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Photo #1050 – 09.30.11

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jada!!

It is no secret that Jada loves to laugh and smile, and she was definitely doing both when this photo was taken a month ago.  Jada is chock full of personality, and she loves to have lengthy conversations with you…although, most of the time, in the end you think, “What did we just talk about??”.

Believe it or not, Jada is 2 years old today!  Happy Birthday, Jada!!

Photo #1049 – 09.29.11

Andy Goes Crabbing

If you’ve ever seen The Deadliest Catch, you might have some idea how crazy it can be on Alaskan crabbing boats.  This photo was taken by the crew of the Wizard, one of the boats featured on the show, and it shows my buddy Andy in action (he’s in the back of the boat) with his U.S. Coast Guard team.  Back in 2006, he was up in Alaska on the USCG Cutter Jarvis and was assisting the Wizard (and Discovery Channel) crew.  Apparently, the step ladder broke…so in 10-foot, icy cold seas, they all had to jump from one boat to the other.  When Andy sent this photo to me, he mentioned it was probably the most intense thing he’d done in the Coast Guard…yeah, it looks pretty intense to me!

Today is Andy’s birthday, and while he’s more likely to be flying Coast Guard helicopters now than jumping off Alaskan crabbing boats, I’m sure he’s enjoying the day.  Happy Birthday, Andy!

Photo #1048 – 09.28.11

Overlooking Salzburg’s Old Town

Salzburg was a wonderful place to visit and explore, and on one particular expedition by myself and a few fellow students on our high school German class trip, we stumbled upon (or rather, steeply climbed up to…) an outstanding view of the Old Town (Altstadt) section of Salzburg.  This view is from near the Kapuzinerkloster (Capuchin Abbey) on a platform known as Hettweber-Bastei.   Even though this panoramic view captures the Fortress Hohensalzburg and a great amount of excellent baroque-style architecture, it is only a small portion of the sweeping views of the city and surrounding areas afforded at this overlook.

Luckily, we had a chance to come back to this spot at night, and it was awesome to see the buildings, streets, and bridges lit up in the darkness.

Photo #1047 – 09.27.11

First Light on Lake McDonald

I’ve featured a number of Glacier National Park sunrise photos in the past…mainly because I took a bunch of photos over the course of a few days worth of sunrises.  On this morning, I was out at the lakeside just as the sun made its appearance amongst the distant (but not too distant) peaks in the park.  It was a super clear morning with a nice still lake surface, and it was pretty cool watching the beams of light shoot across the lake surface from the craggy mountains.

Photo #1046 – 09.26.11

Woohoo!  Happy Birthday, Kristin!!

Look at this adorable little girl…isn’t she cute?!  This photo of my cool sister Kristin was taken about a week before her first birthday.  Today is Kristin’s birthday, and I hope she has a great birthday!!  Hopefully, today doesn’t involve sitting on any bright orange shag-like carpeting…

Happy Birthday, Kristin!!

Oh, and just for good measure, here’s one of my favorite early photos of the two of us taken soon before her 8th birthday.  Have a great day!

Photo #1045 – 09.25.11

Hot Hot Heat

I don’t know about you, but I can just sense the heat coming from this roaring campfire.  The blinding, over-exposed white in the core of these logs gives a pretty good idea of just how hot this particular fire was on a chilly camping night.

Photo #1044 – 09.24.11

Tatra in Profile

One of the great features of being at the particular guest cabin we stayed at in the Yukon was coming back from a day of fieldwork to some cute, playful dogs that just wanted your attention.  Our hosts had a few cool dogs, and Tatra was the one that wouldn’t leave you alone until you threw a stick…or a snowball.  She was also very photogenic, whether showing off her beautiful eyes to the camera {photo #66}, leaping through the air to catch a snowball {photo #213}, or standing on the frozen river ice with a snowy backdrop of Yukon scenery.

Photo #1043 – 09.23.11

Autumn in Stokes State Forest

Happy First Day of Fall!  The autumnal equinox this morning around 5am signaled the beginning of autumn here in the northern hemisphere.  Soon, the forests of northwestern New Jersey will be spotted with patches of red, orange, and yellow as the leafs start changing color.  This photo overlooking Stokes State Forest along Sunrise Mountain Road was taken in early October last year.  Currently, Sunrise Mountain Road is closed until further notice (see the note on this website) due to damage from Irene/Lee…so if you might be thinking of heading up to Sunrise Mountain for some excellent fall foliage viewing sometime soon, be sure to check that the road to get there is open!

Photo #1042 – 09.22.11

Oxeye Daisy

There sure are many types of daisies that all look fairly similar!  It is estimated that there are more than 200 species of daisies, from shasta to gerbera to oxeye (and 197+ more!), but for the most part, there are recognizable differences between the species that make it somewhat easy to correctly identify them.

This particular oxeye daisy was one of many in the open meadows where we went camping this past July, and it was beautifully backlit by the orange glow of the rising sun.

Photo #1041 – 09.21.11

Happy 9th Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!

Check out this great lookin’ family!!  It was nine years ago today that this family started with a couple of heartfelt “I Do”s on a lovely September day.  A lot has certainly changed since then, from homes and jobs, to two wonderful girls (definitely two of my favorite nieces!).

So Happy Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!!

Photo #1040 – 09.20.11

Icy Silver Thread Falls

Silver Thread Falls is located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and is a cool, unique waterfall that is often overshadowed by its nearby neighbor, Dingmans Falls.  On this particularly chilly first day of January, Heather and I found that these falls weren’t quite frozen solid, but there was certainly a lot of interesting ice formations all around.  In this photo, the upper portion of Silver Thread Falls is shown cascading through a narrow cleft in the cliff surrounded by masses of ice and plenty of long icicles that likely formed in part from the spray and mist produced by the falling water.

Photo #1039 – 09.19.11

Wheel O’ Fun

Aren’t Ferris wheels fun?!  Unless you’ve got a fear of heights, they are one of the more gentle rides to enjoy at a fair…you go up slowly, you come back down slowly, and repeat a couple times.  Of course, some ferris wheels might create a bit more anxiety than others…such as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in Singapore that reaches 541 feet, or about 42 stories!

This particular Ferris wheel was a rather typical one at the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show.  Judging by the one rider in this photo, it looks like it wasn’t very popular at the time this was taken…

Photo #1038 – 09.18.11

Looking For Loons

That is ‘loons’…not ‘loonies’…although loonies are fun to look for too…  My dad enjoys a bit of bird-watching, so when we were on vacation at a lakehouse in Vermont, he was definitely interested in the loons on the lake.  That’s why he made sure to bring some nice binoculars down to the edge of the lake on this particular day.  We heard plenty of neat loon calls, though I don’t recall them ever coming all that close to where we were.

Photo #1037 – 09.17.11

Frog Eyes

This little frog was trying to be sneaky when Heather and I disturbed him near his watery pond home.  If you weren’t looking closely, it was easy to mistaken the bumps of his tiny eyes for other muck surrounding him on the surface.  We left him be after taking this photo…and I’m sure he was thinking to himself, “Ha, fooled another one!”

Photo #1036 – 09.16.11

Heather’s Crafts at the 33rd Annual Sussex Christian School Fall Festival!

Are you doing anything Saturday, the 17th of September from 10-5??  If not, you should stop on by the Sussex County Fairgrounds for the 33rd Annual Sussex Christian School Fall Festival (www.sussexchristianschool.org/fall-festival/index.html).  Heather has a space to show off (and hopefully sell!) her latest crafty endeavors.  From seasonal decorative items, to handy (and colorful) items perfect for yourself or as a gift, she’ll be offering a large array of handmade crafts, while also offering to work on any custom orders that anyone might be interested in.  This blanket won’t be at the show, but it was made with fabric we picked up down in Tennessee and was given to Jada when she was born just about 2 years ago.  Also featured in this photo is Heather’s lovely sewing machine…isn’t it lovely?

So come on out for a little while!  It should be a nice day to enjoy the Fall Festival…and check out some cool crafts, of course.  If you cannot make it, keep an eye on Heather’s online Etsy store for some awesome items: www.etsy.com/shop/hma82308 (note: there are currently no items online due to the craft fair, but there should be some in the upcoming weeks!).

Photo #1035 – 09.15.11

Grandpa’s Miniature Furniture

My Grandpa Apgar had a reeeeally steady hand…which is one of the required characteristics for creating miniature replicas of furniture like the pieces in the photo above.  He managed to include such great detail in his miniatures, such as the table and lamp in the center that used to sit next to his reclining chair, or the serving buffet and three-legged chair that are exact copies of the actual pieces currently in my parents’ house…except for being a wee bit tinier.

Photo #1034 – 09.14.11

Running Track and Mini-Golf on a Ship

Have you ever been on vacation…for instance, on a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean…and had the urge to run a couple miles?  If you are like me, the answer would be yes.  Luckily, most cruise ships have some sort of running track (in addition to some pretty nice indoor gyms), like this small one on the Carnival Miracle that circles around a mini-golf course and a basketball/multi-use court.  I ran on this track at least once, and it gets plenty of use by joggers and walkers alike.

As a side note, it’s pretty cool/weird walking around a cruise ship early in the morning when most people aren’t up yet…and it also makes it possible to take people-free photos of different parts of the ship.

Photo #1033 – 09.13.11

Happy Birthday, Granny Jo!!

I’m sure Jodie appreciates my calling her ‘Granny’…especially since she has a beautiful granddaughter and is proud to be a grandma!  Today is Jodie’s birthday, and this photo was taken this past weekend as we were out celebrating with her.  Greta is right around the 6-week-old mark, and she’s certainly getting bigger everyday!

Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law, Jodie!  Have a great day, Granny!!

Photo #1032 – 09.12.11

Leggs in Profile at Stony Brook Falls

Leggs always enjoys a nice hike, and while he isn’t the biggest fan of going in the water, I think he likes cascading waterfalls like the one in the background above.  Stony Brook Falls is a series of small cascades right in the middle of Stokes State Forest, and Leggs and I were having fun taking photos near the falls…okay, maybe I was the one having fun, but Leggs doesn’t mind a few camera flashes here and there.  For this photo, I asked for his ‘serious’ face…

Photo #1031 – 09.11.11

Happy 1st Anniversary, Amy & Brian!

Is there a better way to celebrate your new marriage than singing along with Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” as your first dance??  Amy & Brian would probably say, “No, Jer, there isn’t.”

It was just one year ago that these two got hitched in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, and they’ve had quite a first year as they adjusted to married life and, of course, welcomed little Greta this summer {photo #991}.

So Happy 1st Anniversary, Amy & Brian!!

Photo #1030 – 09.10.11

Exponentially Decaying Tree

When hiking out in the great outdoors, you never know when you might catch of glimpse of something from a high school math class…  Such was the case one day out near Buttermilk Falls {photo #659} in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area as I explored the area above the falls and came upon this tree.  If you can imagine an x-axis along the bottom and a y-axis along the left side, you’d see a pretty nice example of an exponential decay curve.

Isn’t math pretty?!?  I think so…plus I thought it was a good day to do a math photo based on the 9-10-11 counting date today…

Photo #1029 – 09.09.11

Spring Melt Along the Wheaton River

While doing our research about snowmelt in the Yukon Territory, it was pretty cool to witness some of the spring melt right where we were staying.  This photo of the Wheaton River shows quite a large amount of open water that had just recently been entirely frozen over…but a prolonged period of warmer daytime temperatures in the valley caused a bit of the ice to collapse into the river.  The cabin we were staying in is located amongst the stand of spruce trees on the right side of the photo, just a short distance from the river.

It was great being able to take in this fantastic scenery each morning before heading out for some fieldwork.

Photo #1028 – 09.08.11

Crescent Moon in a Vibrant Sunset Sky

One of my favorite parts about camping under wide open skies is being able to look up and experience spectacular sunsets, beautiful sunrises, wispy daytime clouds, and twinkling stars (enough descriptive adjectives??).  On this particular night, we were treated to a colorful display of orange- and purple-hued clouds accompanied by the slender crescent of the Moon.

Photo #1027 – 09.07.11

Mom, As Drawn By Michael

At my Mom’s Surprise 60th Birthday Bash earlier this summer, Michael further surprised her with an outstanding drawing that she absolutely loved.  He captured a lot of detail and emotion in the drawing, and we all thought it was just awesome.  The photo above shows the proud artist and happy recipient showing off the framed piece.

Way to go, Michael!