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Photo #1535 – 01.28.13

The Yukon, Forest Fires, and GIS

The majority of my time during graduate school was centered around all things Yukon Territory.  My research focused on snowmelt in the Yukon, but I was able to work my love for the Yukon in to other projects as well.  This poster was created for my one Remote Sensing course and describes how I used a series of aerial photos from different years to track effects of forest fires in the boreal forests of southeastern Yukon Territory.  This project was one of many that allowed me to play around with map-making a bit…career skills in their infancy!

Photo #1534 – 01.27.13

Old Downtown Heidelberg

Taken from Heidelberg Castle up on a hillside overlooking the town, this photo captures much of the old downtown area of Heidelberg.  The castle itself was pretty impressive as we toured its ruins, especially considering the earliest castle in this location was built before AD 1214 and it is just a massive structure elevated up on the hill.

Photo #1533 – 01.26.13

1 Year at Our Home!

1 Year at Our Home!

And just like that, Heather and I have been homeowners for a full year!  It was a year ago that we closed on our home…but by the time we got to back to our apartment after the closing, it was pretty late, so we didn’t even get to the house that day.  We were there the next day, though, and were treated to an awesome fiery sunset on our first night at the house.

It has been a fun year of home ownership full of little projects, bigger projects, and annoying projects, and while we certainly didn’t check off everything on our “2012 To-Do” list for the house, we made some good progress and are looking forward to our 2nd year.

Photo #1532 – 01.25.13

Packing is a Pain…

Packing is a Pain...

Last year at this time, when we were getting ready to move into our new home, Heather and I realized that we have way too much stuff.  Packing everything up into boxes laid out all over the apartment was not a fun activity, and we would be more than happy to never have to pack up for a major move again!

Photo #1531 – 01.24.13

A Few Bobolink Cows

A Few Bobolink Cows

Cows are cool, and these cows on a farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey were no exception.  This one definitely had some interesting coloration going on.  Heather and I visited Bobolink Farm last March, and we not only got to have fun with cows, but we got to do some cheese and bread tasting (everything was quite delicious!).  The farm was great, and the owners were really nice, so if you are ever in the area, stop by for a fun time (www.cowsoutside.com).

Photo #1530 – 01.23.13

Great Smokies Creek – Etsy Print

Great Smokies Creek - Etsy Print
The peacefulness of a Great Smoky Mountain stream like this one is tough to match. This particular stretch of water was located in the Cataloochee Valley region of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Photo #1529 – 01.22.13

Overlook Mountain House of Yore

Climbing up a mountain in the Catskills for more than 2 miles, one of the last things you might expect to find is a sizeable abandoned resort hotel.  But that is exactly what awaits you near the summit of Overlook Mountain, as partly shown in this photo.  The Overlook Mountain House was likely a pretty cool place in the hey-day of these sort of mountain resorts (late 1800s, early 1900s), and today it is a neat structure to come upon up on top of a mountain.

Photo #1528 – 01.21.13

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. was a cool memorial to visit on a chilly evening this past November.  One of the newest memorials in D.C. (it opened in 2011), the memorial features a 30-foot-tall granite relief of the civil rights leader surrounded by peaceful waterfalls and inspiring quotes.  It was certainly impressive lit up at night!

Photo #1527 – 01.20.13

30 + 30

30 + 30

Happy Birthday today to two of my best buds, Ken and John!  They’re both that wonderful and young (well, mature young…) age of 30 today, and I hope they have a great day.

Happy 30th Birthday, Ken and John!

Photo #1526 – 01.19.13

Mount Minsi, from Mount Tammany

Mount Minsi, from Mount Tammany

If you have ever driven through the Delaware Water Gap going from New Jersey to Pennsylvania on I-80, then you have likely seen Mt. Minsi and it’s big rocky cliffs.  Mt. Minsi is on the Pennsylvania side of the Gap, and this photo was taken atop Mt. Tammany, which is on the New Jersey side.  It was quite a climb to get up to this point, but it was well worth the panoramic views!

Photo #1525 – 01.18.13

The Start of Something Delicious

My mom’s cinnamon rolls are, and have always been, the best ever.  Raisins or not (choose from the left or right side of the dish!), they are just the right consistency, have just the right amount of nuttiness and cinnamonniness, and are of course topped with a glaze that is just the right sweetness.  This is a before shot from one particular Easter batch, and I think they even look tasty in this form!

Photo #1524 – 01.17.13

Pelly Mountains in Black and White

One of my favorite mountainous views in the Yukon.  Gotta love the Pelly Mountains!

Photo #1523 – 01.16.13

Tiny Glassy Cascade

Not all waterfall shots need to be of big, impressive waterfalls…sometimes a bit of flowing water on rocks and colorful autumn leaves on a blue sky day are all you need.  That, and a tripod that allows you to get pretty low to the ground so that you can capture photos like the one above.

Photo #1522 – 01.15.13

Not-Quite-Pink Flamingo

Flamingos sure are interesting birds.  We are so used to seeing pink flamingos (as lawn decorations, as graphics, etc.), but their actual color can range from pink to reddish-orange, depending primarily on their diet.  These particular salmon-colored flamingoes were at the Bronx Zoo, and while they probably weren’t exactly eating the same things they probably would be eating out in the wild, their diet still includes the right things to give the flamingos their color.

Photo #1521 – 01.14.13

Abundant Daisies

I never really tire of finding lovely flowers to photograph, and it’s fun to try something new once in a while too.  So with this grouping of daisies, instead of focusing in on just one flower front-and-center, I went for a vertically-oriented shot that captured multiple flowers that increasing went out of focus moving away from the closest flower on the bottom.

Photo #1520 – 01.13.13

Montana Sunrise

During our 5-day family trip to Glacier National Park more than 10 years ago, I saw some great sunrises.  Each morning, I quietly crept out of the cabin in which we were staying, wandered down to the edge of Lake McDonald, and enjoyed a Montana morning in all its glory while sitting on the shore.  On the last morning of our stay, I think I was able to convince most everyone to get up and see the sunrise for themselves.  That is how I got this shot of my sister staring off into the distance as the sun popped out from behind the mountains.

Photo #1519 – 01.12.13

Raise Your Glasses to Tom

Raise Your Glasses to Tom

Raise your glasses (figuratively or literally, whichever you prefer) in remembrance of Tom on his birthday.  I thought this was a great wedding day shot of Tom and Jodie.

Happy Birthday, Tom!  We miss you a whole lot!

Photo #1518 – 01.11.13

Summer Skies Over the Yukon River

Miles of wilderness, light and fluffy clouds, warm summer temperatures, and the glorious Yukon River…sounds like a good day to me!  This photo was taken on my first day in the Yukon, and it was a beautiful day for a long 360-mile drive in the Yukon from the capital city of Whitehorse to the tiny town of Faro.

Photo #1517 – 01.10.13

Bubbles in the Night

Bubbles in the Night

I took this photo of a glowing, bubbling Christmas decoration to capture some of the fun decor in our home…but I think the photo turned out a little eerie and doesn’t exactly exude Christmas cheer.  The reddish-orange glow is a little disturbing, as are the elongated ‘eyes’ on the wall behind the bubbler.

Did anyone ever have these bubbler things on their Christmas trees?  I remember my neighbor had a bunch of them on his tree and I thought they were neat.

Photo #1516 – 01.09.13

Owls, Stitches & Chenille

Owls sitting on branches making music…sounds cute to me!  Above is a small portion of the front of a beautiful (and comfy) baby blanket Heather made for a baby shower gift.  It was her first time doing a blanket like this (a chenille blanket that involves sewing multiple layers and then cutting through most of them between stitches, eventually creating a frayed look), and after all that sewing and cutting, I thought it came out really well!  Check out the photo below for an example of what the finished back looks like.

Photo #1515 – 01.08.13

Snowy Crabapples

Some of my most favorite photos are ones captured soon after sunrise when the low-angle, warm sunlight creates some excellent lighting on subjects.  This photo of some crabapples with a bit of snow from an overnight snowfall is one example of how early morning light is great, and is definitely worth waking up for (and, in this case, putting on warm clothes and boots).  Also, if I had not gotten out at sunrise, most of the snow on these crabapples would have likely melted away in the sunshine before I was able to photograph them.

Photo #1514 – 01.07.13

Dune Grass on a Windy Day

If given a preference, I would much prefer to be on the beach on a sunny, hot summer day than a cloudy, stormy, cold summer day…but that doesn’t mean a day at the beach is entirely ruined.  On this particular day this past summer down at the Jersey shore, it was pretty lousy out with strong winds, but Heather and I enjoyed a little walk on the beach and around the nearby dunes.  I thought the dune grass was doing a pretty good job of showing how strong the winds were!  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure these grasses and the entire dune were wiped out by Sandy a few months after this photo.

Photo #1513 – 01.06.13

Greenish Rock in the Pond…with Eyes…

Greenish Rock in the Pond...with Eyes...

I would say this frog is doing a pretty good job of blending in with the surrounding rocks in this little pond…aside from the green coloring and little eye bumps.  But if you were just walking by and not paying close attention, it would certainly be pretty easy to pass right by this little guy without noticing.

Photo #1512 – 01.05.13

Happy 4th Birthday, Noah!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Noah!!

And just like that, my nephew Noah is 4 years old today!  Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday, Noah!!