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Photo #1386 – 08.31.12

Blue Seashore

Receding ocean waves, sandy shore, and a tint of blue.

Tonight is a blue moon, so if you are near the ocean, maybe you’ll see some waves as blue as in this photo…or maybe not.  A blue moon occurs whenever two full moons appear in the same month, but they are pretty much the same color as any other full moon.  However, it is possible to see a slightly blue-tinted moon following a large volcanic eruption or possibly even large forest fires, as the ash and/or smoke filters the light in such a way to make the moon appear blue.

Photo #1385 – 08.30.12

Black Dome Range Trail Foliage

The northern Catskills in early October can be really colorful.  A hike along the Black Dome Range Trail a few years ago provided plenty of bright yellow, orange, and red foliage to heighten the fall hiking experience.  If you haven’t experienced fall in the Catskill Mountains of New York, definitely try to plan a trip during peak foliage season!

Photo #1384 – 08.29.12

Vroom Vroom!

This is my mom’s “I’m a tough ATV driver, get out of my way!” pose.  I’d say she’s pretty convincing, don’t you think??

Photo #1383 – 08.28.12

Fair Weather Summer Day in Vermont

With some rolling green mountains in the background, cornfields and meadows in the foreground, and a partly cloudy sky overhead, this shot captures a bit of the nice summer day we enjoyed a few years ago in northern Vermont.  The cornfield is part of The Great Vermont Corn Maze, which they say was selected as one of the top 10 mazes in America, and while we chose to only do a small maze off to the side, it was a fun farm to explore.

Photo #1382 – 08.27.12

Yum.  Seafood Sampler

I don’t eat seafood all that often, but when I do have it, I tend to really enjoy it…and a recent meal at the Jersey shore was no exception.  At Spike’s Fish Market, you can find all kinds of fresh seafood to purchase, or you can sit at one of the tables in the market and order some delicious meals.  I don’t really have a favorite kind of seafood, so the sampler in the photo above satisfied my appetite quite well – scallops, shrimp, clams, and fish, all covered with a spicy/tangy barbecue sauce.  With the addition of some great rice and coleslaw, my stomach was definitely ready to burst, but it sure was tasty!

Photo #1381 – 08.26.12

Foggy Adirondacks Autumn Day

Even on a day of sour weather with on-and-off pouring rain and periods of dense fog, the Adirondacks in October still manages to be a beautiful place.  During a break in the rain near Blue Mountain Lake, I thought the foggy mountainside of peak- to past-peak autumn foliage looked very pretty, especially with all the white branches scattered throughout the scene.

Photo #1380 – 08.25.12

Icy Needles

Isn’t winter great??  I know, it’s still hot and summery here in the northeast, but it is only a matter of time before the snow and ice of winter get here…although there should be a good chunk of great fall weather between then and now.  Here is an icy closeup of some frozen spruce needles from an ice storm a couple years ago, just to serve as a slight reminder than winter is just around the corner…sort of.

Photo #1379 – 08.24.12

Just Above the Surface

This little frog didn’t trick me with his attempt to blend in with the murky pond water all around him…of course, there were probably other times I walked right by and didn’t notice, but on this occasion, I definitely spotted him in the pond.  If just a little more of his head was under the water, he would more convincingly look like the little bubbles on the water surface.  I guess one of his frog buddies will give him that advice…either that, or some bird will scoop him up…

Photo #1378 – 08.23.12

Happy 4th Anniversary, Heather!!

Photo by Dennis Becker

4 years already?!?  It seems like just yesterday that we were walking very, very slowly on the beach toward Lake Valhalla as our photographer snapped photos of us staring at each other…I’m still not quite sure how we didn’t just start laughing at the cheesiness of it.  But hey, I guess it wasn’t all that bad since the photos came out great, not to mention the reception after this photo shoot was outstanding!

Happy 4th Anniversary, Heather!  Love you!

Photo #1377 – 08.22.12

9.5 Weeks Until My First Marathon

On October 28, I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon as my first marathon, and I’ll be running as part of ZERO‘s Dash for Dad endurance team.  I’m raising awareness of prostate cancer in honor of my father-in-law Tom, who passed away just over 3 years ago at the age of 52 after a long battle with prostate cancer.  I have previously run a couple of 10K events with Heather through this organization, including a race in 2010 captured by the above photo (I guess I was too focused on the finish line to smile for the camera!).

Please visit my donation page, read a bit more about Tom and prostate cancer in general, and consider making a donation to lend your support in honor of Tom or someone else special in your life: https://zerocancer.org/races/raise?form_id=MjQ2.  Amazingly, I am extremely close to surpassing my fundraising goal thanks to many wonderful people, which means I might have to adjust my goal to an even higher amount!

In terms of my training, I’ve been feeling great recently and continue to increase my weekly mileage and develop my race pace.  This Saturday I will run my longest distance ever of 17 miles, and I’m still on target to run the 26.2 mile race in around 3 hours, 15 minutes.  I’ll be sure to share some training updates and other photos as race day approaches.

On a related side note, I apologize for the inconsistent ‘daily’ photographs recently…my marathon training, along with lots of “new house” things, has kept me off a regular schedule.  Here’s hoping I can fix that!

Photo #1376 – 08.21.12

Dolly in Profile

Chickens sure are funny lookin’, especially with their comb (part above the beak) and wattle (part below the beak).  Dolly, Amy’s chicken a few years back, was no exception, although she had an overall cool coloring and was generally nice.  She even posed in profile as I took this shot through the fencing of her coop.

Photo #1375 – 08.20.12

Greta Says Hi

She isn’t quite talking yet, so while my niece Greta didn’t exactly say Hi, she might have been signaling the greeting by her facial expressions and playing with her hair and headband…or not.  But either way, lil’ Greta was definitely being cute for the camera a couple months ago, and that’s all that matters!

Photo #1374 – 08.19.12

Thin Veil of Clouds Keeps the Stars Out of Sight…Mostly

A raging campfire is great, and being able to step away from the fire and see a clear sky of uncountable stars is pretty great too.  On this particular night of camping up in New York state, clear skies quickly disappeared as some thin clouds moved in for the night.  Even thought this dashed my hopes of any more long exposure star shots for the night, I thought the wispy clouds looked pretty cool in the night sky above the warm campfire.

Photo #1373 – 08.18.12

Rock & Water

On a trip to Rutherford Falls in High Point State Park last year, I enjoyed trying out a number of different vantage points and techniques for photographing waterfalls and water in general.  This shot involved filling half the frame with rushing water and half with wet, leaf-speckled rock, and taking a long exposure to give the water a smoother texture.  I’m a fan of rocks, waterfalls, and autumn, so I like the mix in this photo.  I’m also a fan of blue skies, which can be seen as the bits of blue reflected in the shimmering rock surface.

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming fall?!?

Photo #1372 – 08.17.12

Candlesticks No More

If you are ever looking for some inspiration for what to do with some candlesticks you might having lying around the house, check out the above photo…of course, you have to make sure you don’t have the type of candlestick that doesn’t drip!

Photo #1371 – 08.16.12

Trying to Break Through the Fog

This past week, I’ve enjoyed a handful of foggy morning runs that resembled the scene in the photo above.  The fog was pretty thick this particular morning at Mountain Springs Lake in Pennsylvania, but as the sun rose higher in the sky, patches of blue sky began to appear, and the warm glow of morning gradually gave way to a beautiful blue sky day.

Photo #1370 – 08.15.12

Parade of Tractors

You know you are at a fun parade when it concludes with a tractor convoy down the main street of town!  These tractor drivers, a mix of young and old, were proudly showing off their machines during the Sussex County Firemen’s Parade a couple years back, and I couldn’t pass up a shot of all the colorful tractors coming down the street in a line.

Photo #1369 – 08.14.12

2 Years of Wedded Bliss for Ken & Laura

Today, Ken & Laura are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary and probably remembering their great wedding day on a beautiful August evening in 2010.  And maybe they are exchanging t-shirts or sheets in line with the traditional ‘cotton anniversary’…it’s tough to beat a comfy cotton t-shirt!

Happy Anniversary!

*This photo was brought to you today by Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives…if you are like me, you probably sang that little phrase in your head…

Photo #1368 – 08.13.12

75 Years of the Appalachian Trail

It was 75 years ago this week, in August of 1937, that the 2,180-mile-long Appalachian Trail was first completed (work had begun 14 years earlier, in 1923, by NY-NJ Trail Conference volunteers at Bear Mountain in New York).  If you are on the East Coast and haven’t been on the Appalachian Trail recently, or ever for that matter, I would definitely recommend finding a section near you to explore!  This photo was taken near the 6,643-foot Clingman’s Dome summit in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is actually the highest point along the entire trail.

Photo #1367 – 08.12.12

Web of Dew

I think spider webs are great subjects to photograph, especially when they have neat patterns or other interesting features.  This web in a grassy meadow was mostly complete, full of tiny dew drops, and had a waiting spider in the middle for good measure, so I thought it was definitely worthy of a few snapshots!

Photo #1366 – 08.11.12

Choppy Lake George

On a cool fall day, a boat ride around Lake George can be a fun way to spend a couple hours.  This southern section of the Adirondacks had some great foliage around the time we visited, and even though it got quite windy on the boat at times, we had a fun time cruisin’ around the lake.

Photo #1365 – 08.10.12

Hannah Turns Eight!

In case you’re not sure, the one turning 8 is on the left…even though my dad can certainly be a big kid sometimes!  Today is Hannah’s 8th birthday, and this past weekend we celebrated with cake, pie, singing, and other fun shenanigans.  Right before we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, she shared some laughs with her PopPop…and soon after we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, we all proceeded to share some delicious cake.

So Happy 8th Birthday to my oldest niece, Hannah!

Photo #1364 – 08.09.12

J. Apgar Photo — My New Etsy Shop

If you enjoy my Daily Photographs and would love to get prints of some of your favorites, you’re in luck!  I recently started up my own Etsy shop, J. Apgar Photo (japgarphoto.etsy.com), offering photo prints of some of my favorite photos.  I’ve started out with a small selection of prints and will be adding more soon.  The screenshot above shows my storefront banner and a few of the prints available (click on the photo to visit my shop!).  So take a look around, become an admirer of my shop on Etsy or add to your Etsy favorites, share with others who like great photos, and consider getting a print or two…I’m sure they’d look outstanding hung up in your home, and a framed photo always makes a good gift!

To entice my devoted Daily Photograph followers, I’m currently offering 15% off any prints!  All you have to do is enter coupon code ‘DAILYPHOTO12’ when purchasing a print to receive this discount.  Thanks in advance for checking out my shop, and be sure to check back often for new prints!

Photo #1363 – 08.08.12

Ice at Buttermilk Falls

After just reading that this past July was the hottest month on record for the continental US (a balmy 77.6 degrees Fahrenheit average temperature), I figured I would post a photo with a cooling effect.  This shot was taken at the base of Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and there were some great accumulations of ice that made for some neat photos.