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Photo #1547 – 02.09.13

Seven Inches of Snow

Seven Inches of Snow

Well, we did get a little bit of snow here in northwestern New Jersey with this latest storm, but certainly nowhere near the 1-3 feet that accumulated in places further east.  We ended up with about 7 inches outside our home (although my measuring stick did go up to 30″ just in case…).  The bulk of the snow came after 11pm at night.  I had fun putting together a simple time-lapse that shows the snow amount at each hour from 9am Friday to 11pm (with one final shot at 8am Saturday morning…I did not get up in the middle of the night to click the shutter!).  Hopefully the animated image below works for you…and maybe next time it will be more dramatic as the snow accumulates above the 30″ mark!


Photo #1546 – 02.08.13

Christmas Eve Snow Shrimp

This past Christmas Eve, Heather’s Uncle Jakie braved a bit of Christmas snow to cook up some big barbecue shrimp.  Thankfully, the shrimp were delicious and his efforts were not in vain.

Photo #1539 – 02.01.13

Snow Swing

Bright, sunny days after a big snowfall are the best, especially when there hasn’t been a bunch of wind to knock off the mounds of snow on top of everything.  The sunshine also makes shoveling driveways and cleaning porches that much more enjoyable…  On one such lovely, sunny afternoon about 10 years ago, my parents took a short break from tossing snow to have some fun.  I of course had to get a cute “sitting-together-on-a-snowy-swing” shot.

Photo #1515 – 01.08.13

Snowy Crabapples

Some of my most favorite photos are ones captured soon after sunrise when the low-angle, warm sunlight creates some excellent lighting on subjects.  This photo of some crabapples with a bit of snow from an overnight snowfall is one example of how early morning light is great, and is definitely worth waking up for (and, in this case, putting on warm clothes and boots).  Also, if I had not gotten out at sunrise, most of the snow on these crabapples would have likely melted away in the sunshine before I was able to photograph them.

Photo #1514 – 01.07.13

Dune Grass on a Windy Day

If given a preference, I would much prefer to be on the beach on a sunny, hot summer day than a cloudy, stormy, cold summer day…but that doesn’t mean a day at the beach is entirely ruined.  On this particular day this past summer down at the Jersey shore, it was pretty lousy out with strong winds, but Heather and I enjoyed a little walk on the beach and around the nearby dunes.  I thought the dune grass was doing a pretty good job of showing how strong the winds were!  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure these grasses and the entire dune were wiped out by Sandy a few months after this photo.

Photo #1503 – 12.27.12

Leggs on Christmas Day

Leggs likes the snow…kinda.  He doesn’t go crazy in it and roll all over the place, but he also isn’t afraid of the white fluff.  So we enjoyed tromping around the yard on Christmas morning through the light covering of snow.  And as always, Leggs had no problem sitting and staring off into the distance for a photo-op…he probably thought he saw a squirrel or bird off in the woods…

Photo #1501 – 12.25.12

Merry (White) Christmas!

Merry (White) Christmas!

It was a nice treat to arrive home after midnight following some Christmas Eve festivities and find a blanket of fresh-fallen snow.  So have a very Merry White Christmas!!

Photo #1461 – 11.14.12

First Snowfall of Winter 2012/13

Well, it isn’t officially winter here in northern New Jersey…but the recent snowfall we received and chilly temperatures we are experiencing definitely reminds us that winter is quickly approaching.  This shot of our front yard was taken last week the morning after a couple inches of snow fell in our neck of the woods.  Luckily, this was also the first morning we had power in nearly 9 days since Sandy had come through, so I was able to warm up a bit after walking around in the snow.

Catch-Up Time! – Photo #1432 to Photo #1459

Once again, I have fallen a bit behind and need to do a rapid catch-up.  This upcoming week will mark the 4th year of Daily Photographs, and now that I’ve finished my marathon training (more on my first marathon soon!) and have power back after Sandy (8.5 days in the dark/cold…but we are good to go now!), I will hopefully be able to bring you even more great photos each day.

For now, here is a selection of recycled favorites that I have posted previously (click on the photo to read the old post), although they may be new to many of you, especially if you haven’t been following me since the beginning.  Enjoy!

Photo #1432 – 10.16.12 [photo #499]

Photo #1433 – 10.17.12 [photo #1124]

Photo #1434 – 10.18.12 [photo #365]

Photo #1435 – 10.19.12 [photo #624]

Photo #1436 – 10.20.12 [photo #1047]

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Photo #1444 – 10.28.12 [photo #738]

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Photo #1447 – 10.31.12 [photo #902]

Photo #1448 – 11.01.12 [photo #1068]

Photo #1449 – 11.02.12 [photo #780]

Photo #1450 – 11.03.12 [photo #405]

Photo #1451 – 11.04.12 [photo #297]

Photo #1452 – 11.05.12 [photo #1234]

Photo #1453 – 11.06.12 [photo #710]

Photo #1454 – 11.07.12 [photo #1109]

Photo #1455 – 11.08.12 [photo #50]

Photo #1456 – 11.09.12 [photo #1000]

Photo #1457 – 11.10.12 [photo #730]

Photo #1458 – 11.11.12 [photo #352]

Photo #1459 – 11.12.12 [photo #829]

Photo #1421 – 10.05.12

The View Inside a Snowpit

The majority of the time I spent in the Yukon Territory during graduate school was spent digging snowpits and taking measurements of things such as snow density at various levels within the snowpack.  This photo shows the inside of a snowpit we dug in British Columbia one day and features a bunch of holes where one of the measuring tools we used was inserted.

I always wondered what people must have thought if they happened upon one of these snowpits…

Photo #1415 – 09.29.12

Mix of Snow and Leaves

It’s almost October, which means it could snow any day now!  Well, maybe not quite, but this photo was taken at the end of October last year and serves as a reminder that the first good accumulation of snow of the year doesn’t have to occur in November or December…so enjoy the fall foliage now, but also be sure to find your boots, shovel, and sled (for after the shoveling…)!

Photo #1408 – 09.22.12

Time to Get Out the Rake…

It is now officially autumn, which means it is time to dig out the rake and/or leaf blower and get ready for the onslaught of colorful falling leaves.  Along with all that back-aching work, it also means it is almost time to create big leaf piles for jumping into!  This photo illustrates what can happen when my parents and I have a little too much fun with dead leaves…

Happy Fall!

Photo #1392 – 09.06.12

White Branches

Anyone excited for a bit of snowfall?!

Photo #1380 – 08.25.12

Icy Needles

Isn’t winter great??  I know, it’s still hot and summery here in the northeast, but it is only a matter of time before the snow and ice of winter get here…although there should be a good chunk of great fall weather between then and now.  Here is an icy closeup of some frozen spruce needles from an ice storm a couple years ago, just to serve as a slight reminder than winter is just around the corner…sort of.

Photo #1331 – 07.07.12

Blue, White, Green & Orange

The morning after a big snowfall can reveal some really beautiful scenes, and that was certainly the case following the big snowstorm we experienced at the end of last October.  The mixture of foliage colors, snow, and brilliant sky made for a lovely morning after the storm.

Photo #1314 – 06.20.12

Summer is Here!

Today marks the start of summer in the northern hemisphere…and if you are anywhere along the eastern seaboard, you’re likely feeling the heat!  This photo of Heather was taken a couple summers ago during a fun getaway at the Jersey shore in Ocean Beach.

Be sure to stay cool during the upcoming heat wave, and maybe find some refreshing ocean water to jump into!

Photo #1306 – 06.12.12

Frosty Fallen Leaf

The tiny frost crystals all over this fallen leaf created a cool texture that was enhanced by the early morning orangish sunlight coming from the horizon.  It looked neat enough to make me stop, get on my knees and elbows in the frosty, wet grass, and take some close-up shots of the leaf.

Photo #1223 – 03.21.12

Icicle Drops

Well, the spring season has officially sprung, although it’s feeling right now more like we just skipped by spring and went right to summer!  While freezing temperatures certainly aren’t out of the question, it currently seems fairly unlikely that we’ll be encountering big icicles like this one anytime before next fall/winter.  This set of icicles was rapidly melting in the sun on a warm January day last year, and while I had a rather difficult time capturing the many drips (making sure they were in focus, getting the timing down, making sure the nearby drips weren’t splashing on the camera, etc.), I thought a handful of the photos came out well.

Photo #1219 – 03.17.12

The Pot o’ Gold is Over Yonder

It’s difficult to capture a great rainbow photo — they can appear and disappear very quickly, they’re often associated with rain (so not the best conditions for pulling out a camera), and they can cover a large amount of sky that doesn’t quite fit in the focal length of the camera.  This particular rainbow did arc across the whole sky, but the most vivid portion was this section that descended behind some trees.  A close look will reveal a faint supernumerary bow on the inner edge of the main bow (What’s a supernumerary bow?  Click here to find out!).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Best of luck finding your pot of gold!

Photo #1200 – 02.27.12

Best Seats in the House

A light morning snowfall, mountaintops that appear to disappear in low cloud cover, a river rushing through growing gaps in the ice, a couple of strategically placed Adirondack chairs, some warm clothing, a cup of hot coffee, and a friend to share in the experience.  That basically sums up this scene that Ken and I enjoyed one chilly, snowy morning in the Yukon.  And these really were the best seats imaginable to fully take in all the beauty around us.

Ken took this photo by finding a spot for his camera, hitting the shutter with a timed delay, and dashing to jump back into his chair.  I’d say it captured the feeling of the Yukon pretty well!

Photo #1193 – 02.20.12

Sun Through Snowy Leaves

After a big late-October snowstorm, the colorful autumn leaves looked neat with a heavy coating of snow.  The morning after the snowfall, I was enjoying a walk around with my camera.  While I was mostly looking at the top sides of the leaves, this view toward the rising sun with a background of snowy trees caught my eye with the bright orange color.

Photo #1186 – 02.13.12

Bryant Park Skating Rink

For ice-skaters in parts of the northeast this winter, it’s been pretty difficult to find reliably frozen ponds or lakes to skate upon.  I cannot remember the last time I did actual ice skating, but a late-November trip into New York City brought Heather and I to Bryant Park, where there is a good-sized rink available for skating.  It was cool watching some of the skaters on the rink in the shadows of some rather large skyscrapers, although we didn’t stick around all that long since a cold drizzle started up that had us looking for cover.

Photo #1184 – 02.11.12

Jutting Ice on Lake Rutherford

While I’m not overly pleased with this photo (mainly because the background is out-of-focus, but not in a good way that might draw the eye to the rock and lake ice at bottom left), I did think that some of the jutting ice formations on this frozen lake were fascinating.  The entirety of Lake Rutherford was frozen over on this particular January day a couple years ago, and while most of the ice was quite smooth, a few areas near the shore with boulders popped up exhibited some neat displays of ice like the one above.

**NOTE: For any new blog followers, or anyone for that matter, I just wanted to mention that I realize it isn’t the 11th of February (it is actually the 21st as of this post).  I have been playing catch-up and should hopefully be up to the present by the end of the month by doing a few more multiple-post days.  Thanks for your patience!

Photo #1158 – 01.16.12

Dense Fog Over Blue Mountain Lake

The Adirondacks are full of wonderful sights, from large lakes to even larger mountains, and the sights can be even more lovely during the height of peak fall foliage.  Unfortunately, Heather and I were unable to fully appreciate this overarching beauty of the Adirondacks during our rainy visit this past autumn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we didn’t enjoy what we were able to see!  This foggy view of Blue Mountain Lake with some vibrant foliage was taken from the Adirondack Museum (which was a pretty great place to spend a rainy afternoon!), and while it is certainly a more expansive view when there isn’t fog, I kind of like the feeling of not quite knowing what is beyond the tiny islands in the lake…