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Photo #1544 – 02.06.13

Icy Kaaterskill Falls

About a week ago, I posted a photo showing the cool trail in the Catskills that leads to Kaaterskill Falls…so I figured I might as well post a photo of the actual waterfall!  There wasn’t a huge amount of water flow, but there was a small amount of ice anywhere within reach of the waterfall’s spray.  This photo doesn’t really capture just how high the cliff and waterfalls are, nor the overall size of this amphitheater-like space with it’s huge boulders strewn about.  It is a pretty cool place.

Photo #1523 – 01.16.13

Tiny Glassy Cascade

Not all waterfall shots need to be of big, impressive waterfalls…sometimes a bit of flowing water on rocks and colorful autumn leaves on a blue sky day are all you need.  That, and a tripod that allows you to get pretty low to the ground so that you can capture photos like the one above.

Photo #1481 – 12.04.12

Leggs at the Falls

Leggs definitely enjoys a nice walk in the woods, and he had a great time on this particular hike through Stokes State Forest a few years ago.  We stopped for a few poses in front of Stony Brook Falls before continuing along the network of cool trails in the park.

Photo #1473 – 11.26.12

Rutherford Falls Ice

I love experiencing waterfalls after a good rain.  But sometimes, I also enjoy waterfalls after a good cold spell!  This ice-encrusted waterfall just below the outlet of Lake Rutherford in High Point State Park still had a bit of water flowing beneath an icy shell on this particular January day.  I did not stick around in the cold too long, but certainly long enough to take a few photos and relax a bit to the sights and sounds of the icy falls.

Photo #1393 – 09.07.12

Silky Falls

This 1-second exposure of some falls in High Point State Park was one of many I took on an outing last October.  There was plenty of water flowing over the jagged rocks to make for some silk-like flows.

Photo #1373 – 08.18.12

Rock & Water

On a trip to Rutherford Falls in High Point State Park last year, I enjoyed trying out a number of different vantage points and techniques for photographing waterfalls and water in general.  This shot involved filling half the frame with rushing water and half with wet, leaf-speckled rock, and taking a long exposure to give the water a smoother texture.  I’m a fan of rocks, waterfalls, and autumn, so I like the mix in this photo.  I’m also a fan of blue skies, which can be seen as the bits of blue reflected in the shimmering rock surface.

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming fall?!?

Photo #1363 – 08.08.12

Ice at Buttermilk Falls

After just reading that this past July was the hottest month on record for the continental US (a balmy 77.6 degrees Fahrenheit average temperature), I figured I would post a photo with a cooling effect.  This shot was taken at the base of Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and there were some great accumulations of ice that made for some neat photos.