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Photo #808 – 01.31.11

Batavia Kill Trail, Catskill Forest Preserve

The yellow-blazed Batavia Kill Trail is located in the Windham Blackhead Range Wildnerness in the northern Catskills.  It is a short (1-mile) trail that provides a possible route up to the summit of Blackhead Mountain {photo #364}, and there is a small shelter on the trail that many hikers take advantage of on overnight trips.  This photo was taken at the lower end of the trail where it starts at Black Dome Range Trail and immediately crosses the Batavia Kill.  I didn’t actually travel along this trail…but it sure looks like it would have been a pleasant stroll on a cool, autumn day!

Photo #807 – 01.30.11

Crazy Clock in the Woods

Have you ever been walking through the woods on a cool, autumn day and stumbled upon a cooky clock/sculpture like the one in the above photo??  If you have walked on the grounds of Luna Parc in Montague, NJ, then it is possible you have seen such a clock in the woods.  Luna Parc is a private residence that is one gigantic piece of art…an always-changing landscape of sculpture and wacky designs.  The owner/artist holds an open house during the spring and fall, and it is a pretty cool place to walk around for an afternoon.  Check it out sometime!

Photo #806 – 01.29.11

Burgers & Cupcakes!

When you think of great food combinations, burgers and cupcakes likely aren’t high on the list…or on the list at all.  But believe it or not, they make quite a tasty duo!  This particular “burgers & cupcakes” was located on 9th Ave in New York City, and the cheeseburger and follow-up cupcake were delicious.

I’m a bit hungry now just thinking about the display of different flavored cupcakes…

Photo #805 – 01.28.11

Little Dancing Princesses

Hannah and Madison sure do enjoy dressing up in their princess dresses…in fact, I think I’ve seen them in their various dresses more often than in non-princess attire!  And everyone knows that any activity is even more fun when wearing a princess dress, including dancing with the Wii!  These two were following the dance moves on screen pretty well, which should come as no surprise since they both love to dance around.

Photo #804 – 01.27.11

Mount Clements, Glacier National Park

Rising up along the Continental Divide here in Glacier National Park, Mount Clements is a pretty cool looking mountain.  Just like its nearby neighbor, Reynolds Mountain {photo #603}, this glacial horn was shaped by multiple glaciers in the past to give it some pretty steep cliff faces.  It is accessible from the visitor’s center at Logan Pass, and you can see a number of people hiking toward it (including a line of tiny dots in the distant snow as people climb up toward the mountain…there are some spectacular views on the other side of this ridge, so that is where most of the people are going).  It might seem a little weird that people are wearing shorts and there is a bunch of snow on the ground…but it was mid-July and fairly hot out!

Photo #803 – 01.26.11

Smokey Bear and His Forest Fire Truck

Look!  It’s everyone’s favorite fire-preventing bear, Smokey Bear!  He’s decked out in his cool forest ranger hat and wearing his signature blue jeans while riding atop this cool forest fire truck from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.  You know you’re at a good parade when Smokey goes truckin’ by.

Don’t forget, only you can prevent wildfires (it used to be ‘forest fires’ before it changed in 2001 to the more-encompassing ‘wildfires’).

Photo #802 – 01.25.11

Sunrise in the Valley

With our cabin in the Yukon being located within the Wheaton River valley, sunrise often came a bit late in the morning since the Grey Ridge to the east blocked the rising sun for a good amount of time.  It was always nice to start the day off with a bit of sun, and with all the snow, it sure was a bright way to start the day.