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Photo #1563 – 02.25.13

Margherita Greta

Margherita Greta

Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, a crispy crust…this margherita-style pizza was quite delicious to say the least.  My niece Greta enjoyed a slice this past weekend and certainly thought it was yummy.  We’re happy our local pizza place always makes great pies!

Photo #1562 – 02.24.13

View near Dutch Shoe Rock, Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail through High Point State Park offers some great views of New Jersey, as well as nearby Pennsylvania and New York.  Large stretches of the trail follow the rocky ridgeline, and this particular section goes right along a large exposed slab of rock.  Dutch Shoe Rock is a great destination in the fall to catch some of the fall foliage surrounding Lake Rutherford in the park.

Photo #1561 – 02.23.13

Choppy Ocean at Dawn

This sunrise was a welcome sight after a couple days of windy, rainy weather and very heavy surf.  The ocean was definitely still pretty rough, as evidenced by the choppy waves in the distance, but thankfully things started to clear up for our last day at the beach for our vacation.

Photo #1560 – 02.22.13


Of course I had to stick my head in a little oval-shaped hole at this farm where Heather and I picked a couple pumpkins this past fall…  Do they still make huge Sears catalogs??  And isn’t the toilet paper supposed to be inside the outhouse??

Photo #1559 – 02.21.13

A Tangle & a Blue Sky

This tangle of metal was part of an art installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years back, and it was a beautiful blue sky day in the New York City to enjoy the chaotic twists against a brilliant backdrop.

Photo #1558 – 02.20.13

A Bit of Maine Fog

Heather loves Maine, even on a chilly, foggy day in May.

Photo #1557 – 02.19.13

90!  Happy Birthday Grandma Cook!!

90!  Happy Birthday Grandma Cook!!

This photo of my Grandma Cook was taken in 1945 when my grandma was just 22 years old.  Today, she turns 90, and she still has a great smile!

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma!!

Photo #1556 – 02.18.13

4am Snowpit

Have you ever woken up at 4am and had a strong desire to put on a ton of warm layers, grab a shovel and scientific equipment, and head out into the Yukon night to dig a snowpit?  I’m guessing not, in which case, I present the above photo to give you an idea of what such a scene would look like.  Since the research I was working on dealt with melting and refreezing snow, we had to do some snowpits in the middle of the night to capture the refreezing part.  We didn’t stray too far from our cabin, but considering we were still pretty far out in the middle of nowhere, it was still pretty cool and slightly eerie at the same time.

Photo #1555 – 02.17.13

Berries in a Berry Bowl

I’m a huge fan of berries.  Just staring at this photo of luscious red wineberries is making me hungry!  These berries are actually the fruit of invasive plants…so the more berries we ate, the less the invasive plants were able to propagate and spread.

Also, berries seem to taste a lot better when eaten out of a cool handcrafted berry bowl.  Yum.

Photo #1554 – 02.16.13

Madison and a Blanket

Today is Madison’s birthday, and it is crazy to think that she is already 7 years old!  This photo was taken when she was not quite 2 months old, as she was looking all cute underneath a plush blanket.

Happy Birthday, Madison!!

Photo #1553 – 02.15.13

Orange October Mums

It’s still winter, and that means autumn is still a long ways off…but I love vibrant fall-colored flowers in fall.  These orange mums sat in the front yard in our old cow pail this past October, and they fit in pretty well with all the fallen leaves.

Photo #1552 – 02.14.13

To My Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought I would share one of the earliest photos I have of Heather and I.  This photo was taken about ten and a half years ago soon after we officially started dating.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my valentine!

Photo #1551 – 02.13.13

February Backyard Sunset

February Backyard Sunset

Gotta love a bright February sunset through the trees after a nice bit of accumulated snow!

Photo #1550 – 02.12.13

A Toast to Amy

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday, so if you happen to have a champagne-glass-in-a-beer-koozie handy, feel free to fill it up and raise a glass in honor of Amy!

Hope you have a great birthday, Amy!

Photo #1549 – 02.11.13

The Hudson River in the Adirondacks

Usually when I think of the Hudson River, I think of the wide watery expanse that separates New Jersey from New York City…and so I don’t really associate picturesque scenes like the photo above with this great river.  That isn’t to say there is no great scenery along the lower Hudson, but it’s not quite the same as this stretch in the Adirondacks near the headwaters of the Hudson.  This particular section was located near the town of North Creek, the mix of fall color and evergreens along the riverbanks was just fantastic.

Photo #1548 – 02.10.13

4 Cool Yukon Pups

From left to right, this is Luka, Karma (in back), Tatra, and Tagish Charlie.  The owners of the cabin in which we stayed for much of our time in the Yukon had their own cool cabin nearby along with plenty of wilderness all around, and these dogs had a good old time exploring and protecting the home.  I believe I took this photo at a time that the owners were away, so that’s why they were in their fenced-in area.  Luka, the big while fluffball on the left, was crazy protective and barked at us like crazy.  The other three were fun and playful, and they all were just another component of an awesome Yukon experience.

Photo #1547 – 02.09.13

Seven Inches of Snow

Seven Inches of Snow

Well, we did get a little bit of snow here in northwestern New Jersey with this latest storm, but certainly nowhere near the 1-3 feet that accumulated in places further east.  We ended up with about 7 inches outside our home (although my measuring stick did go up to 30″ just in case…).  The bulk of the snow came after 11pm at night.  I had fun putting together a simple time-lapse that shows the snow amount at each hour from 9am Friday to 11pm (with one final shot at 8am Saturday morning…I did not get up in the middle of the night to click the shutter!).  Hopefully the animated image below works for you…and maybe next time it will be more dramatic as the snow accumulates above the 30″ mark!


Photo #1546 – 02.08.13

Christmas Eve Snow Shrimp

This past Christmas Eve, Heather’s Uncle Jakie braved a bit of Christmas snow to cook up some big barbecue shrimp.  Thankfully, the shrimp were delicious and his efforts were not in vain.

Photo #1545 – 02.07.13

Rooms with a View…of a Moat!

If you have never had an opportunity to stay at a hotel that is made to be like an old steamboat, then you are missing out!  The Fulton Steamboat Inn in Lancaster, PA is one such place that offers moat views and definitely has plenty of steamboat theming throughout.  It’s a little odd to come upon a big steamboat in the middle of all the Lancaster farms, but it turns out that Robert Fulton, the main guy behind the development of the steamboat, was born only a few miles from this location.

Photo #1544 – 02.06.13

Icy Kaaterskill Falls

About a week ago, I posted a photo showing the cool trail in the Catskills that leads to Kaaterskill Falls…so I figured I might as well post a photo of the actual waterfall!  There wasn’t a huge amount of water flow, but there was a small amount of ice anywhere within reach of the waterfall’s spray.  This photo doesn’t really capture just how high the cliff and waterfalls are, nor the overall size of this amphitheater-like space with it’s huge boulders strewn about.  It is a pretty cool place.

Photo #1543 – 02.05.13

A Bit Orange and A Bit Round

The orange glow of sunrise can feel so invigorating.  I felt awake and alive after this ocean sunrise back in July, which certainly helped me as I went on a 5-mile fast run right after I put my camera down.

Photo #1542 – 02.04.13

Delicious Nagle’s Ice Cream

Sure, it’s the middle of winter, and we might receive an inch or two of snow overnight…but any time is a good time to think about tasty ice cream on a summer day.  These cones (orange creamsicle and black raspberry with fudge bits) did not last very long as Heather and I made quick work of the cool treats.  We got them at Nagle’s Apothecary Cafe (in the background) in the town of Ocean Grove, NJ, and we would definitely be sure to stop by again the next time we’re in town!

Photo #1541 – 02.03.13

Crashing Golden Gate Waves

Crashing Golden Gate Waves

The Golden Gate Bridge spans about 4,200 feet across the transition between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  It may be just a bridge, but it is still pretty impressive, and it is fairly stunning visually.  Visiting the area was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to San Francisco back in 2007.

I thought this photo was appropriate for today with the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl (I’ve been to Baltimore for an 8th grade trip, but I have no clue where those couple photos might be!).  Interestingly, the first Super Bowl game I really remember had the 49ers in it (must have been 1994), and I remember Steve Young playing a great game.  I watched most of it while sitting/laying on our kitchen counter watching the ~4″ screen of our super tiny hanging-from-the-kitchen-cabinets TV.  That was the last time the 49ers were in the Super Bowl before today, and even though they didn’t win the big game this time, I thought it was an entertaining game right to the finish.

Photo #1540 – 02.02.13

Take a Load Off

It’s the weekend.  Grab some wine, get comfortable, and relax.

Kristin has the right idea here.