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Photo #1584

Outdoor Shower Visitor

Really, how great are outdoor showers after a hot, sandy day at the beach?!?  Down on Tybee Island in Georgia, our rental cottage last June was quite awesome, and it included a nice outdoor shower with saloon-style doors that even Nolan enjoyed.  One day, as Heather was de-sanding herself, this little green fella gave her quite a surprise.  He was comfortably clinging to the shower-side of the one saloon door, and after our showers and a few photos (he let me get rather close for this shot), he moved around a bit before disappearing later that day.


Photo #1570 – 03.04.13

Bird…on Carpeted Stairs?

So it turns out I don’t have a whole lot of bird photos.  I enjoy watching birds and listening to them, but I really haven’t explored bird photography in depth yet.  With that being said, here is a not-great-but-kind-of-interesting bird photo that I took a few years ago.  On some carpeted steps in our apartment building, I happened to spot a little bird that must have found his way inside (probably those neighbors that always propped the back door open…).  I got a photo while he was sitting on the stairs, but he soon starting flying into the big windows all around.  I opened up the doors on either end of the building, and luckily, the bird finally found his way out.

Hopefully the next bird photos I post will have more of a natural setting!

Photo #1522 – 01.15.13

Not-Quite-Pink Flamingo

Flamingos sure are interesting birds.  We are so used to seeing pink flamingos (as lawn decorations, as graphics, etc.), but their actual color can range from pink to reddish-orange, depending primarily on their diet.  These particular salmon-colored flamingoes were at the Bronx Zoo, and while they probably weren’t exactly eating the same things they probably would be eating out in the wild, their diet still includes the right things to give the flamingos their color.

Photo #1513 – 01.06.13

Greenish Rock in the Pond…with Eyes…

Greenish Rock in the Pond...with Eyes...

I would say this frog is doing a pretty good job of blending in with the surrounding rocks in this little pond…aside from the green coloring and little eye bumps.  But if you were just walking by and not paying close attention, it would certainly be pretty easy to pass right by this little guy without noticing.

Photo #1493 – 12.16.12


I’d like to take more photos of birds, but they are pretty hard to capture on camera.  Whether they are too far away for my lenses, or they move much too quick, I have not had much luck with most birds.  Luckily, ducks don’t have much of a problem coming close to you, and their swimming usually isn’t all that fast, so it is a lot easier to snap a shot of them.

Photo #1478 – 12.01.12

Wispy Web

I am not the biggest fan of spiders, but they are definitely interesting little creatures.  I love coming upon intricate webs during my outdoor travels, and on this particular morning a couple years ago, I stumbled upon a big meadow full of dewdrop-lined webs that were lit up by the rising sun.

I hope this spider was able to catch a poor little fly or other insect for breakfast…

Photo #1414 – 09.28.12

Jetty Mussels

Black mussels are interesting little bivalves.  They have all kinds of neat things, like a single foot, a couple siphons, and things called byssal threads that are actually strong fibers that mussels use to anchor themselves to whatever they might like to anchor to.  In this case, this mass of mussels was clinging to a large jetty rock along the coast of New Jersey.

To anyone that can tell me how many mussels are in the above photo, I will offer a good ol’ fashioned high-five…good luck!