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Photo #1584

Outdoor Shower Visitor

Really, how great are outdoor showers after a hot, sandy day at the beach?!?  Down on Tybee Island in Georgia, our rental cottage last June was quite awesome, and it included a nice outdoor shower with saloon-style doors that even Nolan enjoyed.  One day, as Heather was de-sanding herself, this little green fella gave her quite a surprise.  He was comfortably clinging to the shower-side of the one saloon door, and after our showers and a few photos (he let me get rather close for this shot), he moved around a bit before disappearing later that day.


Photo #1220 – 03.18.12

Adirondacks Moose

If you **really** squint your eyes while looking at this photo, you very well might think a moose is walking through the water right in front of you!  Otherwise, it’s pretty obvious that this is just a moose cutout with a couple of stakes holding it up.  Even so, it made for a nice quick stop as we drove through the Adirondacks on this off-and-on rainy day.  Interestingly, moose were hunted out of existence before the Civil War but started to wander back in the 1980s, although with relatively low numbers, they are still a very rare sight in these forests.

Maybe next time we’re up in the Adirondacks we’ll spot one of the real ones.

Photo #1159 – 01.17.12

Family Trip to Mammoth Cave

Caves are cool.  And I don’t mean in terms of temperature (this particular cave is usually around 54 degrees Fahrenheit), but rather in terms of all the neat stalagtites and stalagmites, bats and other cave creatures, enormous caverns, and many other beautiful formations in the world beneath the ground.  This photo was taken in the summer of 1993 during a family vacation that included a stop at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.  Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system in the world, with nearly 400 miles of explored caves, and I’m standing with my sister, brother, and mom (dad is taking the photo) near the Frozen Niagara formation in the cave.  I tried to find a more recent photo of the same location, and found this shot from 2010 {click here} that includes the large stalagtite behind Michael’s head (it’s to the left of the guy in the linked photo)…basically, it looks about the same, just with newer (and sturdier) handrails.

So next time you’re driving somewhere and see a sign for a cave…be a tourist and go check it out!