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Photo #1544 – 02.06.13

Icy Kaaterskill Falls

About a week ago, I posted a photo showing the cool trail in the Catskills that leads to Kaaterskill Falls…so I figured I might as well post a photo of the actual waterfall!  There wasn’t a huge amount of water flow, but there was a small amount of ice anywhere within reach of the waterfall’s spray.  This photo doesn’t really capture just how high the cliff and waterfalls are, nor the overall size of this amphitheater-like space with it’s huge boulders strewn about.  It is a pretty cool place.

Photo #1523 – 01.16.13

Tiny Glassy Cascade

Not all waterfall shots need to be of big, impressive waterfalls…sometimes a bit of flowing water on rocks and colorful autumn leaves on a blue sky day are all you need.  That, and a tripod that allows you to get pretty low to the ground so that you can capture photos like the one above.

Photo #1481 – 12.04.12

Leggs at the Falls

Leggs definitely enjoys a nice walk in the woods, and he had a great time on this particular hike through Stokes State Forest a few years ago.  We stopped for a few poses in front of Stony Brook Falls before continuing along the network of cool trails in the park.

Photo #1473 – 11.26.12

Rutherford Falls Ice

I love experiencing waterfalls after a good rain.  But sometimes, I also enjoy waterfalls after a good cold spell!  This ice-encrusted waterfall just below the outlet of Lake Rutherford in High Point State Park still had a bit of water flowing beneath an icy shell on this particular January day.  I did not stick around in the cold too long, but certainly long enough to take a few photos and relax a bit to the sights and sounds of the icy falls.

Photo #1393 – 09.07.12

Silky Falls

This 1-second exposure of some falls in High Point State Park was one of many I took on an outing last October.  There was plenty of water flowing over the jagged rocks to make for some silk-like flows.

Photo #1373 – 08.18.12

Rock & Water

On a trip to Rutherford Falls in High Point State Park last year, I enjoyed trying out a number of different vantage points and techniques for photographing waterfalls and water in general.  This shot involved filling half the frame with rushing water and half with wet, leaf-speckled rock, and taking a long exposure to give the water a smoother texture.  I’m a fan of rocks, waterfalls, and autumn, so I like the mix in this photo.  I’m also a fan of blue skies, which can be seen as the bits of blue reflected in the shimmering rock surface.

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming fall?!?

Photo #1363 – 08.08.12

Ice at Buttermilk Falls

After just reading that this past July was the hottest month on record for the continental US (a balmy 77.6 degrees Fahrenheit average temperature), I figured I would post a photo with a cooling effect.  This shot was taken at the base of Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and there were some great accumulations of ice that made for some neat photos.

Photo #1318 – 06.24.12

Curtains of Water at Rutherford Falls

Rutherford Falls is a bit off the beaten path in High Point State Park, but it is definitely worth the hilly trek to enjoy the tranquil serenity of its multiple cascades.  This particular drop wasn’t the largest, but it did create some neat curtains of water over the wide rocky ledges.

Photo #1294 – 05.31.12

Mossy Divergence

After a nice rainfall, the waters rush through the picturesque Tillman’s Ravine in Stokes State Forest.  This photo was taken near the top of the main cascade as the stream passes over smooth rocks and among lots of green moss.

Photo #1245 – 04.12.12

Water Abstract in Copper and White

Last year while hiking in some neat areas at High Point State Park, I ended up experimenting with a lot of long exposure photos, including this shot above.  It doesn’t look like anything all that identifiable, but I guess I like the color combination and the way the white seems to be almost exploding from the right side.  This was a long exposure of the frothy water at the base of a small waterfall, which was just to the right of the frame.

Photo #1218 – 03.16.12

Gentle Flowing Drips

Waterfalls can be just as interesting up close as they are when viewed in their entirety.  This particular area of water was falling over a sheer rockface and was tumbling much more gently than along the rest of the rockface.  I thought the brightness of the flowing water combined well with the dark rock and vibrant green growth in the background, and for me, this photo invokes a tranquil feeling rather than a “feel the power of nature!” sort of feeling that I might associate with more typical waterfall photos showcasing rushing waters.

Photo #1205 – 03.03.12

Cascade at Top of Silver Spray Falls

The silky smooth water tumbling down this rock face was captured by a longish exposure (2 seconds), although reflected light caused a few areas of the falls to be blown out a bit in terms of exposure.  Silver Spray Falls is not a very popular waterfall, and it might be partly for that reason (in addition to its overall beauty) that some people have told me it’s one of their most favorite places to visit.  This photo was taken on my first trip to the falls and I haven’t been back since…but I think a return trip is definitely in order!

Photo #1172 – 01.30.12

Thick Ice Accumulations

On a chilly December visit to Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area a couple years ago, Heather and I came upon a good amount of accumulated ice in and around the base of the waterfall.  It hadn’t been quite cold enough for the flowing water to freeze up, but lots of splashing water at the bottom of the falls had draped any nearby surfaces in a thick blanket of ice.

Photo #1169 – 01.27.12

Mossy Boulder Cascades

All it takes is a bit of trickling water, some nicely placed boulders covered with yellow-green moss, and some haphazardly fallen leaves to create a scenic fall photo.  This was one of many small cascades in the area of Rutherford Falls in High Point State Park that I came upon on a hike this past fall, and although it certainly wasn’t as tall as the main falls, I enjoyed this little one just as much.

Photo #1140 – 12.29.11

  Buttermilk Falls in the Adirondacks

The name “Buttermilk Falls” seems to be a quite popular name for waterfalls…I’ve been to three different ones in the NY/NJ area and know of at least two more that I haven’t visited yet.  I don’t quite know what flowing buttermilk looks like, but I guess some waterfalls probably do look a little like frothy buttermilk.  This Buttermilk Falls is located in the Adirondacks along the Raquette River near Long Lake.  It is a pretty popular waterfall due to its proximity to a major road, but when Heather and I visited on a rainy autumn day, it was just us and the raging waters of the falls.

Photo #1096 – 11.15.11

3 Years of Daily Photographs!!!

Rutherford Falls, High Point State Park

Three years ago, I started this photo blog with one of my favorite waterfall photos showcasing Silver Spray Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area {photo #1}.  So to celebrate three years of daily photographs, here is one of my NEW favorite waterfall photos!  Rutherford Falls is located in an off-the-beaten-path section of High Point State Park and is actually a series of 2 or 3 separate drops.  The section in this photo is the lower-most falls, the biggest single drop, and definitely the most picturesque.  It was definitely worth the trek to get to it, and after taking tons of photos underneath a canopy of wonderful foliage, I enjoyed a nice break amongst the soothing waterfall sounds.

Since 11.15.08, this site has received more than 50,000 page visits and logged nearly 800 comments.  About 35 people have signed up so far to receive my Daily Photograph in their inbox (scroll down to the bottom of this page for the e-mail signup!), and it has been great seeing so many ‘Likes‘ from family, friends, and fellow bloggers.

Today’s photo is the 43rd photo of a waterfall (click on the ‘waterfalls’ tag at the bottom of this page), and while I’m sure there will be plenty more, I’ll do my best to keep mixing it up as best I can.  As always, thank you for taking a moment out of your day to check out my photos!

P.S.  Which kinds of photos are your favorite?  Colorful nature shots?  Goofy portraits??  Abstract black & white???  Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Photo #1068 – 10.18.11

Autumn Rapids Above Dunkley Falls, Adirondack Park

This past weekend, Heather and I enjoyed a little getaway in the Adirondacks.  While the pouring rain didn’t quite make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors, we were still able to see some eye-popping fall foliage, check out some unique Adirondack exhibits, and talk with some interesting people (and their dogs!).

This photo captures a bit of the range of leaf colors that we saw in the southeastern section of the Adirondack Park.  It is a long exposure of Mill Creek just above Dunkley Falls, a rather small (~10 foot drop) but cool waterfall that was really rushing as a result of the recent rains.

Photo #1063 – 10.13.11

Tiny Cascade Through the Rocks

The leaves are quickly changing and falling to the ground as more autumn-like weather rolls in to New Jersey.  With the rain we have had over the past month, it’s no surprise that streams are still rushing in some areas.  On a recent hike in High Point State Park, I encountered some gushing waterfalls surrounded by a mostly-yellow canopy of leaves fluttering in the bright sunlight above.  This photo shows one small part of a larger waterfall that looked particularly cool with its mix of flowing water, angular dark rocks, and smattering of fallen leaves.

Photo #1052 – 10.02.11

Tumbling Waters

Situated in the Highlands of northern New Jersey (and location of the highest point in Morris County), Mahlon Dickerson Reservation is a Morris County park that offers a variety of different hiking experiences.  From level strolls along abandoned railbeds, to steep hill climbs, to moderate climbs along mountain streams.  Heather and I enjoyed a hike here this past March that included this stretch of extended cascades that were tumbling exceptionally well due to some recent rainfall.

Photo #1040 – 09.20.11

Icy Silver Thread Falls

Silver Thread Falls is located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and is a cool, unique waterfall that is often overshadowed by its nearby neighbor, Dingmans Falls.  On this particularly chilly first day of January, Heather and I found that these falls weren’t quite frozen solid, but there was certainly a lot of interesting ice formations all around.  In this photo, the upper portion of Silver Thread Falls is shown cascading through a narrow cleft in the cliff surrounded by masses of ice and plenty of long icicles that likely formed in part from the spray and mist produced by the falling water.

Photo #1032 – 09.12.11

Leggs in Profile at Stony Brook Falls

Leggs always enjoys a nice hike, and while he isn’t the biggest fan of going in the water, I think he likes cascading waterfalls like the one in the background above.  Stony Brook Falls is a series of small cascades right in the middle of Stokes State Forest, and Leggs and I were having fun taking photos near the falls…okay, maybe I was the one having fun, but Leggs doesn’t mind a few camera flashes here and there.  For this photo, I asked for his ‘serious’ face…

Photo #982 – 07.24.11

Low-Flow Waterfall Along Indian Ladder Trail

While this is a pretty scenic area in John Boyd Thacher State Park near Albany, New York, just imagine if the water was REALLY flowing over the cliff edge!  My visit to this park was pretty cool, despite the low flow of the streams feeding the couple of waterfalls, but I would definitely like to check out this Indian Ladder Trail again after a period of heavier rainfall.

Photo #954 – 06.26.11

Waterfall Along Going-to-the-Sun Road

Everywhere you look in Glacier National Park, there is a scene worthy of a photograph, and that was certainly the case when we took our family trip there back in 2002.  On our first full day at the park, we enjoyed an outstanding tour along the Going-to-the-Sun Road that winds its way through the heart of the park.  While stopped at one pull-off, Michael, Kristin and I posed for a photo in front of a cascading waterfall in the distance.  You can also spot a section of the road passing near the waterfall just above Michael’s head.

Photo #944 – 06.16.11

Milky Tillman’s Ravine

Tillman’s Ravine is located in Stokes State Forest right near the boundary with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  From multiple elementary/high school field trips, to going to summer camp right down the road, to going for day hikes with friends and family, it’s an area that I have enjoyed walking through many times through the years.  This is one of the cascades just above the main waterfall in the ravine, and the water really rushes through this narrow chute in the bedrock.  I was able to capture a few longer exposures of the cascade, and to me, the flow and brightness/color of the water in this photo reminds me a bit of milk…what do you think?!?