Jersey Highlands stretch diagonally across the northern half of the state, and a great amount of parkland exists along this Highlands corridor.  The set of two maps above covers a large area of the Jersey Highlands in northern Morris County (as well as bits of Passaic, Sussex, and Warren), and more than 230 miles of marked trails are shown on the maps…I had no clue just how many trails there were in the area until I made this map!  Some of the most popular parks include Pyramid Mountain, Farny State Park, Wildcat Ridge, Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, and Allamuchy/Stephens State Parks.

So if you’re interested in doing any hiking in northern New Jersey (plenty of excellent places to check out fall foliage!), definitely check out this comprehensive set of maps (click here to check them out)!  Also, feel free to ask me about any hiking suggestions!

Photo #964 – 07.06.11

Shawangunk Trails Map Set

The Shawangunk Mountains extend from the NY/NJ border near High Point up into Ulster County to the Hudson River, and there are some excellent hiking opportunities all along the ridge.  The name is actually pronounced “Shon-Gum”…not “Scha-Wan-Gunk”…and along with the Shawangunk Ridge Trail and Long Path, Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Mohonk Preserve at the northern end of the ridge are popular destinations for hikers in the region.

The maps in the above photo were the first map set I produced (although we have just recently published a 2010 revised map).  I myself have only driven alongside the Shawangunk ridge but would like to get up there for a hike sometime…and when I do, I’ll be sure to bring along copies of these most excellent trail maps!!