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Photo #958 – 06.30.11

Nassau Straw Market

The Straw Market in Nassau, the capital city of the island of New Providence in the Bahamas, is one of the main tourist attractions for people coming off cruise ships…since it is located right near the port where you enter the city.  But unless you’re fond of walking through tight spaces, getting touch-feely with strangers, purchasing knock-off designer bags (or straw bags with a stiched-in elmo…), then the straw market doesn’t really have that much to offer.

Photo #957 – 06.29.11

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Ken & Lindsay!

Ken and Lindsay tied the knot three years ago today, so Happy Anniversary!  Hope you both have a great day!

Photo #956 – 06.28.11

Frost-Fringed Leaf

At first glance, the edge of this leaf may look like it is covered with white fuzz.  The entire leaf, however, is actually outlined by a fringe of very fine frost.  The leaf surface is also etched with icy frost, and all of this together produced a photo full of texture, especially when rendered in black and white.

Photo #955 – 06.27.11

Mysterious Yukon Crawling Log

While trekking about in the Yukon wilderness, it was not uncommon to come across various tracks in the dirt and mud…moose tracks, dog tracks, grouse tracks, and other unidentified prints.  But only once did we happen upon the tracks of a crawling log!  This log was actually located in a backwater section of a sand bar on the Pelly River, and while there wasn’t flowing water at the moment, there must have been enough of a rush of water through here recently to drag this log a good distance as it scraped across the silty ground.

So the title may be somewhat misleading…it wasn’t exactly mysterious…and it didn’t really crawl…but it was indeed a log in the Yukon!

Photo #954 – 06.26.11

Waterfall Along Going-to-the-Sun Road

Everywhere you look in Glacier National Park, there is a scene worthy of a photograph, and that was certainly the case when we took our family trip there back in 2002.  On our first full day at the park, we enjoyed an outstanding tour along the Going-to-the-Sun Road that winds its way through the heart of the park.  While stopped at one pull-off, Michael, Kristin and I posed for a photo in front of a cascading waterfall in the distance.  You can also spot a section of the road passing near the waterfall just above Michael’s head.

Photo #953 – 06.25.11

Icy Spruce Needles

Now that it is summer, hopefully you won’t see anything like the above photo!  This past February, after having a bit of an ice/freezing rain storm, I ventured out for some photos of the icy aftermath.  A couple of large spruce trees near our building were quite weighed down with ice, as you can see here with an example of how much ice was covering the green needles, and the icy accumulations on different surfaces looked pretty cool.

Photo #952 – 06.24.11

Mister Softee from 49 Floors Up

It’s not too hard to miss the Mister Softee trucks traveling through New York City, carting their yummy chilled delights.  They’re even easy to spot from 49 stories up!  Aside from not being able to actually get any ice cream, the worst part about seeing one from this high is that you cannot listen to the glorious Mister Softee song!

“The creamiest, dreamiest soft ice cream, you get from Mister Softee…do do do do do do dooo do doooo…..”