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Photo #320 – 09.30.09

Introducing Jada Aaltje Tallamy!!!


It’s a girl!  Jada Aaltje Tallamy was born this morning, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and measuring 21 inches.  A huge congratulations to Kristin and Jon on the arrival of their new baby girl, and to Madison on becoming a big sister!  Heather and I cannot wait to go see her!

Feel free to leave any comments and I’ll be sure Kristin and Jon receive them.  If you would like to pass along the good news to anyone else, just copy the following address and paste it in an e-mail, etc.:



Photo #319 – 09.29.09

Blurry Frisbee

Blurry Frisbee

While at first glance it may appear that this is just some blurry photo of a parking lot with some people standing around, the red frisbee right in the middle is mostly in focus.  My buddy, Andy, had just thrown the frisbee toward me as I took this photo…although I don’t think I caught it because I was busy taking the photo.  This is from our senior year at High Point High School, but I don’t quite remember what event (I’m thinking some sort of awards thing or ceremony near graduation, especially since Andy is semi-dressed up).

Today is Andy’s birthday, so have a great day today!  Go throw a frisbee around just for fun.

Photo #318 – 09.28.09

Noah in Profile

In this photo from Hannah’s birthday party about 2 months ago, Noah was just barely 7 months old…but he’s definitely gettin’ big!  And everytime we see him, his cool mohawk gets bigger too!

He’s so cute.

Photo #317 – 09.27.09

Dash for Dad 10K, Sunday Morning, 8am

Team Tommy J

This morning at 8am, Team Tommy J is setting out on a 6.2 mile (10km) journey in memory of Tom in the Dash for Dad 10K.  We’re as ready as we’ll ever be, so we’ll see how it goes.  500 participants were registered as of Sept. 24th, so it has likely increased since then.

Thanks so much to everyone that has contributed to Team Tommy J (here’s the donate page)!  A lot of family and friends have showed their support in a variety of ways, from monetary donations to encouraging words of support.  Michael even designed the graphic above for our t-shirts (it looks great!).

We truly appreciate the outpouring of support Team Tommy J has received, and we’ll be sure to fill you in with how the day goes!

UPDATE!!  We all finished the race with great times and did Team Tommy J proud!  Heather and Elysia both finished in well-under 1 hour 30 minutes, and I finished in 18th place with a time of 42:18.  My mom finished her 2 mile walk in good time and was cheering us all on as we crossed the finish line.  It was great running alongside survivors, and I know I’m extremely proud of Heather and Elysia for their accomplishment with their first race ever!

Photo #316 – 09.26.09

Happy Birthday, Kristin!

Happy Birthday, Kristin!

Wasn’t Kristin a cute 7-year-old?!?  I don’t really remember, because I was only 2 back in 1985, but she seems like she was an extremely well-mannered young girl.  Well today is Kristin’s birthday, so Happy Birthday to my big sister!  I hope she gets a fun cake like the one in this photo.  I’m not sure if there would be enough room for all the candles she needs…but she would definitely be able to blow them all out…check out the photo below for some great “blowing out candles” action!

Blow Out the Candles!

Photo #315 – 09.25.09

Danger Creek!!

Watch out!  It’s Danger Creek!  The Yukon can be a pretty dangerous place, from scary creeks like this to criminals in the wilderness…so if you’re ever up in that direction, be sure to watch your step.  And use the buddy system.

Photo #314 – 09.24.09

Half Moon Cay Panorama

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Map This Photo!!

Down near the middle of the Bahamas region (click the ‘Map This’ button above to see where), the tiny island of Little San Salvador is quite beautiful.  A portion of the island has been developed as Half Moon Cay and is a private beach for the Carnival/Holland America cruise lines.  From looking at this panoramic photo, taken onboard the cruise ship near the coast, it almost looks like there isn’t much to this island at all, but the island has plenty to offer.  The beach is especially awesome, with the sand being best described as feeling like powdered sugar.