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Photo #655 – 08.31.10

Hiking Up Apgar Mountain

This was a fun hike.  And look, both Michael and Kristin are smiling, so it must not have been too challenging…or maybe this photo was taken soon after we started the 1,850-foot climb up to the top!  Still, it was a neat forest to hike through, and the amazing views from the top (and the fire lookout tower!) were most definitely worth the work.

Interestingly, this section of forest was mostly destroyed almost exactly one year later by a huge forest fire (the Robert Fire covered 57,570 acres).  It would be cool to see what this stretch looks like now, 7 years after the fire.

Photo #654 – 08.30.10

Heather and the Prize-Winning Potato

Not everyone gets to stand next to a prize-winning potato like this one, so Heather is pretty darn lucky.  This one was from 1941 and was grown by Joe “Spud” Russett.  The plaque inscription reads, “Grown in Joe’s top secret brew, with just a drop of mountain dew.”

I’m guessing it’s referring to dew in the mountains…although, maybe the secret to huge potatoes is a bit of neon yellow Mountain Dew…

Photo #653 – 08.29.10

Autumn Catskills Trail

The Fall will be upon us before we know it, and soon the leaves will be changing to bright reds, oranges and yellows.  This particular stretch of the Black Dome Range Trail in the northern Catskills was quite brilliant with orange and yellow foliage when I hiked it last year.

Photo #652 – 08.28.10

Deviled Eggs

Aren’t deviled eggs delicious?!?

These eggs were prepared by Amy for Thanksgiving dinner and they were great.  It’s hard to eat just one…or two…or a bunch…

Photo #651 – 08.27.10

Embedded Seashell

While combing the beaches of Grand Turk for shells, sea glass and other fun stuff, Heather and I stumbled upon this cool seashell embedded in the rock at the edge of the beach.  It was a pretty good-sized shell, and I think we saw a couple other shells in the rock scattered about.

Photo #650 – 08.26.10

Happy 60th Birthday, Uncle Ralph!!

Today Uncle Ralph turned 60, and he is still as goofy as ever!  My Aunt Barbie and cousin Victoria threw a great party for him this past weekend, complete with a pig roast, a bunch of embarrassing photos, and a tiny downpour or two!  This particular photo was taken in December of 1993 while we were all out searching for the perfect Christmas trees.

Happy Birthday Uncle Ralph!  I hope you enjoyed the fun party and had a great birthday!

Photo #649 – 08.25.10

Hatching Ducks

So why do I have a picture of two ducks hatching in glasses on our kitchen counter??  Because these toy ducks grow in their egg and crack it open as they emerge, and it looks so real!…well, kind of…it took a while for them to break open (I think a couple days), but hey, it was fun checking the glasses every once in a while to see if they had hatched yet.