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Photo #1558 – 02.20.13

A Bit of Maine Fog

Heather loves Maine, even on a chilly, foggy day in May.

Photo #1510 – 01.03.13

Mini Cairns in the Catskills

If you have ever been out on some trails and have noticed a stacked pile of rocks, then you have seen a cairn (pronounced like ‘Care’ with an ‘n’ sound at the end).  These piles of rocks are often constructed to help people navigate trails or other paths where other markings are difficult to make, such as over expanses of rock like this area along the Poet’s Ledge Trail in the Catskills.  Of course, there are many rock piles that are just created by people having fun trying to balance rocks!

Photo #1470 – 11.23.12

Dark Jetty Rocks

Ocean waves are fun to watch, but they are even more fun to watch when they are crashing into rock jetties.

Photo #1430 – 10.14.12

Lots O’ Boulders

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder what 16.5 acres of large boulders looks like?”  I’m guessing no…but if you have, then here is your answer!  This huge boulder field is located in Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania, and it is a really interesting place to explore.  I was there with fellow graduate students on a geology field trip (a few of them are carefully navigating boulders on the left), since the field represents a neat geologic mystery where the exact mechanism for how all these boulders got where they are is not entirely understood.

Photo #1406 – 09.20.12

Babbling Brook in Autumn – Etsy Print

Autumn officially begins here in the northern hemisphere in only a couple days, so I thought I would post this autumn scene to get everyone in the mood.  Taken on a hike in Stokes State Forest in northwestern New Jersey, this photo features the Flat Brook as it passes through a neat stretch of mixed deciduous/coniferous forest and boulders of various sizes.  It was pretty peaceful sitting on a big boulder out in the middle of the brook to capture this shot, and I would definitely suggest making some plans to go on some autumn hikes!

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Photo #1373 – 08.18.12

Rock & Water

On a trip to Rutherford Falls in High Point State Park last year, I enjoyed trying out a number of different vantage points and techniques for photographing waterfalls and water in general.  This shot involved filling half the frame with rushing water and half with wet, leaf-speckled rock, and taking a long exposure to give the water a smoother texture.  I’m a fan of rocks, waterfalls, and autumn, so I like the mix in this photo.  I’m also a fan of blue skies, which can be seen as the bits of blue reflected in the shimmering rock surface.

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming fall?!?

Photo #1357 – 08.02.12

Green Moss, Green Ferns, Greenish Rocks…

Just another shot of a bit of our backyard in spring, with lots of green growth all around.  I am definitely a pretty big fan of our backyard!