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Photo #1585

Jeremy’s Childhood Stuff:  Care Bears


Ah yes, Christmas day 1985…what a glorious morning that was.  My sister got some ‘Princess of Power’ and Ken dolls, my brother got some Transformers (including an awesome Optimus Prime huge truck), a motorized Construx set, and a belt…and I, I got a box full of awesome Care Bears figures (I also got a huge red Tonka firetruck on Christmas Eve).  Of course, I don’t remember any of this, being a little more than 2.5 years old, but luckily we’ve got some great photos to fill in the gaps (thanks Mom and Dad!).

I may not remember that morning, but I do remember the Care Bears figures.  My mom said I played with them quite a lot, and I especially can think of playing with a green one with a shamrock and a lion one.

Flash forward almost 30 years, and I’ve finally grabbed tons of my childhood toys, games, trophies, sports memorabilia, junk, etc. from my parents’ attic (so stay tuned for more childhood memories centered around this stuff!).  Amongst all the goodies, we found a beat-up bag full of 20 Care Bears figures, and with a little scrubbing, they look almost brand new!  The photo below shows them all lined up after their cleaning, and now they are ready for Nolan to play with himself.  Maybe he’ll like playing with them as much as I did!

In case you are interested, the inspiring names of these figures are (from left to right, front to back):  Good Luck Bear, Cheer Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Funshine Bear, Birthday Bear, Grams, Baby Hugs, Baby Tugs, Champ Bear, Share Bear, Professor Coldheart, Cozy Heart Penguin, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Swift Heart Rabbit, Bright Heart Raccoon, Brave Heart Lion, and Cloudkeeper.

Photo #1500 – 12.24.12

Merry Christmas Eve…from 1988!

Merry Christmas Eve...from 1988!

1988 was probably a good year…I don’t remember exactly what happened that year, but I was 5 and we had just recently moved into our house, so I’m sure I had a fun year.  Plus, I’ve got a nice smile on my face in this photo that was taken on Christmas Eve.  Doesn’t Kristin look swell in her dress?  And Michael’s zig-zag sweater is quite cool.  And it looks like we made a paper chain to put on the tree this year…who knew you could have so much fun with a little stapler and strips of colored construction paper?!

Merry Christmas Eve!!  And Happy 1500th Daily Photograph!!!

Photo #1468 – 11.21.12

Whoa!  Happy Birthday, Mike!

Surprise, Mike!  It’s your birthday!!

Today, my brother Mike is another year older and another year wiser.  Have a great birthday!!

Photo #1428 – 10.12.12

Leaf Play, 1986

What is it about large accumulations of dead leaves in autumn that makes playing around in them so thrilling for kids?  I’m not sure, but I would say it is just plain fun…speaking from plenty of experience, of course.  At about 2.5 years old in this photo, I was probably enjoying leaf piles for the first time, while my brother and sister were likely seasoned veterans at this point.  I don’t remember this, but I would like to imagine they showed me some classic leaf-playing techniques, like burying your sibling, tunneling through the pile, jumping out of a pile to surprise someone, and throwing a sibling into a leaf pile.  Whatever they showed me, I’m sure we had a fun time together!

Photo #1425 – 10.09.12

Old Guy, Robot, Raggedy Ann: Halloween 1986

Continuing with a few older Halloween photos (to get in the October spirit), here is a shot from 1986 taken a few days before Halloween at a birthday party.  Michael went with the cigar-smokin’, black-clothes-wearin’ old man, Kristin turned into a redheaded Raggedy Ann (previously made and worn by our mom {photo #1424}), and I was a tired Halloween robot…well, I was probably a rambunctious Halloween robot earlier in the day, but it must have been getting close to my bedtime…

For any Mets fans, this photo was taken the same night as Game 6 of the World Series, which the Mets won in dramatic fashion before winning the title over the Red Sox a couple nights later, their last championship title to date (I noticed the “Mets” headline on the newspaper and made the connection…).

Photo #1423 – 10.07.12

Beautiful Butterfly and Magnificent Magician

Check out the awesome costumes my sister and brother are showing off on this halloween night in 1985!  Kristin is sporting a lovely butterfly costume with see-through wings and antennae, and Michael has been transformed into a moustachioed magician, complete with glitter-water wand, top hat, and cape.

I’m not sure why I’m in the photo…I had not been turned into a farmer quite yet, but I guess my mom still made me stand in the photo.

Photo #1389 – 09.03.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012…Gone Crazy!!

Well…we were a good lookin’ crew, until someone said “Silly Faces!” and we erupted into chaos.  Kids will be kids…whether they are actual kids or just kids at heart…

Have a happy Labor Day!

Photo #1388 – 09.02.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012

What a nice lookin’ group, if I may say so myself!  We took this photo in the beginning of August and managed to get smiles and open eyes throughout!  Gotta love family.

Photo #1333 – 07.09.12

Old Fart…Again

1987 was a great year, wasn’t it?  It seemed pretty good to me, but then again, I was only 4 and it probably didn’t take much to please me.  But it was the year that my dad apparently turned into an Old Fart, as evidenced by the lovely hats in the above photo.

Today is my dad’s birthday!  So Happy ‘Even Older Fart’ Birthday, Dad!

Photo #1215 – 03.13.12

Happy 8th Anniversary, Michael & Robyn!

It was 8 years ago that Michael and Robyn said their vows to each other on a chilly but beautiful March day.  This photo of Michael, Robyn, Hannah, and Noah was taken this past June when we had gotten together to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.  What a great family!

Happy Anniversary!!

Photo #1159 – 01.17.12

Family Trip to Mammoth Cave

Caves are cool.  And I don’t mean in terms of temperature (this particular cave is usually around 54 degrees Fahrenheit), but rather in terms of all the neat stalagtites and stalagmites, bats and other cave creatures, enormous caverns, and many other beautiful formations in the world beneath the ground.  This photo was taken in the summer of 1993 during a family vacation that included a stop at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.  Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system in the world, with nearly 400 miles of explored caves, and I’m standing with my sister, brother, and mom (dad is taking the photo) near the Frozen Niagara formation in the cave.  I tried to find a more recent photo of the same location, and found this shot from 2010 {click here} that includes the large stalagtite behind Michael’s head (it’s to the left of the guy in the linked photo)…basically, it looks about the same, just with newer (and sturdier) handrails.

So next time you’re driving somewhere and see a sign for a cave…be a tourist and go check it out!

Photo #1135 – 12.24.11

Christmas with Santa, 1986

Ya gotta love old Polaroids!  These three Polaroids were taken on December 23, 1986 as the three of us made our final pleas with Santa to bring us some awesome toys.  I guess Michael was almost too much of a big boy for this Santa lap business, as evidenced by his non-sitting stance and hands in his coat pocket look.  Kristin was all smiles, thinking about the Cabbage Path Kids and Barbies she’d be unwrapping soon enough.  As for me, with my favorite Oscar the Grouch knit hat and awesome velcro sneakers, I was probably just thinking how much longer I’d have to sit on this guy’s lap…and why are my legs so cold all of a sudden?

Photo #1105 – 11.24.11

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

My mom made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on our first Thanksgiving at our new home, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes (yuck), gravy, and a bunch of olives.  We sat down for some photos (first my mom took the photo above, and then she switched places with my dad for the photo below) as the delicious smells wafted into our nostrils before loading up our plates and eating more than we probably should have.  I’m thankful for that Thanksgiving dinner, but also that we were able to eat dinner as a family together most nights while I was growing up.  My mom made some excellent meals, and even if Michael or I didn’t eat all my veggies, and Kristin covered up something she didn’t like with her napkin, we still enjoyed that time together.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Eat lots, be thankful for lots, and enjoy time with family and friends!

Photo #1102 – 11.21.11

Happy 35th Birthday, Mike!!

Michael and Noah are all smiles in this photo…although Noah may be smiling more because he has a tube of chapstick, but I’m sure someone said “Say Cheese”.  This was taken this past summer as we all met up for a day at the beach in Point Pleasant, NJ (a close look at Mike’s sunglasses reveals the distant ocean and beach, as well as the boardwalk with the rest of the family standing around).

Today is my brother’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Mike!  Hope you have an awesome day!!

Photo #1081 – 10.31.11

Happy Halloween from Clown Girl and Papa Smurf!!

Check out the smilin’ clown and cottonball-bearded Smurf!  It sure looks like Kristin and Michael were ready for a fun bit of trick-or-treating on this Halloween night back in 1982.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Photo #1078 – 10.28.11

Halloween Day, 1987

Look at those joyful, smiling faces…you can just tell we could not wait for the trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  Either that, or we were secretly getting into the candy stash and so we were already hyped up on sugary sweets.  Halloween is fast approaching, so make sure you get those pumpkins carved, costumes made, and candy dishes filled to prepare!

On a side note, I think the cool dog I’m holding was named Barley, although I must have forgotten his companion, Farfle, on this particular Halloween trip to our grandparents’ house.  They sure were awesome dogs.

Photo #1027 – 09.07.11

Mom, As Drawn By Michael

At my Mom’s Surprise 60th Birthday Bash earlier this summer, Michael further surprised her with an outstanding drawing that she absolutely loved.  He captured a lot of detail and emotion in the drawing, and we all thought it was just awesome.  The photo above shows the proud artist and happy recipient showing off the framed piece.

Way to go, Michael!

Photo #961 – 07.03.11

Sparkler Delight

This is the weekend of fireworks, and while sparklers aren’t quite as huge and awe-inspiring as some fantastic fireworks display, they can still be just as fun (and dangerous!).  You can write out your name, twirl them around in crazy configurations, blind your friends, and burn your toes with falling embers…all the while watching the bright sparks getting closer and closer to your hand.

If you’re enjoying fireworks this weekend…sparklers included…stay safe!!

Photo #954 – 06.26.11

Waterfall Along Going-to-the-Sun Road

Everywhere you look in Glacier National Park, there is a scene worthy of a photograph, and that was certainly the case when we took our family trip there back in 2002.  On our first full day at the park, we enjoyed an outstanding tour along the Going-to-the-Sun Road that winds its way through the heart of the park.  While stopped at one pull-off, Michael, Kristin and I posed for a photo in front of a cascading waterfall in the distance.  You can also spot a section of the road passing near the waterfall just above Michael’s head.

Photo #905 – 05.08.11

Happy Mom’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to an awesome mom!  In this photo from back in the 90s (I think 1993), Michael, Kristin and I joined my mom for a picture among the sunflowers near her Kansas home.

Happy Mom’s Day to all the excellent mothers out there, including my great mom-in-law Jodie, my grandma Cook (she’ll be surrounded by these sunflowers in Kansas soon enough!), and of course Kristin and Robyn.  Have a wonderful day!

Photo #887 – 04.20.11

Playin’ Drums with Noah

Noah and dad Michael have some good rhythm, and they were able to keep a good beat on these drums at Jada’s birthday celebration this past year {photo #698}…at least for a few seconds, before Noah turned his attention to something else.  But who knows, it may only be a short time before he’s banging away on a big drumset, annoying his parents and sister and neighbors…

Bang away, Noah!

Photo #883 – 04.16.11

Wonderful Siblings

Aren’t brothers and sisters great?

Yes, they are great.

Photo #849 – 03.13.11

Michael and Robyn’s Anniversary!

Awww, don’t these two make a great couple?  This photo was taken more than 8 years ago at Kristin and Jon’s wedding as the wining, dining, and dancing was coming to an end, and it was only about 3 months later that Michael and Robyn were engaged to be married.  A few things have certainly changed since then (school, jobs, kids, house…the usual…!), but they still make a great couple!

So Happy Anniversary you two!  Have a great day!

Photo #826 – 02.18.11

Three Stooges??

I think me, my dad, and my brother were supposed to be doing a nice pose while sitting on these haybales…but instead, we sort of did an anti-pose.  Or maybe Michael was just taking a nap and we happened to sit nearby.  Although that position doesn’t look like it would be all that comfortable…