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Photo #1465 – 11.18.12

Greta & Brian’s Baptism

Last Sunday, we celebrated with Amy, Brian and Greta following the baptism of both lil’ Greta and Brian.  Both Brian and Greta did very well, although Greta was a bit unsure about the baptismal water being splashed onto her by the pastor.  And of course she was cute and looked beautiful throughout the celebration.

Congratulations to Brian and Greta!


Photo #1397 – 09.11.12

Happy 2 Years, Amy & Brian!

It’s already been 2 whole years of wonderful, amazing, and incredible wedded bliss for Heather’s sister, Amy, and her husband Brian.  This photo was taken a few months ago at cousin Amanda’s wedding (another fun one!), and they both enjoyed a night out while daughter Greta was being babysat back home.

Happy Anniversary, Amy & Brian!

Photo #1356 – 08.01.12

Greta Turns One!

It seems like only yesterday that we met little Greta Jo in the hospital, opening her eyes to catch her first glimpses of Aunt Heather and Uncle Jer {photo #991}.  But believe it or not, Greta is an official one-year-old today!  She has grown in so many ways over the past year and is such a joy to be around.  We were lucky enough to spend a week with Greta at the shore, and she really enjoyed it!  The above photo was taken on the beach as she was chillin’ out on her blanket, experimenting a little with sand and a shovel (I think this was before she started eating a bit of the sand…).  She looks pretty calm and serious, but she can quickly start giggling and laughing (and showing off her new teeth, like in the photo below).

So Happy Birthday to Greta!  I’m sure Amy and Brian wonder where the past year went but are looking forward to all the upcoming developments as Greta becomes a toddler.

Photo #1293 – 05.30.12

Loaded Wagon

Greta loves her cool Radio Flyer…and I guess Brian likes it too!  Of course, I’m pretty sure Amy prefers to pull just Greta around the yard…

Photo #1252 – 04.19.12

Brian’s Big Smile

Your first trip to Disney World is always magical, so you can understand why Brian had a big goofy smile while riding on one of the  coolest rides in the Magic Kingdom, the PeopleMover!  Of course, he may have been grinning to annoy Amy, since she wanted a ‘regular’ photo…but regardless, this trip to Disney World more than 7 years ago had all of us walking around with big grins.

Today is Brian’s birthday, so happy birthday!  Hope you get some good grins in today.

Photo #1031 – 09.11.11

Happy 1st Anniversary, Amy & Brian!

Is there a better way to celebrate your new marriage than singing along with Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” as your first dance??  Amy & Brian would probably say, “No, Jer, there isn’t.”

It was just one year ago that these two got hitched in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, and they’ve had quite a first year as they adjusted to married life and, of course, welcomed little Greta this summer {photo #991}.

So Happy 1st Anniversary, Amy & Brian!!

Photo #991 – 08.02.11

Introducing Greta Jo!!!

Meet Greta Jo!!  Amy and Brian are now the very proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.  Greta was born yesterday (8/1/11) at 6:16pm, weighing 7 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring in at 21 inches.  She is quite healthy (she even scored a 9 on her APGAR score tests!), and mommy Amy is doing great as well.  Both her and daddy Brian were full of joy at the hospital holding their lovely daughter, and we got to hold her for the first time as Aunt Heather and Uncle Jer.  Grandma Jodie was also pretty elated at the sight of her first granddaughter.  We cannot wait to see her again!

So congratulations to Amy and Brian!  Greta is adorable!