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Photo #1580

Morning Meadow Bouquet – Etsy Print


A meadow full of flowers, just as the rising sun hits, is a great place to be with a camera!  I had to get down low (and a bit wet with dew) to capture this photo of backlit flowers and grasses, and the mix of focus gives a bit of depth to the scene.

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Photo #1568 – 03.02.13

Clear Morning Skies Above the Campground

It has been my experience that it is much better to wake up in your tent with the sun shining than to hear drops of rain on the surface of the tent.  And I would guess this is what most would think as well.  This photo was taken on one such sun-shiny morning as most of the other campers in our group were still sleeping, or perhaps just laying in bed not wanted to get up.

Photo #1561 – 02.23.13

Choppy Ocean at Dawn

This sunrise was a welcome sight after a couple days of windy, rainy weather and very heavy surf.  The ocean was definitely still pretty rough, as evidenced by the choppy waves in the distance, but thankfully things started to clear up for our last day at the beach for our vacation.

Photo #1543 – 02.05.13

A Bit Orange and A Bit Round

The orange glow of sunrise can feel so invigorating.  I felt awake and alive after this ocean sunrise back in July, which certainly helped me as I went on a 5-mile fast run right after I put my camera down.

Photo #1520 – 01.13.13

Montana Sunrise

During our 5-day family trip to Glacier National Park more than 10 years ago, I saw some great sunrises.  Each morning, I quietly crept out of the cabin in which we were staying, wandered down to the edge of Lake McDonald, and enjoyed a Montana morning in all its glory while sitting on the shore.  On the last morning of our stay, I think I was able to convince most everyone to get up and see the sunrise for themselves.  That is how I got this shot of my sister staring off into the distance as the sun popped out from behind the mountains.

Photo #1496 – 12.20.12

Sunrise in Orange and Pink

I love ocean sunrises.

This ocean sunrise had it all: calm waves lapping on the shore, a distant orange orb rising from the sea, a column of light dancing on the waves between the sun and I, a wide-open sky with pleasant gradations of orange, pink and blue, and even eyelash-like shadowy rays above the sun created by a cloud.  I’m glad I had decided that day to get up early for a morning run…of course, it was more my marathon-training schedule that made that decision for me!

Photo #1495 – 12.19.12

Sunrise at the Dock – Etsy Print

Sunrise at the Dock

Right now, I’d love to jump in a kayak and go for a sunrise paddle around this Vermont pond.  Unfortunately, I’m not in Vermont, and it’s just about winter, so I’ll just have to stare at this photo a little longer to remember the wonderful sunrise on the lake.

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Photo #1417 – 10.01.12

Backlit by the Rising Sun

What’s not to love about a sunny start to the day??

Photo #1390 – 09.04.12

Sunrise Run at Kittatinny Valley State Park

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’m training for my first marathon in October {Photo #1377}.  Training has been going great, and my fundraising to support prostate cancer awareness in honor of my father-in-law Tom has been outstanding so far (click here to check out my fundraising page!).

To fit in all the miles, I’ve been getting out early and enjoying quite a number of great sunrise runs.  Along with cooler temperatures and tons of deer encounters, the sunrises on the morning runs make the miles glide by.  Of course, I rarely have my camera with me to capture some fantastic scenes, but I did snap this photo last week right before a 7 mile run.  This is the entrance to Kittatinny Valley State Park, where I’ve been doing a lot of my training, and I guess I timed my arrival well, since the park opens at sunrise!

Photo #1371 – 08.16.12

Trying to Break Through the Fog

This past week, I’ve enjoyed a handful of foggy morning runs that resembled the scene in the photo above.  The fog was pretty thick this particular morning at Mountain Springs Lake in Pennsylvania, but as the sun rose higher in the sky, patches of blue sky began to appear, and the warm glow of morning gradually gave way to a beautiful blue sky day.

Photo #1367 – 08.12.12

Web of Dew

I think spider webs are great subjects to photograph, especially when they have neat patterns or other interesting features.  This web in a grassy meadow was mostly complete, full of tiny dew drops, and had a waiting spider in the middle for good measure, so I thought it was definitely worthy of a few snapshots!

Photo #1344 – 07.20.12

Morning Surf Glow

A couple days ago, I was up for a lovely sunrise along the shore of New Jersey.  The waves were fairly calm as the sun rose above the Atlantic Ocean, and I thought the glow of the sun looked cool not only along the surface of the ocean, but also on the sand saturated by the receding waves.

Photo #1342 – 07.18.12

First Snowy Sunrise at the House

This photo was taken on a beautiful morning just about 2 weeks after we moved into our new home.  There was a very light coating of snow, a super clear sky overhead, and a bright orange sun just beginning to rise above the horizon through the trees.  I must say, it was pretty great in the winter to be able to see both the sunrise and sunset from the house!

Photo #1320 – 06.26.12

Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do

I’m half crazy, all for the love of you.

This song, “Daisy Bell”, is a well known song (or at least the chorus is, of which this phrase is the beginning and the line “…of a bicycle built for two” is the ending).  Of course, the song doesn’t really have much to do with the flower in the photo above, but the song ran through my head as I was looking though photos.  This is one of many daisy photos I took last July on a camping trip when these oxeye daisies were everywhere and afforded lots of great photo opportunities.

Photo #1289 – 05.26.12

Bright Morning Meadow

While camping last Fourth of July, Heather and I went for a short walk with our cameras to see what we could find.  With a few webs scattered amongst the tall plants and an early morning sun shining down, Heather got down low to capture this shot of the meadow.

Photo #1230 – 03.28.12

Web in Focus

Sometimes a shift in focus can create an entirely different photo, and that is what happened as I was taking some photos of this spider and web in the orange glow of morning.  A few photos of the spider in focus looked neat, but I was drawn to the thin strands of web near the outer edge, and focusing on these strands moved the center of attention away from the spider.  Also, if you look closely at the strands, you can see a tiny bit of iridescence with slight pinks and blues.

Photo #1195 – 02.22.12

Rippled Waters of Lake McDonald at Dawn

A Glacier National Park sunrise really is a majestic event to experience.  I was able to catch a number of sunrises over a few days of staying in the village of Apgar, including this one on the last morning of our stay at the park.  Although the lake surface was a bit rippled, unlike a couple of the previous mornings, the sunrise at the one end of the Big Sky in Montana was fantastic.  This photo of the lake and distant mountains was captured moments before the sun made its appearance.

What a great way to start the day!

Photo #1193 – 02.20.12

Sun Through Snowy Leaves

After a big late-October snowstorm, the colorful autumn leaves looked neat with a heavy coating of snow.  The morning after the snowfall, I was enjoying a walk around with my camera.  While I was mostly looking at the top sides of the leaves, this view toward the rising sun with a background of snowy trees caught my eye with the bright orange color.

Photo #1168 – 01.26.12

Smoky Mountain Sunrise

After a wet and dreary day here in New Jersey, I thought I would post a sunny sunrise photo from our trip a few years ago to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (and North Carolina…they shouldn’t be excluded!).  This was unfortunately the only sunrise we saw on our trip…as the following days were largely overcast and/or rainy, but we still had a great time in the Smokies.

Photo #1160 – 01.18.12

Morning’s Light on the Joaquin Campground

Isn’t it great when you’re sleeping in a tent and the birds start chirpin’ and wake you up, and you look at your watch and it’s 5:30??  On this particular morning, it actually was great, since it forced me to get up and enjoy tromping around with my camera capturing scenes of morning’s delight.  I had plenty of macro subjects to experiment with, from dewey spider webs to an assortment of flowers, but there were also some great scenes like the one in the photo above.  This looks from the hilly meadow back toward our campground (you can probably spot a few tents) nestled in a little valley, and with the light streaming in from the east and some thin, wispy clouds hanging overhead, it set the tone for what would be a great day of being outdoors.

As I took this photo, I also wondered who else was awake…and judging by the overall silence in the camp (aside from those birds), I guessed that there weren’t many at all…

Photo #1095 – 11.14.11

Golden Ridge Above Sterling Lake

Every October, the NY-NJ Trail Conference holds its Annual Meeting for members of the organization, complete with awards, hikes, and a delicious pancake breakfast.  In 2010, the meeting was held at the visitor’s center at Sterling Forest State Park in NY, and I arrived early to help with some setup.  Actually, I arrived a bit too early, and since no one was around and the building was locked, I took a short hike down to Sterling Lake.  As I did so, the first orange rays of the day’s light shone upon the ridge on the far side of the lake.  All of a sudden, the top half of the ridge was a brilliant golden color while the bottom shadowed half showed off a patchwork of fall foliage.  I sat on some rocks at the water’s edge and enjoyed a bit of quiet tranquility watching the golden ridge.

Before I knew it, I noticed activity back at the visitor’s center and left my rock to go help with the morning’s preparations.  In the end, we had a great meeting and an excellent day to be out for a hike!

Photo #1086 – 11.05.11

Morning Purple and Orange

Just a couple weeks ago, I posted a sunrise photo {photo #1069} and mentioned I had just seen a quite colorful morning display.  I got out of bed as Leggs was anxiously letting me know he wanted to go outside, and as we walked out the door, I noticed the whole sky was a deep red color.  Clouds seemed to cover most of the sky except to the east, where the sun was just below the horizon, and so the red tint of sunrise was cast on the underside of the clouds.

Leggs quickly finished his business, I grabbed my camera, and by the time I was in position back outside, the sun was just breaching the horizon and much of the original red had faded away.  But the sunrise was still spectacular as shades of red, purple, orange, and yellow colored the clouds.  So thanks to Leggs for getting me up to experience this sight!

Photo #1085 – 11.04.11

Soft Meadow Flowers

When I take photos like this (macro, shallow depth of field, flowers), I often try to envision what the image might look like in black & white or with reduced saturation.  This particular photo was taken as the rising sun produced a wash of orange light over these little meadow flowers, and while I do like the original photo with vibrant green stems/leaves and yellow flowers, this less-saturated and softer alternative seems to give a better impression of delicate flowers.

Photo #1077 – 10.27.11

Fresh Accumulation of Snow in the Morning

Winter is quickly approaching here in northern New Jersey, and a scene like this (albeit a scene with many autumn leaves still on the trees…) may become a reality sooner than many may hope!  A winter storm may dump a few inches of snowfall this upcoming weekend, and even if somewhat warmer temperatures keep the snow from accumulating and sticking around much, it still might be a good dose of winter weather.