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Photo #16 – 11.30.08

Overlook Mountain Panorama, Catskills

In late October, the NY/NJ area got a blast of snowy weather that came out of nowhere. We got about 3-6 inches in our area of NJ, but up in the Catskills of NY, the mountain summits got up to a foot of snow. I took a trip up to Albany for work for another map printing, and on the way back down to NJ, I went for my first hike in the Catskill Mountains. At the base of the mountain, there was only a light sprinkling of snow. But after hiking 2.5 miles and 1400 vertical feet, the summit of Overlook Mountain had about 8-10 inches of snow, and the views from the top were outstanding. The mixture of orange fall foliage, a fresh blanket of white snow, and a deep blue sky was quite a sight.

This panorama was created from multiple photos taken from a fire tower on the summit of the mountain. It is looking southwest/west into the heart of the Catskills, and the large Ashokan Reservoir is visible on the left (this is one of the larger NYC water sources). All in all, I had a beautiful and tiring hike up Overlook Mountain in the snow.


Photo #15 – 11.29.08

Fun on Segways!

Guess what? We didn’t fall off! Although one lady in front of Heather wiped out pretty badly and partially broke her Segway (she was sleeping during the training video). We did this Segway tour at Disney’s Epcot in June 2007, and it was a pretty cool experience as we wandered through the different countries of Epcot’s World Showcase before they officially opened to the public. We both got the hang of the Segways pretty quickly, and although our knees were hurting a bit afterwards from constantly checking our balance, we had a good time zooming around Disney on our two-wheeled transporters.  It was also fun going through some crowds of people and having them look and point and throw things at us…

Have you tried out a segway yet? If so, let me know in the comments what you thought of it!

Photo #14 – 11.28.08

My Favorite Seat in the Yukon

Okay, so these may not be the most comfortable-looking chairs ever…but when you’ve got multiple layers of clothes, snowpants, and a big puffy coat on, they are pretty comfy.  Not to mention the view, overlooking the frozen Wheaton River with the mighty Wheaton Mountain in the distance.  One evening, after a long day of hiking in the snow and digging lots of snowpits in the name of science, I sat out here for about an hour with some hot chocolate and watched as the sun dipped behind the snowy ridge

If I could make a Yukon postcard, this would be it.

Photo #13 – 11.27.08

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

We had a great turkey dinner at one huge table with so many sides, it felt like we just kept passing them around forever.  This was also the first time we had all been together since our wedding, and the girls were having a good time most of the night.  Of course, we’re all anxiously waiting for Michael & Robyn’s new baby…he’s going to pop out soon enough!  As you can tell from this picture, Hannah is really looking forward to a little brother! (I think she thought this shot was the ‘make a funny face’ shot…).

So we all were definitely thankful for so many things this holiday, and hope your Thanksgiving was great as well!

Photo #12 – 11.26.08

Autumn Leaves

About a month ago, Heather and I were at Kristin & Jon’s new house to get a quick tour of the bare bones interior.  While waiting for grandma and grandpa to arrive, Madison wanted to play with the bright red and orange leaves, so Kristin was helping her get up to the leaves on the branches waaaay above the ground.  The wind kept blowing them from her grasp, but she soon grabbed a couple of leaves, smiling and giggling as she showed them to us.  Soon afterward, we proceeded inside, and the house was coming along very well.  It is going to be beautiful once everything is in place!

Boy, Madison’s hair seems to just blend right in with the leaves behind her!

Photo #11 – 11.25.08

Sandy Hook Lighthouse – 2008

Sandy Hook Lighthouse – 1992

This past January, I was down near Sandy Hook for work attending the printing of my first hiking map.  Afterwards, I explored the Sandy Hook area, including the beaches with ice-covered rocks (it was pretty chilly), the dunes, the northern end with views of New York City, and the lighthouse.  This is one of my favorite lighthouses, partially because of a class project on lighthouses that I did in 4th grade with Ken Karnas and Andrew Eljdid.  One cold December day, our teacher decided to drive the three of us down to Sandy Hook to experience the lighthouse firsthand.  I believe Andrew may have gotten a little wet by some waves on the beach…but otherwise, we had a really great trip.

Not too much has changed at the lighthouse over the past 16 years (the trees are a little bigger, there are some different colors of paint here and there…that’s about it).  In the 1992 picture, I’m on the left, with Andrew in the middle and Ken on the right.  If you haven’t been to Sandy Hook before, check it out sometime!

Photo #10 – 11.24.08

Heather, the Ocean, and a Rainbow

Our honeymoon cruise to the eastern Caribbean was awesome from beginning to end (although it would have been a western Caribbean cruise if Hurricane Gustav wasn’t bearing down on the Gulf…).  We had great weather (Heather got a tan…I got lots of burn), pretty good food, and we enjoyed one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve had together.  On one of the last nights, we got all dressed up for the formal dinner and spotted a big rainbow from our balcony that appeared as the sun was going down on the other side of the ship.  It was a pretty cool sight, and just one of many memories from our honeymoon.