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Photo #1386 – 08.31.12

Blue Seashore

Receding ocean waves, sandy shore, and a tint of blue.

Tonight is a blue moon, so if you are near the ocean, maybe you’ll see some waves as blue as in this photo…or maybe not.  A blue moon occurs whenever two full moons appear in the same month, but they are pretty much the same color as any other full moon.  However, it is possible to see a slightly blue-tinted moon following a large volcanic eruption or possibly even large forest fires, as the ash and/or smoke filters the light in such a way to make the moon appear blue.


Photo #1385 – 08.30.12

Black Dome Range Trail Foliage

The northern Catskills in early October can be really colorful.  A hike along the Black Dome Range Trail a few years ago provided plenty of bright yellow, orange, and red foliage to heighten the fall hiking experience.  If you haven’t experienced fall in the Catskill Mountains of New York, definitely try to plan a trip during peak foliage season!

Photo #1384 – 08.29.12

Vroom Vroom!

This is my mom’s “I’m a tough ATV driver, get out of my way!” pose.  I’d say she’s pretty convincing, don’t you think??

Photo #1383 – 08.28.12

Fair Weather Summer Day in Vermont

With some rolling green mountains in the background, cornfields and meadows in the foreground, and a partly cloudy sky overhead, this shot captures a bit of the nice summer day we enjoyed a few years ago in northern Vermont.  The cornfield is part of The Great Vermont Corn Maze, which they say was selected as one of the top 10 mazes in America, and while we chose to only do a small maze off to the side, it was a fun farm to explore.

Photo #1382 – 08.27.12

Yum.  Seafood Sampler

I don’t eat seafood all that often, but when I do have it, I tend to really enjoy it…and a recent meal at the Jersey shore was no exception.  At Spike’s Fish Market, you can find all kinds of fresh seafood to purchase, or you can sit at one of the tables in the market and order some delicious meals.  I don’t really have a favorite kind of seafood, so the sampler in the photo above satisfied my appetite quite well – scallops, shrimp, clams, and fish, all covered with a spicy/tangy barbecue sauce.  With the addition of some great rice and coleslaw, my stomach was definitely ready to burst, but it sure was tasty!

Photo #1381 – 08.26.12

Foggy Adirondacks Autumn Day

Even on a day of sour weather with on-and-off pouring rain and periods of dense fog, the Adirondacks in October still manages to be a beautiful place.  During a break in the rain near Blue Mountain Lake, I thought the foggy mountainside of peak- to past-peak autumn foliage looked very pretty, especially with all the white branches scattered throughout the scene.

Photo #1380 – 08.25.12

Icy Needles

Isn’t winter great??  I know, it’s still hot and summery here in the northeast, but it is only a matter of time before the snow and ice of winter get here…although there should be a good chunk of great fall weather between then and now.  Here is an icy closeup of some frozen spruce needles from an ice storm a couple years ago, just to serve as a slight reminder than winter is just around the corner…sort of.