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Photo #78 – 01.31.09


This may not quite look like an airplane taking off, but that’s just what it was.  I was on a back road in Pennsylvania near my college trying to take some long exposure night photos, and I set up a shot here.  I wanted to get the speed limit sign with streaks of stars behind (if you look really closely, you see some short diagonal star trails).  So I opened the shutter, flashed the sign to make it show up, and then noticed a plane was taking off.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would come out, but when I developed the film and made some prints in the darkroom a few days later, I thought it came out pretty well!

Although, I think the plane was going faster than 25mph…

Photo #77 – 01.30.09

Long-Tongued Hailey

Dogs sure do have long tongues!  I usually don’t pay too much attention to the length of their tongues, but I happened to catch Hailey here as she was licking the top of her nose…don’t you wish you could do that!  Hailey is one of the dogs I have dogsat over the past few years, and she was a pretty cute boxer.  Sure, she is kind of allergic to grass and some other things…but she loves playing with tons of toys and eating her food in huge gulps.

Anyone need a dogsitter??

Photo #76 – 01.29.09

Radioactive Hannah

I’m not quite sure what Hannah got into this day…but all of a sudden, everything she touched started glowing.  Her sunglasses started pulsing purple, a squishy ball full of little balls and some type of gel was blinking all kinds of colors, and a stick on some string was glowing bright red.

Hopefully she didn’t eat the yogurt in the fridge that was 2 years old…..

Photo #75 – 01.28.09

Glowing NYC Skyline

This was a spectacular sunset I experienced 49 stories above the streets of New York City.  As the sun dipped behind the clouds on the horizon, the sunlight slipped through the clouds and lit up the underside of the clouds over the city, creating a warm orange-red glow.  With the tall skyscrapers all around (we were only 5 blocks from the 102-story Empire State Building), it was a pretty cool sunset to see from up above.

I would definitely recommend skyscraper sunsets.

Photo #74 – 01.27.09

Funny Face Dad

This photo is a great illustration of how my dad is often funny without trying at all, and he can definitely be the life of the party.  In this case, the party was Michael & Robyn’s wedding almost 5 years ago, and I would say my dad had a great time.

This photo also proves that my dad and Charles Bronson are not actually the same person, as many people think when they meet him (regardless of the fact that Charles Bronson died in 2003)…even though they’ve got similar hair and some other facial features, Charles Bronson would never wear a necktie like that!

Charles Bronson

Photo #73 – 01.26.09

Yukon Mountain in Summer

Yukon Mountain in Winter

As I previously showed with my favorite outhouse, I tried to take a lot of repeat photos during my winter Yukon trips to compare with photos I had taken during my summer trip.  I brought along some printouts of a bunch of summer photos so I could try to capture them from the same locations and get some great comparisons, and for the most part, it worked out really well.

These photos are of a rocky mountain in the Yukon on a lake called Windy Arm.  This is along the Klondike Highway that connects Whitehorse to Skagway, Alaska, which is a RV- and bus-filled highway during the summer due to the number of tourists & cruise ships that go to Skagway.  In the winter though, you can drive for 15 minutes without seeing another car.  The photos were taken at a small pull-off, and it is almost like the sky and lake surface switched colors between the two seasons.

Which one do you prefer – the summer view with lush green forests and teal-colored water, or the winter view with a clear blue sky, ice-covered lake, and snow-dusted mountain?

Photo #72 -01.25.09

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is probably the best known castle in Germany, and it was pretty impressive.  We took a little tour through some of the completed parts (it was never finished), and this photo was taken from a bridge high above a raging waterfall with the Bavarian Alps towering up behind.  So it was a pretty picturesque location.

I had to put another Germany photo up because we had a great time last night in NYC at a German bar called Zum Schneider.  We were celebrating John and Ken’s birthday, and I think they definitely enjoyed their 1 liter mugs of ‘bier’.

Note: As the comment from my dad below suggests, this castle has played a central role in a long-running joke among my dad, mom, and I.  It’s amazing how many laughs you can get from a little toothpick holder and a name like ‘Konigschloss Neuschwanstein’!