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Photo #1579

Blossoms at Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens in early spring can be a great place to pack in a lot of flower photography!  I took an unexpected trip to Staten Island’s Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens last March, and while it was still a little early for many plants, the flowers and blossoming trees that were ready looked fantastic.  These pink blossoms greeted visitors near the entrance to the gardens, and I thought their color matched nicely with the blue and white sky above.

I’ll be sure to post some of my other favorites from the gardens in future posts.


Photo #1568 – 03.02.13

Clear Morning Skies Above the Campground

It has been my experience that it is much better to wake up in your tent with the sun shining than to hear drops of rain on the surface of the tent.  And I would guess this is what most would think as well.  This photo was taken on one such sun-shiny morning as most of the other campers in our group were still sleeping, or perhaps just laying in bed not wanted to get up.

Photo #1559 – 02.21.13

A Tangle & a Blue Sky

This tangle of metal was part of an art installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years back, and it was a beautiful blue sky day in the New York City to enjoy the chaotic twists against a brilliant backdrop.

Photo #1392 – 09.06.12

White Branches

Anyone excited for a bit of snowfall?!

Photo #1360 – 08.05.12

Fair Weather Spring Day in the Yukon

Lots of snow, sun, blue skies, and thin clouds made for many gorgeous fair weather days in the Yukon during our early spring field season.  This view from near our cabin never got old!

Photo #1339 – 07.15.12

Dried Cow Parsnip

Cow parsnip is typically easy to identify alongside roads, at edges of fields, and many other places as it shows off its tall, big clusters of little white flowers.  But once the flowers are gone, the dried out stalk can still be easy to recognize.  This particular dried-out cow parsnip flower cluster looked kind of pretty and whimsical framed against the blue of an early morning sky.

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Photo #1331 – 07.07.12

Blue, White, Green & Orange

The morning after a big snowfall can reveal some really beautiful scenes, and that was certainly the case following the big snowstorm we experienced at the end of last October.  The mixture of foliage colors, snow, and brilliant sky made for a lovely morning after the storm.