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Photo #106 – 02.28.09

Roscoe and Zoe, Spring 2006

Here are Roscoe (on the left) and Zoe on a Spring day in 2006.  They were both about 13 in this photo, and they definitely enjoyed any opportunity to be outside and not in the dog pen.

While driving through our condo community this morning, Heather and I spotted a dog that looked just like Roscoe!  I’ve never seen another dog that looked quite like him, so it was a bit of a surprise.  Similar coloring, same face/head, and same size.  This Roscoe look-a-like did have a bit of a fluffy tail, compared to Roscoe’s bobtail, but otherwise they could be long-lost siblings.  We did find Roscoe at the local pound, so who knows!

I’ll have to ask the look-a-like’s owner about him next time he is being walked.

Photo #105 – 02.27.09

Maple Leaf and Moss

I was in the mood for a colorful photo today, so here is a vibrant maple leaf lying on a bright green carpet of moss.  I took this photo with my grandpa’s old 35mm camera while out hiking on the Steffen Trail in Stokes State Forest one fall day.  There were a lot of cool things in this particular patch of forest that made for some great shots.

If this leaf looks like a near-perfect leaf…it’s because this photo above was significantly enhanced on my computer!  The actual leaf in the photo I took had a number of large holes all over, and it was a fairly dull brownish-red color.  So I patched up the holes, brought out the vibrant red, and voila!

So remember, photographs might not always be what they seem!  Although I try not to be deceptive, so I usually mention when I’ve digitally-altered a photo like this.

Photo #104 – 02.26.09

Feeding Birds With Outstretched Arms

So you’ve been renting a shore house all week, and you’ve got some left overs and miscellaneous food that you want to get rid of.  Should you throw it away??  No!  The logical thing to do is feed the crazy birds on the beach!

While tempting a big flock of birds with cheese and crackers, Aunt Laura put on her brave face and held up some cheese for some gulls to come grab.  Most of them just hopped around on the sand…including one gull that seemed injured…but she got a couple of takers that swooped right in.  I caught this photo just as one gull was grabbing the cheese.

Luckily, Aunt Laura walked away with all of her fingers.

Photo #103 – 02.25.09

Where’s Waldo??

If, for some reason, you are unable to find Waldo in this photo…you might need to seek professional help.  Especially because I look exactly like Waldo!  Big round glasses…check…blue pants and red/white striped shirt…check…striped bobble hat…check!  This was the scene where Waldo was surrounded by bloody, wounded people…like my brother!  The blood stuff on his face looks pretty cool.  What a fun halloween.

This was from 1991, so I was about 8 years old, and I was obsessed with Waldo.  Had the books, ate Life cereal with Waldo on the box, got the Nintendo games, all that fun stuff.  So logically, I had to be Waldo for halloween.

If you’re bored, you can go create your own Waldo and, of course, play Where’s Waldo?, so have fun!

Jeremy's Waldo

From the comments below (it wasn’t showing the picture!), here is Amy and Butchie:

And here is Heather with her roll of duct tape!


Photo #102 – 02.24.09

Starry Yukon Nights

On some extremely clear (and really cold!) spring nights in the Yukon, we were treated to a spectacular night sky of countless stars.  This long exposure photo was taken soon after dusk, so the snowy mountains and surrounding landscape still appeared to be fairly bright.  Even so, the number of stars was staggering, and without any form of light pollution in the sky, the stars continued down to the horizon among darkness.

Even without the fantastic Northern Lights, the Yukon night sky is a wonder to behold.  I definitely did not want to go to bed some nights, and could have remained outside for a lot longer all bundled in my warm clothing.  Of course, a wandering caribou could have attacked me in the middle of the night…

Photo #101 – 02.23.09

Flowergirl Princesses

Flowergirl Princesses

It was 6 months ago today that little Emma, Hannah, and Madison got to dress up like princesses and throw flower petals down the aisle at our wedding.  This photo was taken by my sister-in-law, Robyn, when they were getting ready beforehand, and they certainly were excited all day.  By the time the ceremony rolled around, Hannah was a bit shy while Emma and Madison threw little handfuls of flowers around.  But they were all quite adorable in their dresses.

By the time the reception started, Emma and Madison were pretty much sound asleep, leaving Hannah to take control of the dancefloor for a bit.  She didn’t last too long, but she did come back out for an encore near the end of the night.

Photo #100 – 02.22.09

100th Daily Photo!!

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

It will be 6 months tomorrow that Heather and I have been livin’ the married life!  We will never forget our wedding day, it was just so great in every way.  After 6 months, we’ve made our apartment feel homey and have enjoyed spending every single minute together…well, most of the time anyway.

So I wanted to use this photo from Heather’s cousin, Kurtis, for my 100th photo, even though it’s one day off from the 6 month-iversary.  Thanks to everyone that checks each day for a new photo and for leaving great comments now and then.  Without you, I would just be posting photos to myself!  I hope you have enjoyed the first 100 photos, and I hope the next 100 are great too!

Photo #99 – 02.21.09

Madison’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Whew, that was a fun birthday party!  Heather and I just got back from Madison’s 3rd birthday party that was fun of games, crazy kids (and cute babies), cookie decorating, and of course, birthday cake.  Madison really liked the Dora the Explorer cake above, and the black icing turned the kids’ tongues black, so they all loved that.

All in all, I think Madison was a happy birthday girl today!

Photo #98 – 02.20.09

Happy Anniversary Tom & Jodie!

Happy Anniversary Tom & Jodie!

Guess who has been married for 27 years??  My inlaws, Tom & Jodie, that’s who!  I’m not quite sure who took this photo, but the photographer definitely knew some good poses.  This one is probably called “Happy Smile & Wave”.

So lots of love and happy waves to Tom & Jodie.  Happy Anniversary!

Photo #97 – 02.19.09

Powell & Mason Trolley

It’s hard to miss the trolleys in San Francisco, and during my trip there a couple years ago, I decided to hop on this trolley and head off across the city.  It was a fun ride up and down the steep hills, and the ‘Ding! Ding!’ was always cool.  When I was younger, I remember playing with a tin toy at my grandparents’ house that was a replica of this trolley (I think it was even the Powell & Mason one…but I could be wrong…).

Photo #96 – 02.18.09

Mister Softee

Look!  It’s Mister Softee!!  He plays a great jingle while driving his ice cream truck around New York City, the Jersey shore, and many, many other places.  What’s not to love about him…his head is a big vanilla ice cream cone!  So next time you hear the Mister Softee jingle (not to be confused with the Good Humor ice cream trucks or other impostors), go grab some ice cream!

“The creamiest, dreamiest soft ice cream, You get from Mister Softee.  For a refreshing delight supreme, Look for Mister Softee.”

Photo #95 – 02.17.09

Dunnfield Creek, Worthington State Forest

On President’s Day yesterday, I went for a fun hike near the Delaware Water Gap in Worthington State Forest.  It was beautiful outside with mostly clear skies, and although there was a slight chill in the air, it made for great hiking weather.  I’ve never done any hiking at Worthington, although I have driven right by it numerous times on I-80 through the Gap, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing the sights.

All in all, I did a 9 mile hike in 3 hours…and that was definitely way too fast, as my sore muscles are reminding me today.  The first half was along the Dunnfield Creek trail that climbed 1000 feet through a cool, somewhat snowy ravine.  There were plenty of small cascades like the one above, along a few larger ones.  At the end of the trail, as shown in the photo below, I arrived at the high elevation Sunfish Pond.  It was a bit frozen over, but during the summer, it is apparently crystal clear and gorgeous.  This was halfway through my hike, but luckily, the rest of the hike was all downhill on the Appalachian Trail.  I passed by lots of hikers (a few asked how far to the top with a look in their eyes saying ‘Please tell me I’m almost there!’), and the parking lots were completely full when I got back to my car.

I’ll definitely have to check Sunfish Pond out in the spring/summer!  You should too!

Sunfish Pond, Worthington State Forest

Photo #94 – 02.16.09

Happy Birthday Madison!

Mmm, chocolate.  Madison definitely loves chocolate!  Especially chocolate ice cream cupcakes.

Today is Madison’s birthday!  She is now 3 years old and seems to be getting bigger and smarter everytime I see her.

So Happy Birthday, Madison!  And I hope you eat some chocolate!

Photo #93 – 02.15.09

Sun Mountain

Snow-covered Wheaton Mountain with a bright sun overhead.  At the very bottom, the ice on the Wheaton River is starting to break up with slightly warmer spring temperatures.

Photo #92 – 02.14.09

Happy Valentine’s Day, Heather!

This was our first photo as husband- and wife-to-be.  It was a warm, June night in Disney World when we went out for some ice cream and a stroll along the nearby river.  After finishing our ice cream on this nice bench overlooking the river, I asked Heather if she wanted her 5 year anniversary gift (it was only a few days away, and she had reeeeeally been wanting a nice bracelet).  To her surprise, I opened up the jewelry box to reveal a sparkling ring along with a great cheesy line like “I’m so happy we’ve been together for 5 years…how would you like to make it a bit longer???”  She said yes, and I was definitely relieved (in case you’re wondering, it’s really nerve-racking walking around Disney World with a ring in your pocket for a couple days trying to figure out the right time to ask!)

Off in the distance, some fireworks were going off, and we made some calls to our families (especially since I hadn’t told anybody at all beforehand).  It was a great night that I’ll always remember.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo #91 – 02.13.09

Kayaking On the Susquehanna

During my freshman year of college at Susquehanna University, I joined our department’s GeoClub that focused on geology and environmental stuff…although you may have guessed that from the name.  We tried to do stuff outdoors as much as possible, and we got out on the Susquehanna River for a kayak trip one fall day.  It was a little chilly, but we enjoyed a relaxing 5-mile paddle down the river.  I believe this photo was taken by my geology professor, Dr. Elick, with me and another student approaching the Selinsgrove railroad bridge.

Kayaking is great.

Photo #90 – 02.12.09

The Joaquins Go Bowling

Every once in a while, the Joaquin cousins are allowed out of their redneck trailer park to partake in normal activities…like bowling!  This photo captures Amy, Lena, Megan, and Heather looking their best at the bowling alley.  Fortunately for them, they fit right in with the rest of the bowlers that night.

Actually, this is just what a few quarters and a fun ‘play-til-you-win’ game can get you…redneck teeth.  We were out bowling to celebrate Amy’s birthday, and Heather stumbled upon these great teeth.  I think they may have had too much fun with them!

Today is Amy’s birthday, so Happy Birthday Amy!

Photo #89 – 02.11.09

Jake & the Birdfeeder

When Jake isn’t napping on the deck, he enjoys trying to catch birds, mice, and other little critters.  This is one of his perches above the finch feeder that gets plenty of birds during the spring.

I’m not sure if he ever caught any finches, though…

Photo #88 – 02.10.09

Buttermilk Falls, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Buttermilk Falls is an awesome waterfall in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (although I think the nearby Silver Spray Falls is even more awesome).  It cascades about 90 feet down a series of step-like rock ledges, and there is a staircase/boardwalk structure that you can take to get up to the top (and a trail that continues from there straight up the ridge to the Appalachian Trail).  This photo is near the base of the falls, and it is a 1/3 second exposure that gives the falling water a soft, cotton candy-like look.

I love waterfalls.

Photo #87 – 02.09.09

The Many Faces of Hannah

Happy, Sad, Scary, Bashful, Grumpy and Dopey…well, Scary and Sad weren’t exactly any of the dwarfs…and I’ve only got 6 photos…but still, there is at least a little bit of a comparison!

I’ll try to get all seven of the original dwarfs next time…shouldn’t be too hard because Hannah definitely likes to make faces for the camera!

Photo #86 – 02.08.09

The Lone Hiker in the Yukon

On a wonderful April day in the Yukon, Ken and I went climbing up a winding trail to an awesome summit that had a 360 degree view of Yukon goodness.  Ken took this photo of me as I was walking along the ridgeline towards the summit.  I think it came out pretty well!

After getting to the top, we stopped to eat lunch and take in the sights.  And then Ken slid down the mountain…that photo and video will have to wait for another day.

Photo #85 – 02.07.09

Morning Sunshine Barn

Barns look pretty cool when the rising sun beams through the spaces between wood planks.

Photo #84 – 02.06.09

Sandy Ripples

Isn’t the Jersey Shore just beautiful?!  I think it is, with lots of nice sand, some rocks here and there, and fun birds all around.  This photo was taken on a particularly windy January day on Sandy Hook, and there were some great ripples all around.

Can you tell which way the wind was blowing here??

Photo #83 – 02.05.09

Christmas Tree Ablaze

If you think we were burning a Christmas tree just to see how big of a fire we could get out of it, you would be utterly wrong.  Actually, no…you’d be exactly right.  This is in Ken K.’s backyard, and I believe that very dried out tree was from the year before (this bonfire was in late October).  It only took a couple seconds for the whole tree to ignite…and for Ken to try to jump over the burning tree.  Most of us, including John, Ken P., and Lindsay, kept our distance.

Only YOU can prevent forest fires.