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Photo #1519 – 01.12.13

Raise Your Glasses to Tom

Raise Your Glasses to Tom

Raise your glasses (figuratively or literally, whichever you prefer) in remembrance of Tom on his birthday.  I thought this was a great wedding day shot of Tom and Jodie.

Happy Birthday, Tom!  We miss you a whole lot!


Photo #1377 – 08.22.12

9.5 Weeks Until My First Marathon

On October 28, I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon as my first marathon, and I’ll be running as part of ZERO‘s Dash for Dad endurance team.  I’m raising awareness of prostate cancer in honor of my father-in-law Tom, who passed away just over 3 years ago at the age of 52 after a long battle with prostate cancer.  I have previously run a couple of 10K events with Heather through this organization, including a race in 2010 captured by the above photo (I guess I was too focused on the finish line to smile for the camera!).

Please visit my donation page, read a bit more about Tom and prostate cancer in general, and consider making a donation to lend your support in honor of Tom or someone else special in your life: https://zerocancer.org/races/raise?form_id=MjQ2.  Amazingly, I am extremely close to surpassing my fundraising goal thanks to many wonderful people, which means I might have to adjust my goal to an even higher amount!

In terms of my training, I’ve been feeling great recently and continue to increase my weekly mileage and develop my race pace.  This Saturday I will run my longest distance ever of 17 miles, and I’m still on target to run the 26.2 mile race in around 3 hours, 15 minutes.  I’ll be sure to share some training updates and other photos as race day approaches.

On a related side note, I apologize for the inconsistent ‘daily’ photographs recently…my marathon training, along with lots of “new house” things, has kept me off a regular schedule.  Here’s hoping I can fix that!

Photo #1154 – 01.12.12

Happy Birthday to You, Tom

I’m just going to take a wild guess and say that if Heather and her Dad decided to take this pumpkin home, it probably wasn’t Heather that carried it back…

Happy Birthday, Tom.  We miss you and your infectious smile.

Photo #960 – 07.02.11

It’s Independence Day Weekend…Take a Load Off!

What better way to spend the holiday weekend than finding a nice shady spot outside, setting up a comfy chair (reclining is especially nice but not necessary!), and dozing off for a while…that is exactly what my dad, Uncle Bucky, and Tom did a few years ago on a warm July day while camping.  Don’t they look cute?!

Photo #836 – 02.28.11

Tom Meets Pocahontas

I’m guessing most people could choose their favorite Disney character…from regular ol’ Mickey Mouse to a fairytale princess to a villian like Captain Hook, there is likely one character you like more than the others.  It’s fun to be a kid walking around Disney World and have the chance to get your picture with your favorite characters…but believe it or not, it can be just as fun for a grown-up!  While we were walking around ‘Rafiki’s Planet Watch’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, Tom spotted Pocahontas and made a beeline to the short line (of mostly kids) waiting for a photo.  He enjoyed that photo op.

What’s not to like about Pocahontas (whether the ‘real’ Pocahontas or the disneyified Pocahontas)?!?

Photo #811 – 02.03.11



Chillaxin’ is sitting with a cold beverage in the shade on a sunny summer day while off on a camping trip, where your biggest worry is hoping your air mattress doesn’t deflate in the middle of the night.

I think this photo perfectly captures the essence of Chillaxin’.

Photo #789 – 01.12.11

Happy Birthday to Tom

I could have put up an embarrassing photo for Tom’s birthday today, but his big smile in this older photo was a lot better than any jacuzzi-bathing or bra-wearing photos…although I’m sure he’d enjoy them too, after a tiny bit of grumbling.

So Happy Birthday Tom, I definitely miss that smile and cannot soon forget your laugh.