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Photo #1225 – 03.23.12

Late Afternoon on the Frozen Wheaton

(for a larger version of this panorama, click here!)

From our location deep in the Wheaton River Valley, the sun disappeared from our view by late afternoon.  But luckily, it stayed bright for a while after that, due in no small part to the snow-covered mountains that were still lit up for a while as the sun continued to fall.  This particular day ended with some fluffy clouds, a beautiful blue sky, and a small patch of the frozen Wheaton River that appeared to be opening up ever so slightly as daytime temperatures slowly increased.  This vantage point was one of my favorite places to view the dynamic and expansive landscape of the Yukon wilderness.

Photo #1091 – 11.10.11

Upper Wheaton River Valley Panorama

(for a larger version of this panorama, click here!)

The Wheaton River Valley is where I probably spent the most time during my graduate research trips to the Yukon Territory…and it is photos like this one that help me remember just how beautiful this area was.  On a wondrous blue sky day, we enjoyed a great snowy hike up along a snowmobile trail that included this open overlook of the valley and surrounding snow-capped mountains.  I think we had to stop for a bit here to take in the scenery before continuing onwards toward our snowpit locations.

Photo #1048 – 09.28.11

Overlooking Salzburg’s Old Town

Salzburg was a wonderful place to visit and explore, and on one particular expedition by myself and a few fellow students on our high school German class trip, we stumbled upon (or rather, steeply climbed up to…) an outstanding view of the Old Town (Altstadt) section of Salzburg.  This view is from near the Kapuzinerkloster (Capuchin Abbey) on a platform known as Hettweber-Bastei.   Even though this panoramic view captures the Fortress Hohensalzburg and a great amount of excellent baroque-style architecture, it is only a small portion of the sweeping views of the city and surrounding areas afforded at this overlook.

Luckily, we had a chance to come back to this spot at night, and it was awesome to see the buildings, streets, and bridges lit up in the darkness.

Photo #936 – 06.08.11

Pelly River at Pelly Crossing, Yukon Territory

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

On the 6th day of my last trip to the Yukon, we did a lot of driving (around 8 hours), and on one section of highway, we saw about 2 other cars over the course of 2 hours.  On the Alaska Highway, we took a little detour (2 out of the 8 driving hours) north to the super tiny town of Pelly Crossing (population less than 300), which is located, perhaps unsurprisingly, where the Pelly River crosses the Alaska Highway.  We dug a snowpit, did some science, and then enjoyed a tasty lunch while sitting on the banks of a great bend in the frozen Pelly River, as seen in the panoramic shot above.  This photo has the distinction of being taken not only at the furthest North I’ve ever been (62° 50′ N), but also the furthest West I’ve ever been (136° 34′ W).

Since this panorama is quite expansive, it’s hard to appreciate it at the width allowed here, so click here to check out a much larger version!

Photo #852 – 03.16.11

Sunny Wheaton River Panorama

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Afternoon sun, awesome blue sky with only spotty clouds, bright white mountain snow…these were my favorite kinds of days to gaze upon the nearby Grey Ridge while staying in our Yukon cabin.  This panoramic shot was one of the last ones I took of the Wheaton River Valley from this location.  Since it was a little later in April and we had been having some warmer temperatures, a lot of the river ice had already started breaking apart.

To better appreciate the beauty of the Yukon, click here to view a larger version of this panorama!

Photo #614 – 07.21.10

Cades Cove Panoramic View

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a pretty popular destination.  It has some neat old structures (such as small cabins, big cabins, and large barns), but the surrounding scenery is just beautiful.  This panoramic shot captures only a little bit of the fantastic view that sweeps across this Tennessee landscape.

Photo #548 – 05.16.10

Pilatus Panorama

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

With an elevation just below 7,000 feet (6,955 feet), Pilatus is certainly one of the smaller peaks in the Alps (it is actually pretty much on the fringe of the Alps in central Switzerland).  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cool mountain to climb…even if you have to take a gondola to climb it!  This photo of Pilatus was taken from our little gondola as we made our way back down from the top (it was a bit snowy up there!).  In the opposite direction, the gondola provided an excellent view of the city of Luzern and the surrounding area (you can see some of the gondolas in the lower left of the photo below).

Luzern Panorama

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Photo #364 – 11.13.09

Blackhead Range Panorama, Catskill Forest Preserve, NY

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Map This Photo!!

Behold the Blackhead Range in the northern Catskills, awash in orange and yellow during peak fall foliage.  The three main peaks, Blackhead Mtn, Black Dome Mtn, and Thomas Cole Mtn, are among the tallest ones in the Catskills (5th, 3rd, and 4th respectively).  Blackhead Mtn (the one on the far left) is around 3,940 feet in elevation, and while it seems far away from this point, I eventually made it up there during an exhausting hike a month ago.

The hike climbed almost 1,800 feet, and the climb up Blackhead Mountain itself was the most difficult trail I’ve ever been on, full of rock scrambles and climbing…it was fun!  But it was definitely worth it at the top with sweeping views across the Hudson Valley and rest of the Catskills, and overall, hiking through this area of the Catskills with the colorful leaves in early October was outstanding.

Photo #314 – 09.24.09

Half Moon Cay Panorama

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Map This Photo!!

Down near the middle of the Bahamas region (click the ‘Map This’ button above to see where), the tiny island of Little San Salvador is quite beautiful.  A portion of the island has been developed as Half Moon Cay and is a private beach for the Carnival/Holland America cruise lines.  From looking at this panoramic photo, taken onboard the cruise ship near the coast, it almost looks like there isn’t much to this island at all, but the island has plenty to offer.  The beach is especially awesome, with the sand being best described as feeling like powdered sugar.

Photo #191 – 05.24.09

Highest Point in NJ

High Point Monument, built in 1930 to honor all war veterans, is 220 feet tall and sits upon the highest elevation in New Jersey at 1,803 feet.  You can see it from almost anywhere in Wantage and the surrounding area, and the view from up here is quite impressive.   Check out the 360 degree view below (click on the panoramic photo or the link below it to zoom around and check out the photo up close).

High Point 360 Degree View

This view starts looking eastward toward Vernon and Warwick, NY, then proceeds over much of Wantage before looking south down the rest of the Kittatinnies.  Lake Marcia is in the foreground, and the Delaware Water Gap is visible in the distance.  Continuing to the west, views of Matamoras, PA and the Delaware River appear.  From there, Port Jervis, NY and the northern extension of the Kittatinnies (referred to as the Shawangunks) can be seen, as well as the distant Catskills.

Photo #178 – 05.11.09

Vermont Dawn

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

I do wish I would get up for sunrises more often…although being in a picturesque location to see the sun rise makes it a lot easier to wake up early.  So when I woke up early one night up in Vermont and found the sky was mostly clear, I got down to the pond and enjoyed the light of dawn.  After a great kayak trip around the lake as the sun appeared above the distant hills, I relaxed back at the dock as the sun got a little higher in the sky.

Photo #163 – 04.26.09

Emerald Lake, Yukon Territory

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Along the Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and Carcross, Emerald Lake is such a brilliantly-colored lake that you just cannot help but to stop on the roadside pull-out and take in the blue-green waters.  It definitely helps that it is mostly surrounded by a wonderful Yukon landscape.  In addition, the mountain in the background is Grey Ridge, and right on the other side of this ridge is the Wheaton River and the location of our cabin.

Photo #148 – 04.11.09

Grey Ridge & the Wheaton River

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

At the time these photos were taken, the sun had long passed behind the mountains from our perspective in the Wheaton Valley, but the Grey Ridge was still being lit by the setting sun (with some mountain shadows creeping up the ridge).  During my summer trip to the Yukon, I had made a series of photos at this location to make a panorama (I wish I had done more than one series!), and during the next two winter trips, I captured about 15 more panoramas from this same spot.  The scene was always different, whether it was from a setting/rising sun, lots of clouds or no clouds at all, a rising moon, snow falling, ice crumbling intoo the Wheaton River, and many other instances.

To get the full effect of the panorama, click on the link below the photo to see it nice and big.

Photo #112 – 03.06.09

60,000 Phish Fans in Maine, August 2003

Can you find me in this photo??  If you look really hard near the trees on the left of the photo, you might make out a little red speck…that’s me!  Actually, I think we were kind of behind those trees (see my photo below)…

In August of 2003, a group of us travelled up to the tip-top of Maine to camp out and see Phish at their IT festival.  In the background of the above photo, you can see the thousands of tents set up on and around the tarmac (this is a former air force base)…and it just seems like they go on forever. In fact, we became the largest city in Maine during that weekend!

They played some great music that weekend and it was just an amazing experience from start to finish.  Tonight, Phish is playing a show in Virginia that is their first show since they ‘broke up’ in 2004.  Yay Phish!

Our View of the Sea of People and the Stage at IT

Photo #16 – 11.30.08

Overlook Mountain Panorama, Catskills

In late October, the NY/NJ area got a blast of snowy weather that came out of nowhere. We got about 3-6 inches in our area of NJ, but up in the Catskills of NY, the mountain summits got up to a foot of snow. I took a trip up to Albany for work for another map printing, and on the way back down to NJ, I went for my first hike in the Catskill Mountains. At the base of the mountain, there was only a light sprinkling of snow. But after hiking 2.5 miles and 1400 vertical feet, the summit of Overlook Mountain had about 8-10 inches of snow, and the views from the top were outstanding. The mixture of orange fall foliage, a fresh blanket of white snow, and a deep blue sky was quite a sight.

This panorama was created from multiple photos taken from a fire tower on the summit of the mountain. It is looking southwest/west into the heart of the Catskills, and the large Ashokan Reservoir is visible on the left (this is one of the larger NYC water sources). All in all, I had a beautiful and tiring hike up Overlook Mountain in the snow.

Photo #4 – 11.18.08

Golden Gate Bridge Panorama, San Francisco

I was out in San Francisco for a presentation on my grad school research back in December of 2006, and during some down time, I went for a 12 mile walk around the city. I got to the Golden Gate bridge about halfway through my walk, and the sky opened up after a morning of fog and drizzle. So it turned out to be a pretty great day.

I really like this bridge. And San Francisco is a great town to walk around, going through all kinds of different neighborhoods. Although the trolley ride is pretty cool too.