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Photo #291 – 08.31.09



Don’t mess with us when we’re camping.  And don’t make fun of us for hiking up our pants…they’re comfortable like that.

We’re not quite the couple in the “American Gothic” painting, but hey, it’s close enough.


Photo #290 – 08.30.09

Carpet of Purple Flowers

These little purple flowers have taken over this section of my parents’ flower/rock garden.  They started as just a tiny bunch of flowers many years ago but have spread out over time, creating a lush carpet of purple flowers each spring.  It’ll only be a matter of time before they overtake the large rock.

Photo #289 – 08.29.09

Crazy Parents

Pop Quiz — Is my mom:

a)  demonstrating how to do the ‘C’ in the YMCA dance?

b)  pretending to wear a sombrero with a very large brim?

c)  acting like a malfunctioning robot?

d)  just being plain silly?

Photo #288 – 08.28.09

Evening Campfire at the Joaquin Campground

Map This Photo!!

A crackling fire is something to behold.  For some reason, it’s hard to look away from a fire like this one, dancing all about.  Most everyone seated around the fire is staring right into the hot center of the firepit.  This is definitely one of my favorite camping rituals.

We’ll be headed up to the Joaquin Campground over Labor Day weekend this year, and everyone is really looking forward to getting back up here.  Plus, we’ve even got a beautiful outhouse that Todd, Bucky, Brian and I put up a couple weekends ago (if anyone ever asks you to help dig a 3 feet wide x 3 feet long x 5 feet deep hole in dense clay and rock…run away as fast as you can).

Photo #287 – 08.27.09

Wavin’ in the Ocean at Half Moon Cay

Map This Photo!!

What a great cruise!  We spent 9 days cruisin’ around the Bahamas, soakin’ up the sun and really relaxing.  This photo was taken at Half Moon Cay, Carnival’s private island in the Bahamas, where the sand was like powdered sugar and the blue waters were wonderfully refreshing.  Amy, Heather, Brian and Jodie waved (well, Heather’s waving for Brian in this photo) as I took some photos from the beach with our ship in the background.

Check out all the great photos from the cruise by clicking here! I’ve got a brand new photo site at japgar.smugmug.com (my Zoto.com site shut down!), and it’s even better than my last one.  I’ll be creating some great albums and putting up some old scanned photos soon, so check back often.  There’s also a Map feature, so on the top right of a gallery page, click on the ‘Map This’ button to see where the photos were taken (I’ll try to post the map link with my daily photographs as well, like I did above).  Enjoy!

Photo #286 – 08.26.09

McDonald Creek Cascades

The cold, bluish-green waters of McDonald Creek cascade down some neat rocks a little upstream from Lake McDonald here in Glacier National Park.  The awesome color of the water results from really fine clay-sized particles called glacial flour that are produced by glaciers up in the mountains.

Photo #285 – 08.25.09

High Point Monument from Steenykill Lake

Right off of Rt. 23 on the Montague side of High Point State Park, Steenykill Lake is a pretty picturesque place.  There is a nice little parking area, boat launch, and a wide grassy picnic area, and the trailhead for the Steeny Kill Trail is located here.  After walking along the lake and some cool wetlands for a while, the trail enters some sparse forest and then climbs up the ridge to meet up with the Monument Trail right at a nice waterfall.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Steenykill Lake sometime if you’re looking for someplace new to explore!