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Photo #1370 – 08.15.12

Parade of Tractors

You know you are at a fun parade when it concludes with a tractor convoy down the main street of town!  These tractor drivers, a mix of young and old, were proudly showing off their machines during the Sussex County Firemen’s Parade a couple years back, and I couldn’t pass up a shot of all the colorful tractors coming down the street in a line.

Photo #1291 – 05.28.12

Memorial Day Honors

Today we honor the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for America.  Take a moment to reflect on what these sacrifices mean to you.

This group of veterans led the Sussex County Firemen’s Parade back in 2010 and included family friend Joe Pizzi as the closest flagbearer.  Thanks to all the veterans for their service.

Photo #976 – 07.18.11

Frankford Township Antique Fire Engine

Firemen parades can be quite enjoyable, and I had a fun time photographing tons of fire trucks at this particular parade last October.  This fire engine was one of the cooler old trucks at the parade, although certainly not the oldest (I’m guessing this is 40s/50s, and there were a handful of antique engines from the 20s and earlier).  It was one in a long line of trucks from the volunteer Frankford Township fire department, of which my father-in-law Tom was chief for a while.

Photo #941 – 06.13.11

Bad to the Sousaphone

My apologies for a somewhat-lame play on the ‘Bad to the Bone’ phrase for the title…but you’ve got to admit that this sousaphone/tuba player looks like he should ditch the instrument and grab a Harley.  Still, he didn’t sound that bad at all, and he was part of the Bloomingdale Cornet Band that marched in a firemen’s parade last October.  This particular band is New Jersey’s oldest continuously-active marching/concert band (the band debuted in May of 1884).

Photo #927 – 05.30.11

Memorial Day Parade, 1999

12 years ago today, I marched along the streets of Branchville, NJ in a Memorial Day Parade as a member of the High Point Marching Band.  I was a sophomore at the time, and yes, I’m the short one with the trumpet on the left.  I’m not quite sure, but I believe this was the year that the temperatures were quite hot, and with our heavy outfits, a few members of the band passed out in the nearby park…I myself was pretty lightheaded at one point.

Here’s to Memorial Day, however you might observe this day of remembrance.

Photo #803 – 01.26.11

Smokey Bear and His Forest Fire Truck

Look!  It’s everyone’s favorite fire-preventing bear, Smokey Bear!  He’s decked out in his cool forest ranger hat and wearing his signature blue jeans while riding atop this cool forest fire truck from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.  You know you’re at a good parade when Smokey goes truckin’ by.

Don’t forget, only you can prevent wildfires (it used to be ‘forest fires’ before it changed in 2001 to the more-encompassing ‘wildfires’).

Photo #739 – 11.23.10

1948 Ford 8N Tractor…and a Cool Driver

You just have to love a parade that includes a bunch of cool, restored tractors!  At the Sussex County Firemen’s Parade {photo #687} last month, the parade concluded with a line of good-lookin’ tractors, including this spiffy 1948 Ford 8N.  The smiling and waving driver, Joe Cook, restored this tractor, and it sure looked like he did a great job!  It also seemed like he was certainly enjoying the parade!