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Photo #1585

Jeremy’s Childhood Stuff:  Care Bears


Ah yes, Christmas day 1985…what a glorious morning that was.  My sister got some ‘Princess of Power’ and Ken dolls, my brother got some Transformers (including an awesome Optimus Prime huge truck), a motorized Construx set, and a belt…and I, I got a box full of awesome Care Bears figures (I also got a huge red Tonka firetruck on Christmas Eve).  Of course, I don’t remember any of this, being a little more than 2.5 years old, but luckily we’ve got some great photos to fill in the gaps (thanks Mom and Dad!).

I may not remember that morning, but I do remember the Care Bears figures.  My mom said I played with them quite a lot, and I especially can think of playing with a green one with a shamrock and a lion one.

Flash forward almost 30 years, and I’ve finally grabbed tons of my childhood toys, games, trophies, sports memorabilia, junk, etc. from my parents’ attic (so stay tuned for more childhood memories centered around this stuff!).  Amongst all the goodies, we found a beat-up bag full of 20 Care Bears figures, and with a little scrubbing, they look almost brand new!  The photo below shows them all lined up after their cleaning, and now they are ready for Nolan to play with himself.  Maybe he’ll like playing with them as much as I did!

In case you are interested, the inspiring names of these figures are (from left to right, front to back):  Good Luck Bear, Cheer Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Funshine Bear, Birthday Bear, Grams, Baby Hugs, Baby Tugs, Champ Bear, Share Bear, Professor Coldheart, Cozy Heart Penguin, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Swift Heart Rabbit, Bright Heart Raccoon, Brave Heart Lion, and Cloudkeeper.

Photo #1477 – 11.30.12

Pow Pow Power Wheels


Check out Greta on her awesome Dora power wheels!  It did not take too long for her to figure out that pressing the little button on the handle makes it go, although she had a tough time actually keeping her finger on the button…so instead of cruising around the yard, it was more of a stuttered crawl since she wouldn’t keep the button down, but rather kept pressing it as she bobbed back and forth (it’s hard to explain just how funny it looked!).  But I’m sure she’ll master this all-terrain vehicle in no time.

Photo #1462 – 11.15.12

Baby On the Way

Old toy letter blocks are great.  Old toy letter blocks arranged in words are even better.  But the best is when you are walking through a huge antique festival and you happen to spot old toy letter blocks arranged in words that spell out a message that you would like to share with family, friends, and anyone else that might care to listen…

And would you believe it, that is exactly what happened to Heather and I when we came across this handful of blocks in a little toy wagon!

So in case it isn’t obvious, Heather and I are excitedly expecting our first child next year!  I say excitedly expecting, but I also mean anxiously and nervously expecting…  Heather is thankfully doing well overall, and we are really looking forward to taking this huge leap into parenthood.

Today also marks the 4th anniversary of Daily Photographs!  It’s hard to believe I have been posting these photos for this long, but it has really been enjoyable and I always appreciate hearing the great feedback.  In terms of stats (aren’t stats fun??), the site is quickly approaching 70,000 visits, more than 1,250 comments have been left, and 175 people are signed up to receive my Daily Photographs (scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out the e-mail signup!).  This past year had a few long-term delays that resulted from becoming a bit busy with moving into a new home, training for a marathon, and other fun stuff.  With a ‘Baby On the Way’ in 2013, I cannot make any promises about interruptions to the frequency of daily photos, but I will certainly try my best to continue sharing photos.  As always, thanks for checking out my Daily Photographs, and for a look back at the photo that started it all, click here to view Photo #1 from 11.15.2008!

Photo #1035 – 09.15.11

Grandpa’s Miniature Furniture

My Grandpa Apgar had a reeeeally steady hand…which is one of the required characteristics for creating miniature replicas of furniture like the pieces in the photo above.  He managed to include such great detail in his miniatures, such as the table and lamp in the center that used to sit next to his reclining chair, or the serving buffet and three-legged chair that are exact copies of the actual pieces currently in my parents’ house…except for being a wee bit tinier.

Photo #842 – 03.06.11

Drivin’ a Minnetonka Car…

Let me start this post off by saying that Noah really, *really* likes cars…specifically, the cars from Pixar’s animated film, “Cars”.  On Christmas, Noah got a couple of cool Cars-related toys, but he wasn’t able to open them up right away, so he did what any other two-year-old might do…he grabbed a nearby moccasin-box, sat on it, and started zooming around the living room making car noises.  He was having quite a fun drive from the looks of it, that is, until the box collapsed and Noah took a spill, as captured in the photo above.

Just another story to illustrate how much fun a kid can have with an empty box…

Photo #813 – 02.05.11

Toy Staring Contest

I’m guessing, unfortunately for Hannah, that she did not win this staring contest.  I’m thinking that the dude with the colored lightbulb-like hair won this particular contest…it sure looks like he’s got quite a bit of determination in those wide-open eyes.

I’m sure baby Hannah forgot all about losing the contest soon after and proceeded to bash the toys around and throw them off the table onto the ground below.

Photo #805 – 01.28.11

Little Dancing Princesses

Hannah and Madison sure do enjoy dressing up in their princess dresses…in fact, I think I’ve seen them in their various dresses more often than in non-princess attire!  And everyone knows that any activity is even more fun when wearing a princess dress, including dancing with the Wii!  These two were following the dance moves on screen pretty well, which should come as no surprise since they both love to dance around.