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Photo #1571 – 03.05.13

Noah Paints a Car

My nephew Noah loves his cars.  So you can definitely understand his excitement when he got a crafty paintable car for Christmas.  He was able to not only play with messy paints, but also make his own model car.  He did take a quick break to smile big for the camera before going back to painting his wheels.

Photo #1516 – 01.09.13

Owls, Stitches & Chenille

Owls sitting on branches making music…sounds cute to me!  Above is a small portion of the front of a beautiful (and comfy) baby blanket Heather made for a baby shower gift.  It was her first time doing a blanket like this (a chenille blanket that involves sewing multiple layers and then cutting through most of them between stitches, eventually creating a frayed look), and after all that sewing and cutting, I thought it came out really well!  Check out the photo below for an example of what the finished back looks like.

Photo #1502 – 12.26.12


Always one to be crafty, Aunt Heather helped Jada and Madison decorate flowerpots and plant some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day this past spring.  The two enjoyed a fun sleepover at our home and had fun painting, glitterizing, and getting dirty, not to mention also picking out the flowers they wanted from the store.  In the end, Madison went with pink flowers in a golden hued pot, while Jada went with purple flowers in a blue/purple camouflage pot…aren’t they wonderful!?

If you are ever looking for a fun little activity to keep a couple of girls busy, let them make their own flowerpots!

Photo #1460 – 11.13.12

Salmon Beads

Antique shows can be great places to capture some interesting photographs, and that was certainly the case at the Bouckville Antique Festival we attended this past summer.  Although I didn’t take as many shots as I would have liked, there was a lot of neat stuff all over the place that caught my eye.  This shot was taken at one tent where someone had tables of various beaded necklaces, mostly grouped together by color, and I thought the reds and pinks with the different shapes and sizes worked well together.

Photo #1358 – 08.03.12

Heather at Purl SoHo

Heather loves all things crafts, and last year during a day trip into New York City, we took a quick side trip to a very cool crafty store in the SoHo section of the city.  Purl SoHo is chock full of colorful yarn, purdy fabric, nifty buttons, and lots of other stuff that can make crafters drool.  So if you happen to be crafty and want to check out a neat store for ideas or inspiration, go check out Purl SoHo sometime!

Photo #1324 – 06.30.12

Tiered Flowers

A couple weeks ago, Heather painted some flowerpots, stacked them, added some pretty flowers and a house number, and created something crafty and cool-looking for our front stoop.  I thought it came out pretty well and adds a nice splash of color to the front of the house.

Photo #1250 – 04.17.12

Beautiful Hairpins

Heather loves to craft, and last year she displayed some of her wares at a local craft show.  She got lots of great compliments on her coin purses, handcrafted home decor, and these hairpins, among other neat items.  The hairpins above were displayed on top of a rag quilt style table runner Heather made, and they were especially popular with some young girls that were at the craft show.