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Photo #1567 – 03.01.13

Playing in Foam

What do you do when you’re staying at a place on the beach and a storm rolls in and creates rough surf and tons of foam??  You go and play in the foam, of course!  It was kind of gross wading through this sea foam, but hey, since we couldn’t go in the water or bake in the sun, we might as well have fun with foam.  Amy, Heather and Jodie were definitely getting their lower legs all foamy around the time this photo was taken.


Photo #1561 – 02.23.13

Choppy Ocean at Dawn

This sunrise was a welcome sight after a couple days of windy, rainy weather and very heavy surf.  The ocean was definitely still pretty rough, as evidenced by the choppy waves in the distance, but thankfully things started to clear up for our last day at the beach for our vacation.

Photo #1558 – 02.20.13

A Bit of Maine Fog

Heather loves Maine, even on a chilly, foggy day in May.

Photo #1541 – 02.03.13

Crashing Golden Gate Waves

Crashing Golden Gate Waves

The Golden Gate Bridge spans about 4,200 feet across the transition between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  It may be just a bridge, but it is still pretty impressive, and it is fairly stunning visually.  Visiting the area was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to San Francisco back in 2007.

I thought this photo was appropriate for today with the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl (I’ve been to Baltimore for an 8th grade trip, but I have no clue where those couple photos might be!).  Interestingly, the first Super Bowl game I really remember had the 49ers in it (must have been 1994), and I remember Steve Young playing a great game.  I watched most of it while sitting/laying on our kitchen counter watching the ~4″ screen of our super tiny hanging-from-the-kitchen-cabinets TV.  That was the last time the 49ers were in the Super Bowl before today, and even though they didn’t win the big game this time, I thought it was an entertaining game right to the finish.

Photo #1506 – 12.30.12

Cloudy Ocean Sunset

Well, it wasn’t all that cloudy…in fact, most of the sky was clear.  But a line of small clouds near the horizon added to a neat sunset as we cruised along in a big boat in the Caribbean.

Photo #1496 – 12.20.12

Sunrise in Orange and Pink

I love ocean sunrises.

This ocean sunrise had it all: calm waves lapping on the shore, a distant orange orb rising from the sea, a column of light dancing on the waves between the sun and I, a wide-open sky with pleasant gradations of orange, pink and blue, and even eyelash-like shadowy rays above the sun created by a cloud.  I’m glad I had decided that day to get up early for a morning run…of course, it was more my marathon-training schedule that made that decision for me!

Photo #1485 – 12.08.12

Greta the Deep Sea Diver

Greta the Deep Sea Diver

I’m pretty sure Greta is not going to grow up wanting to be a deep sea diver…