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Photo #1567 – 03.01.13

Playing in Foam

What do you do when you’re staying at a place on the beach and a storm rolls in and creates rough surf and tons of foam??  You go and play in the foam, of course!  It was kind of gross wading through this sea foam, but hey, since we couldn’t go in the water or bake in the sun, we might as well have fun with foam.  Amy, Heather and Jodie were definitely getting their lower legs all foamy around the time this photo was taken.

Photo #1561 – 02.23.13

Choppy Ocean at Dawn

This sunrise was a welcome sight after a couple days of windy, rainy weather and very heavy surf.  The ocean was definitely still pretty rough, as evidenced by the choppy waves in the distance, but thankfully things started to clear up for our last day at the beach for our vacation.

Photo #1542 – 02.04.13

Delicious Nagle’s Ice Cream

Sure, it’s the middle of winter, and we might receive an inch or two of snow overnight…but any time is a good time to think about tasty ice cream on a summer day.  These cones (orange creamsicle and black raspberry with fudge bits) did not last very long as Heather and I made quick work of the cool treats.  We got them at Nagle’s Apothecary Cafe (in the background) in the town of Ocean Grove, NJ, and we would definitely be sure to stop by again the next time we’re in town!

Photo #1514 – 01.07.13

Dune Grass on a Windy Day

If given a preference, I would much prefer to be on the beach on a sunny, hot summer day than a cloudy, stormy, cold summer day…but that doesn’t mean a day at the beach is entirely ruined.  On this particular day this past summer down at the Jersey shore, it was pretty lousy out with strong winds, but Heather and I enjoyed a little walk on the beach and around the nearby dunes.  I thought the dune grass was doing a pretty good job of showing how strong the winds were!  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure these grasses and the entire dune were wiped out by Sandy a few months after this photo.

Photo #1496 – 12.20.12

Sunrise in Orange and Pink

I love ocean sunrises.

This ocean sunrise had it all: calm waves lapping on the shore, a distant orange orb rising from the sea, a column of light dancing on the waves between the sun and I, a wide-open sky with pleasant gradations of orange, pink and blue, and even eyelash-like shadowy rays above the sun created by a cloud.  I’m glad I had decided that day to get up early for a morning run…of course, it was more my marathon-training schedule that made that decision for me!

Photo #1485 – 12.08.12

Greta the Deep Sea Diver

Greta the Deep Sea Diver

I’m pretty sure Greta is not going to grow up wanting to be a deep sea diver…

Photo #1479 – 12.02.12

From the Base of Sandy Hook Lighthouse

The Sandy Hook lighthouse certainly isn’t one of the tallest lighthouses…although from the base, it is still an impressive ~100 feet tall…but it is the oldest working lighthouse in the US, so I would say that still makes it pretty cool!

Photo #1472 – 11.25.12

Ocean Grove Pier…Before Sandy

This past summer, we spent a crazy weather day down at Ocean Grove on the Jersey shore.  I had been to the town before, but hadn’t been on the beach until now, and it was a great beach!  Heather and I enjoyed about a hour of sun and fun in the waves…until the storm clouds rolled in out of nowhere and the rain started.  A light rain turned into downpours with thunder and lightning, so while our beach day was pretty much over, we still had a fun day with family going out to eat and wandering around town.

I took this photo of the main pier at Ocean Beach while it was still nice and sunny.  Unfortunately, the power of superstorm Sandy did quite a number on this pier and pretty much destroyed half of it, including the building.  Here are a couple photos that show the pier during the storm and after the storm (in the after photo, notice the jetty rocks on the right side, which are the rocks in the before photo above behind the pier…):

Photo #1470 – 11.23.12

Dark Jetty Rocks

Ocean waves are fun to watch, but they are even more fun to watch when they are crashing into rock jetties.

Photo #1382 – 08.27.12

Yum.  Seafood Sampler

I don’t eat seafood all that often, but when I do have it, I tend to really enjoy it…and a recent meal at the Jersey shore was no exception.  At Spike’s Fish Market, you can find all kinds of fresh seafood to purchase, or you can sit at one of the tables in the market and order some delicious meals.  I don’t really have a favorite kind of seafood, so the sampler in the photo above satisfied my appetite quite well – scallops, shrimp, clams, and fish, all covered with a spicy/tangy barbecue sauce.  With the addition of some great rice and coleslaw, my stomach was definitely ready to burst, but it sure was tasty!

Photo #1356 – 08.01.12

Greta Turns One!

It seems like only yesterday that we met little Greta Jo in the hospital, opening her eyes to catch her first glimpses of Aunt Heather and Uncle Jer {photo #991}.  But believe it or not, Greta is an official one-year-old today!  She has grown in so many ways over the past year and is such a joy to be around.  We were lucky enough to spend a week with Greta at the shore, and she really enjoyed it!  The above photo was taken on the beach as she was chillin’ out on her blanket, experimenting a little with sand and a shovel (I think this was before she started eating a bit of the sand…).  She looks pretty calm and serious, but she can quickly start giggling and laughing (and showing off her new teeth, like in the photo below).

So Happy Birthday to Greta!  I’m sure Amy and Brian wonder where the past year went but are looking forward to all the upcoming developments as Greta becomes a toddler.

Photo #1347 – 07.23.12

The Foam Keeps Getting Thicker

Big storms brought strong winds and a pretty rough surf to the shore a few days ago.  On one particularly gloomy morning, our walk out to the beach brought us to some huge accumulations of yellowish sea foam.  It was a bit gross to walk through, especially as it clung to our legs, but I thought the foamy texture was a great subject to photograph.  And then, pretty much right after this photo, it starting pouring and the rain continued though most of the day.

Photo #1346 – 07.22.12

Donuts Plus

While on vacation down in Ocean Beach, NJ this week, I’m getting a few great marathon-training runs in along the flat roads at the shore.  My first run took me right past this donut shop, and the smells emanating from this little building were quite strong…I probably would have taken a detour inside if I had a couple bucks on me!  Luckily (or maybe unluckily??), this donut shop is within walking distance of our place, so I can safely say that their boston creme donuts are quite outstanding.

Photo #1344 – 07.20.12

Morning Surf Glow

A couple days ago, I was up for a lovely sunrise along the shore of New Jersey.  The waves were fairly calm as the sun rose above the Atlantic Ocean, and I thought the glow of the sun looked cool not only along the surface of the ocean, but also on the sand saturated by the receding waves.

Photo #1314 – 06.20.12

Summer is Here!

Today marks the start of summer in the northern hemisphere…and if you are anywhere along the eastern seaboard, you’re likely feeling the heat!  This photo of Heather was taken a couple summers ago during a fun getaway at the Jersey shore in Ocean Beach.

Be sure to stay cool during the upcoming heat wave, and maybe find some refreshing ocean water to jump into!

Photo #1249 – 04.16.12

Arctic Circle at Seaside Heights

Who doesn’t love rides at the Boardwalk??  Down at the Seaside Heights boardwalk, there are all kinds of rides to suit your fancy.  This one was called Arctic Circle, and it was one that went around in a circle at a high rate of speed, first forward and then backward, and all the while encountering quick ups and downs along the track.  Although it is tough to see at first, Jodie and her sister, Sue, are sitting in car #5.  Most of the time, they were pinned against the outer part of the car as they zoomed around, laughing hysterically…I think it is safe to say they had a fun ride!

Photo #1206 – 03.04.12

Here Comes a Wave!

Madison and Hannah love playing in the ocean, although a visit to the shore this past summer had us fighting some pretty rough surf for the day.  Before it go really bad, though, these two had plenty of fun in the water.  Here, they decided to sit down in the sand as a big wave was about to crash on shore, and you could sense a mixture of hesitation and fearlessness.  Hannah stretched out her hands and exclaimed, “Woohoo!” or something like that, just as the churning waters were approaching.

They definitely got drenched, but after taking a moment to recollect themselves, they were both ready to face the crashing waves once again.

Photo #1164 – 01.22.12

Hannah and Madison: Best Buds

Hannah and Madison are two of the awesomest nieces ever, and they love to have fun.  Put them together, and this attached-at-the-hip dynamic duo becomes a laughing and playing force of complete silliness.  This was certainly the case on a family trip to the New Jersey shore for a day that included getting pummeled by waves together, looking for shells together, and being buried in sand by Michael and myself (that was our turn to have some fun!).  After a long day, these two were still giddy during a walk on the boardwalk when I snapped the embracing photo above.

Aren’t they great?!

Photo #1130 – 12.19.11

Bottlenose Dolphins at the Jersey Shore

I’m not quite sure how common dolphin sightings are along the beaches of New Jersey…but I do know that this past August was the first time I saw dolphins while hanging out at the shore.  I snapped this shot of three bottlenose dolphins as they swam parallel to a short stretch of Point Pleasant Beach.  As they kept surfacing and going back under, you could see everyone on the beach looking around to see where they might pop up next.  For me, it was a pretty good exercise in keeping both eyes open behind the camera – one looking through the viewfinder and one scanning the waves for their short appearances.  They stuck around for a few minutes and then disappeared into the depths…or moved along to the next stretch of crowded beach.

Photo #1102 – 11.21.11

Happy 35th Birthday, Mike!!

Michael and Noah are all smiles in this photo…although Noah may be smiling more because he has a tube of chapstick, but I’m sure someone said “Say Cheese”.  This was taken this past summer as we all met up for a day at the beach in Point Pleasant, NJ (a close look at Mike’s sunglasses reveals the distant ocean and beach, as well as the boardwalk with the rest of the family standing around).

Today is my brother’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Mike!  Hope you have an awesome day!!

Photo #1041 – 09.21.11

Happy 9th Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!

Check out this great lookin’ family!!  It was nine years ago today that this family started with a couple of heartfelt “I Do”s on a lovely September day.  A lot has certainly changed since then, from homes and jobs, to two wonderful girls (definitely two of my favorite nieces!).

So Happy Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!!