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Photo #1495 – 12.19.12

Sunrise at the Dock – Etsy Print

Sunrise at the Dock

Right now, I’d love to jump in a kayak and go for a sunrise paddle around this Vermont pond.  Unfortunately, I’m not in Vermont, and it’s just about winter, so I’ll just have to stare at this photo a little longer to remember the wonderful sunrise on the lake.

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Photo #1422 – 10.06.12

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!

Wow, 40 years…that’s pretty unbelievable!  It was back in October of 1972 that my mom and dad got hitched, and they are still laughing and smiling together as much as ever.

This photo was taken a few years ago while on vacation up in Vermont, although it was enhanced by my brother Michael to help celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Happy 40th Anniversary!!

Photo #1383 – 08.28.12

Fair Weather Summer Day in Vermont

With some rolling green mountains in the background, cornfields and meadows in the foreground, and a partly cloudy sky overhead, this shot captures a bit of the nice summer day we enjoyed a few years ago in northern Vermont.  The cornfield is part of The Great Vermont Corn Maze, which they say was selected as one of the top 10 mazes in America, and while we chose to only do a small maze off to the side, it was a fun farm to explore.

Photo #1038 – 09.18.11

Looking For Loons

That is ‘loons’…not ‘loonies’…although loonies are fun to look for too…  My dad enjoys a bit of bird-watching, so when we were on vacation at a lakehouse in Vermont, he was definitely interested in the loons on the lake.  That’s why he made sure to bring some nice binoculars down to the edge of the lake on this particular day.  We heard plenty of neat loon calls, though I don’t recall them ever coming all that close to where we were.

Photo #922 – 05.25.11

Kayakin’ Robyn on Bald Hill Pond

Located in northeastern Vermont, Bald Hill Pond is a scenic lake surrounded mostly by forest and low mountains, with only a handful of summer houses dotting a short section of shoreline.  We had a fun family vacation there a few years ago, and in the photo above, Robyn enjoyed some kayak paddling on the lake while there was a break in the weather.  Aside from some threatening clouds here and there, she was surrounded by some beautiful scenery out on the lake.

Photo #874 – 04.07.11

Vermont Frog

I’ve always liked frogs, although I’m not quite sure where this stemmed from…maybe their hoppiness, or sliminess, or their cool colors…or, more likely, those awesome Frog and Toad are Friends children’s books!  So it was fun watching this particular frog make an appearance while vacationing in Vermont.

I think that mottled green/brown coloring looks pretty neat.

Photo #786 – 01.09.11

Morning on Bald Hill Pond

Just before the rising sun made it up above the horizon, this lake, Bald Hill Pond up in northern Vermont, looked really neat with a bit of an orange glow covering everything.  The lake was pretty still, and I enjoyed a morning sunrise kayak trip around part of the lake.

I wouldn’t mind living on the edge of a lake like this!