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Photo #1425 – 10.09.12

Old Guy, Robot, Raggedy Ann: Halloween 1986

Continuing with a few older Halloween photos (to get in the October spirit), here is a shot from 1986 taken a few days before Halloween at a birthday party.  Michael went with the cigar-smokin’, black-clothes-wearin’ old man, Kristin turned into a redheaded Raggedy Ann (previously made and worn by our mom {photo #1424}), and I was a tired Halloween robot…well, I was probably a rambunctious Halloween robot earlier in the day, but it must have been getting close to my bedtime…

For any Mets fans, this photo was taken the same night as Game 6 of the World Series, which the Mets won in dramatic fashion before winning the title over the Red Sox a couple nights later, their last championship title to date (I noticed the “Mets” headline on the newspaper and made the connection…).


Photo #1424 – 10.08.12

Raggedy Ann Mom

It’s Raggedy Ann!…or rather, my mom pretending to be Raggedy Ann on Halloween many years ago.  Who would have thought she could pull off being a redhead??

It also looks like her dog was a little confused by this mysterious character in striped stockings.

Photo #1423 – 10.07.12

Beautiful Butterfly and Magnificent Magician

Check out the awesome costumes my sister and brother are showing off on this halloween night in 1985!  Kristin is sporting a lovely butterfly costume with see-through wings and antennae, and Michael has been transformed into a moustachioed magician, complete with glitter-water wand, top hat, and cape.

I’m not sure why I’m in the photo…I had not been turned into a farmer quite yet, but I guess my mom still made me stand in the photo.

Photo #1246 – 04.13.12

Clowns are Scary

Today is Friday the 13th…and while killer clowns are more of a halloween thing than an unlucky day thing, I figured this guy might make your Friday the 13th a little more enjoyable.  I’m not quite sure what I would do if I saw someone with a face like that.  I apologize to anyone that might have bad nightmares about crazy clowns.  I also apologize to anyone out there that might be a clown…but come on, clowns are kind of freaky…

Photo #1081 – 10.31.11

Happy Halloween from Clown Girl and Papa Smurf!!

Check out the smilin’ clown and cottonball-bearded Smurf!  It sure looks like Kristin and Michael were ready for a fun bit of trick-or-treating on this Halloween night back in 1982.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Photo #1078 – 10.28.11

Halloween Day, 1987

Look at those joyful, smiling faces…you can just tell we could not wait for the trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  Either that, or we were secretly getting into the candy stash and so we were already hyped up on sugary sweets.  Halloween is fast approaching, so make sure you get those pumpkins carved, costumes made, and candy dishes filled to prepare!

On a side note, I think the cool dog I’m holding was named Barley, although I must have forgotten his companion, Farfle, on this particular Halloween trip to our grandparents’ house.  They sure were awesome dogs.

Photo #902 – 05.05.11

Pedro says, “Happy Cinco de Mayo!”

On this fifth day of May, Pedro would like you to help him (her) celebrate his (her) Mexican heritage!  So grab your sombrero, watch The Three Amigos, bang around a plethora of piñatas, and celebrate Mexico.