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Photo #836 – 02.28.11

Tom Meets Pocahontas

I’m guessing most people could choose their favorite Disney character…from regular ol’ Mickey Mouse to a fairytale princess to a villian like Captain Hook, there is likely one character you like more than the others.  It’s fun to be a kid walking around Disney World and have the chance to get your picture with your favorite characters…but believe it or not, it can be just as fun for a grown-up!  While we were walking around ‘Rafiki’s Planet Watch’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, Tom spotted Pocahontas and made a beeline to the short line (of mostly kids) waiting for a photo.  He enjoyed that photo op.

What’s not to like about Pocahontas (whether the ‘real’ Pocahontas or the disneyified Pocahontas)?!?

Photo #835 – 02.27.11

Icy Buttermilk Falls

This particular waterfall has been featured as a Daily Photograph a number of times {for instance, photo #659 and photo #88}, but this is the first photo I have posted of the 90-foot Buttermilk Falls that has a good deal of ice along the outside edges of the descending water.  Heather and I drove out to see the falls on a cold December day, and while it hadn’t been cold enough to freeze the falls itself, the temperatures had been low enough to allow a lot of ice to build-up near the falls.  The ice provided an additional touch of beauty to an already majestic waterfall!

Photo #834 – 02.26.11

The Race Is On!

Who’s going to win this race?!?  Hannah and Robyn are neck-and-neck as they’re approaching the finish line, and even though Robyn has some great leg power, Hannah has some awesome pedal power.  I’m guessing they’ll both cross the line at the same time (although something tells me Hannah will try to run her mom off the pavement right at the end…maybe because that is what she sort of did!).

Photo #833 – 02.25.11

Hypnotizing Gaze

If you look deep into these big, brown eyes…I mean really deep…you’d probably see rods and cones and some gooey vitreous fluid.  But it is pretty hard to look that far.

Leggs is not good at staring contests, so I am surprised I was able to get this close-up stare without him looking elsewhere.

Photo #832 – 02.24.11

Lil’s Cupcake

Lillian, the daughter of Heather’s cousin Ashley, is a fan of cupcakes…like most 16-month-old toddlers.  This particular cupcake was from the birthday party for her big sister, Emma (also a fan of cupcakes), and I think Lillian was a bit annoyed that I interrupted her cupcake bliss with a bright flash…sorry, Lil!

Photo #831 – 02.23.11

Red’s Drive-In

I’m not sure if I can stress enough just how much good food there is down in Dollywood!  Heather and I only had a small taste, but there is quite a selection of places to satisfy your hunger.  For instance, Red’s Drive-In offers great diner fare and is set up like a 50s/60s drive-in diner.  We didn’t get a chance to try the food here (too full from everything else!), but it looked like a fun place to relax for a bit after a few hours of walking around Dollywood.

Photo #830 – 02.22.11

Lapie Canyon Entrance

This is probably my favorite tent-camping site in the Yukon…and even if there are only a handful of other tent-camping sites that I am familiar with, this is still a pretty cool location.  This photo shows the point where the glacier-fed Lapie River, coming in from the right, rushes through the narrow and rocky Lapie Canyon.  The water is certainly swift here, although it is fortunately a little calmer upstream (where a quick icy bath was quite refreshing after a few days of summer fieldwork!).

Right now, I’m sure this stretch of river is a big sheet of ice {photo #434} as the Yukon winter is still in full force.

Photo #829 – 02.21.11

Amazing Mini Hot Dog

Amy and Brian’s wedding this past September was a great celebration of marriage, full of happiness, love…and excellent food!  The above photo is one of the best mini hot dogs I’ve probably ever had the privilege of devouring, and I was even able to wash it down with a mini glass of Yuengling (I don’t have a photo, so you’ll just have to use your imagination…).

Mmmm, delicious.

Photo #828 – 02.20.11

A Few Apples…

Well, I guess there are a bit more than ‘a few’ apples hanging from the branches of this apple tree.  This particular tree, located at Pochuck Valley Farms in Glenwood, NJ, was loaded with some delicious apples.  I believe some of these apples actually made it into Heather and Amy’s huge batch of delicious applesauce! {photo #695}!

How many apples would you estimate are in this photo?  Leave your guess as a comment below…closest guess wins a really cool prize!

Photo #827 – 02.19.11

Happy 88th Birthday, Grandma!

This photo of my Grandma Cook was taken about 68 years ago in Kansas in front of a pretty cool old car!  Today my grandma is celebrating her 88th birthday, so Happy Birthday!

Photo #826 – 02.18.11

Three Stooges??

I think me, my dad, and my brother were supposed to be doing a nice pose while sitting on these haybales…but instead, we sort of did an anti-pose.  Or maybe Michael was just taking a nap and we happened to sit nearby.  Although that position doesn’t look like it would be all that comfortable…

Photo #825 – 02.17.11

John P. Cable Grist Mill

Built in the early 1870s in a corner of Cades Cove {photo #614}, this waterwheel and grist mill are a great example of some early farming structures in the Smokies of Tennessee.  While water was flowing down the flume in this photo, the 11-foot high waterwheel was locked in place, producing some mini overflowing waterfalls that looked quite cool!  This building is part of a visitor center destination in the national park that includes a number of other original farm structures, including some that were moved to the site from elsewhere in the Smokies.

Photo #824 – 02.16.11

Whoa!  Madison is 5!

Believe it or not, Madison turns 5 years old today!  She’s quite a growing girl and has definitely developed a personality all her own, and Heather and I love having such a fun and loving niece!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Madison!!

Photo #823 – 02.15.11

Turtles Basking on a Log

It must have been a nice day out when this photo was taken for a dozen turtles to be spotted along a single log, all soaking in the warmth of the sun!  A walk along the Wood Duck Nature Trail in the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge will lead you right by this wetland where a bunch of turtles and other wildlife can often be seen.  I haven’t been there in quite a while, but I have seen a bunch of turtles, rabbits, deer, snakes, and cool birds along the short (~1.5 miles) trail along a former railroad bed.

Photo #822 – 02.14.11

Heather, My Valentine

Only in Disney World can Peter Pan and Stitch (from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch) stand in front of Cinderella Castle…who knew that they would actually make a good couple?!?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By the way, is it just me or does Peter Pan kind of look funny without a beard…

Photo #821 – 02.13.11

Bacchus Dining Room, Carnival Miracle

The Carnival Miracle cruise ship we we on a couple years ago definitely worked with some themes in their designs and really went all out.  The main dining room is named after the Roman god of wine and grapes, Bacchus (also known to the Greeks as Dionysus)…and you might notice that grapes and grapevines are the primary decor in the room.  I don’t think the colors in this photo are quite right, but it still was quite a bit of purple.

Of course, if you weren’t a fan of purple, there were plenty of other places to grab a bite to eat on board!

Photo #820 – 02.12.11

Jäger Girl Amy

Grab your Jägermeister hat, Jägermeister light-up necklace, and Jägermeister thong underwear (and a bottle of Jägermeister while you’re at it), because it’s time to celebrate Amy’s birthday!  Believe it or not, she is halfway to 30 today (…I’ll let you figure out what that means)!

So enjoy a shot of chilled Jägermeister for Amy today (and hey, if you’ve got a cold or feel congested, you’ll be feeling better in no time).  Happy Birthday, Amy!

Photo #819 – 02.11.11

Snow Pups

Well, Zoe and Roscoe weren’t quite puppies in this photo above, but they sure acted like puppies as they frolicked about in some snow outside.  Zoe had no problem diving right in to the fluffy snow and burrowing all about, while Roscoe was a bit more restrained in his approach to playing in the snow.  You could definitely tell when they’d had enough fun, though, and they both enjoyed warming back up near the cozy woodstove.

Photo #818 – 02.10.11

Heather and the Smoky North Carolina Mountains

Located right along the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, Clingman’s Dome is the highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and it provides for some excellent views of all the surrounding mountains.  This particular view is looking toward the North Carolina side of Clingmans’ Dome, and with Clingman’s Dome being about 6,643 feet above sea level, you can probably get the sense that we’re up pretty high!

Photo #817 – 02.09.11

Flame Structure

In contrast to yesterday’s icy photo, this photo is quite hot.  Using a high shutter speed (0.0015 second), I was able to capture some of the finer patterns and overall structure of the bright flames dancing atop this particular campfire.  It’s often difficult to really see this sort of structure in a roaring fire with your eyes since the flames move about so quickly…but at least we can take photos to freeze the flames in place!

Photo #816 – 02.08.11

Hanging Ice Cones

On a chilly day a couple months ago, Heather and I took a little side excursion out to Buttermilk Falls {photo #88}.  With a spell of colder weather, there was certainly a lot of ice that formed along the cliff face as well as along the stream leading away from the base of the falls.  In one particular area, a bunch of cone-shaped icicles were hanging down from a tree than had fallen across the stream long ago.  They looked really cool, and I couldn’t quite figure out how they had formed!  It may be difficult to say just based on this photo, but if you have any suggestions for how you think these upside-down icicles formed, let’s hear them!

Photo #815 – 02.07.11

Straight Woods Path

The resort at Mountain Springs Lake {photo #708}, where Amy and Brian got married this past September, was quite scenic.  Even the narrow roads that made their way through the forest were scenic, including this straight length of tree-lined dirt road.  I thought the scene looked quite pleasing with the sun shining through the leaves on this warm, late-summer day.

Photo #814 – 02.06.11

Sunrise Glow

One of the nice things about having a balcony-room on a cruise is waking up early and sitting on the balcony, watching a glowing sun rise above the distant ocean horizon.  It’s quite peaceful out in the middle of the ocean.

Of course, if getting up early doesn’t exactly sound like your idea of a vacation, I’m sure you’d be able to find something else to enjoy on a cruise.

Photo #813 – 02.05.11

Toy Staring Contest

I’m guessing, unfortunately for Hannah, that she did not win this staring contest.  I’m thinking that the dude with the colored lightbulb-like hair won this particular contest…it sure looks like he’s got quite a bit of determination in those wide-open eyes.

I’m sure baby Hannah forgot all about losing the contest soon after and proceeded to bash the toys around and throw them off the table onto the ground below.