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Photo #1219 – 03.17.12

The Pot o’ Gold is Over Yonder

It’s difficult to capture a great rainbow photo — they can appear and disappear very quickly, they’re often associated with rain (so not the best conditions for pulling out a camera), and they can cover a large amount of sky that doesn’t quite fit in the focal length of the camera.  This particular rainbow did arc across the whole sky, but the most vivid portion was this section that descended behind some trees.  A close look will reveal a faint supernumerary bow on the inner edge of the main bow (What’s a supernumerary bow?  Click here to find out!).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Best of luck finding your pot of gold!


Photo #1060 – 10.10.11

Listening to a Rainbow

While most rainbows don’t necessarily make a sound…the ones in the sky are usually just light interacting with droplets of water…these vibrantly-colored cds certainly do make some pleasing sounds.  This photo was taken when there was some strong light coming in through the window, which produced very saturated colors in the cds (the vertical lines fanning out from the center of each cd are actually the vertical blinds from the window).

When I see a rainbow, I hear the sound of gold coins clanking in a big ol’ pot…although I’m pretty sure this is only in my head…

Photo #946 – 06.18.11

22º Circular Sun Halo

This past December as I was heading back to New Jersey from Albany after a map-printing press check, I noticed an excellent halo around the late afternoon sun.  I was able to pull off the road in an area that had a pretty clear view of the halo, and some clouds even helped to obscure the sun a little in the photo above.  This is probably one of the more complete 22º halos I have seen circling the sun (although I did see a similar one around the moon {photo #677} a couple years ago), since I usually just see portions of the halo.

These halos are often much more faint than regular rainbows, and their appearance doesn’t really have anything to do with rain, but rather ice crystals in very high cirrus clouds.  So if you see these thin/hazy cirrus clouds, be on the lookout for a colorful halo.

Photo #908 – 05.11.11

250 Rainbow Discs

One day this past winter, I was de-cluttering my desk and ended up with about 250 CDs to get rid of (guess I did a lot of CD-burning in college…).  Before throwing them out, I thought to myself, “I should toss these CDs on the ground in a haphazard way and take some photos of the different interference colors reflecting from the sunlight!”…so I tossed the 250 discs on the ground and had fun with my camera.  The above photo captures most of the 250 CDs, including a bunch of different kinds of CDs showing very colorful interference patterns.

Who knew old CDs could be so much fun!?!  Click here to read more about the educational topic of light interference!

Photo #677 – 09.22.10

22 Degree Moon Halo

Autumn begins tonight (at 11:09pm to be precise) as the autumnal equinox turns summer into fall here in the northern hemisphere.  Interestingly, there is also a full moon tonight, the ‘Harvest Moon’ of September.  Even more interestingly, it is rather rare for there to be a full moon on the evening of an autumnal equinox, and so tonight’s moon is actually a ‘Super Harvest Moon’.  Read more about this cool phenomenon (which won’t be visible again for 20 years) by clicking here.

The photo above shows a full moon surrounded by a really cool 22 degree halo.  The thin cirrus clouds in the atmosphere contained a specific shape of ice crystals that caused the sunlight reflected from the moon to refract like a prism and create a colorful halo.  The colors are a lot more faint in this halo than a typical halo around the sun due to the reduced intensity of the light.  But it still makes for a large and impressive sight in the night sky!

Photo #638 – 08.14.10

Heather and the Smoky Mountain Rainbow

We sure did get some nice downpours while on vacation down in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  Luckily, on the last day, we were treated to a nice rainbow over the mountains that were visible from our cabin porch.

Isn’t Tennessee purdy??

Photo #488 – 03.17.10

Ocean Rainbow

Good luck finding the pot o’ gold at either end of this rainbow out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean…unless, or course, the pot has some sort of floatation device, which I’m sure it does since the leprechaun has to stay afloat as well…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!