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Photo #106 – 02.28.09

Roscoe and Zoe, Spring 2006

Here are Roscoe (on the left) and Zoe on a Spring day in 2006.  They were both about 13 in this photo, and they definitely enjoyed any opportunity to be outside and not in the dog pen.

While driving through our condo community this morning, Heather and I spotted a dog that looked just like Roscoe!  I’ve never seen another dog that looked quite like him, so it was a bit of a surprise.  Similar coloring, same face/head, and same size.  This Roscoe look-a-like did have a bit of a fluffy tail, compared to Roscoe’s bobtail, but otherwise they could be long-lost siblings.  We did find Roscoe at the local pound, so who knows!

I’ll have to ask the look-a-like’s owner about him next time he is being walked.


Photo #105 – 02.27.09

Maple Leaf and Moss

I was in the mood for a colorful photo today, so here is a vibrant maple leaf lying on a bright green carpet of moss.  I took this photo with my grandpa’s old 35mm camera while out hiking on the Steffen Trail in Stokes State Forest one fall day.  There were a lot of cool things in this particular patch of forest that made for some great shots.

If this leaf looks like a near-perfect leaf…it’s because this photo above was significantly enhanced on my computer!  The actual leaf in the photo I took had a number of large holes all over, and it was a fairly dull brownish-red color.  So I patched up the holes, brought out the vibrant red, and voila!

So remember, photographs might not always be what they seem!  Although I try not to be deceptive, so I usually mention when I’ve digitally-altered a photo like this.

Photo #104 – 02.26.09

Feeding Birds With Outstretched Arms

So you’ve been renting a shore house all week, and you’ve got some left overs and miscellaneous food that you want to get rid of.  Should you throw it away??  No!  The logical thing to do is feed the crazy birds on the beach!

While tempting a big flock of birds with cheese and crackers, Aunt Laura put on her brave face and held up some cheese for some gulls to come grab.  Most of them just hopped around on the sand…including one gull that seemed injured…but she got a couple of takers that swooped right in.  I caught this photo just as one gull was grabbing the cheese.

Luckily, Aunt Laura walked away with all of her fingers.

Photo #103 – 02.25.09

Where’s Waldo??

If, for some reason, you are unable to find Waldo in this photo…you might need to seek professional help.  Especially because I look exactly like Waldo!  Big round glasses…check…blue pants and red/white striped shirt…check…striped bobble hat…check!  This was the scene where Waldo was surrounded by bloody, wounded people…like my brother!  The blood stuff on his face looks pretty cool.  What a fun halloween.

This was from 1991, so I was about 8 years old, and I was obsessed with Waldo.  Had the books, ate Life cereal with Waldo on the box, got the Nintendo games, all that fun stuff.  So logically, I had to be Waldo for halloween.

If you’re bored, you can go create your own Waldo and, of course, play Where’s Waldo?, so have fun!

Jeremy's Waldo

From the comments below (it wasn’t showing the picture!), here is Amy and Butchie:

And here is Heather with her roll of duct tape!


Photo #102 – 02.24.09

Starry Yukon Nights

On some extremely clear (and really cold!) spring nights in the Yukon, we were treated to a spectacular night sky of countless stars.  This long exposure photo was taken soon after dusk, so the snowy mountains and surrounding landscape still appeared to be fairly bright.  Even so, the number of stars was staggering, and without any form of light pollution in the sky, the stars continued down to the horizon among darkness.

Even without the fantastic Northern Lights, the Yukon night sky is a wonder to behold.  I definitely did not want to go to bed some nights, and could have remained outside for a lot longer all bundled in my warm clothing.  Of course, a wandering caribou could have attacked me in the middle of the night…

Photo #101 – 02.23.09

Flowergirl Princesses

Flowergirl Princesses

It was 6 months ago today that little Emma, Hannah, and Madison got to dress up like princesses and throw flower petals down the aisle at our wedding.  This photo was taken by my sister-in-law, Robyn, when they were getting ready beforehand, and they certainly were excited all day.  By the time the ceremony rolled around, Hannah was a bit shy while Emma and Madison threw little handfuls of flowers around.  But they were all quite adorable in their dresses.

By the time the reception started, Emma and Madison were pretty much sound asleep, leaving Hannah to take control of the dancefloor for a bit.  She didn’t last too long, but she did come back out for an encore near the end of the night.

Photo #100 – 02.22.09

100th Daily Photo!!

Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

It will be 6 months tomorrow that Heather and I have been livin’ the married life!  We will never forget our wedding day, it was just so great in every way.  After 6 months, we’ve made our apartment feel homey and have enjoyed spending every single minute together…well, most of the time anyway.

So I wanted to use this photo from Heather’s cousin, Kurtis, for my 100th photo, even though it’s one day off from the 6 month-iversary.  Thanks to everyone that checks each day for a new photo and for leaving great comments now and then.  Without you, I would just be posting photos to myself!  I hope you have enjoyed the first 100 photos, and I hope the next 100 are great too!