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Photo #1477 – 11.30.12

Pow Pow Power Wheels


Check out Greta on her awesome Dora power wheels!  It did not take too long for her to figure out that pressing the little button on the handle makes it go, although she had a tough time actually keeping her finger on the button…so instead of cruising around the yard, it was more of a stuttered crawl since she wouldn’t keep the button down, but rather kept pressing it as she bobbed back and forth (it’s hard to explain just how funny it looked!).  But I’m sure she’ll master this all-terrain vehicle in no time.

Photo #1476 – 11.29.12

The Structure of Yukon Snowpack

For my two years of graduate school research, I spent a lot of time studying snow.  Specifically, I explored the ability to use information from satellites to detect when large areas of snow-covered terrain in the Yukon were melting.  The study also required us to collect information about the snow on the ground so that we could basically match the ground data with the satellite data.  And so I went to the Yukon two separate times to dig snowpits and analyze the snow…who knew that all those years of building snowforts as a kid would actually come in handy!?!

I took the above photo of a fellow graduate student after she had excavated a snowpit to reveal the many different layers of snow crystals.  As the snow within a snowpack melts and refreezes, it forms various crystal sizes and snowpack densities, and we were basically describing all of the different layers in each snowpit to help us better understand how the snow was melting/refreezing.  It might just look like snow from above, but there are all kinds of interesting things going on below the surface!

Photo #1475 – 11.28.12

Union Square Holiday Market

If you are ever looking for something to do in New York City on a nice late November/early December day, head on down to the Union Square Holiday Market for a neat selection of vendors selling their wares.  Heather and I went to the market last year and were pretty impressed with the wide selection of offerings.  From handmade crafts to artwork, jewelry to chocolate, there was plenty to check out, and we eventually found a cute handmade gift for our niece Greta.  So if you are in the neighborhood before Christmas, go check it out: http://urbanspacenyc.com/union-square-holiday-market

Photo #1474 – 11.27.12

A Few Leaves in the Backyard…

Having a home in the woods with tall trees on and around the property is really great.  Really, really great…at least, that is what I tried telling myself as the fallen leaves piled up everywhere this autumn.  The photo above shows a small portion of our backyard with not only a nice covering of fallen leaves, but also a fairly full canopy of leaves that haven’t even fallen yet!  Luckily, I was able to get the assistance of my brother-in-law, Brian, and after a couple of long days of raking and blowing leaves, I think we have been able to rid our yard and gardens of most of the leaves.

So for now, I would say it’s still great living in the woods, even if it means a few days of aching shoulders and backs…however, we definitely want to cut down a couple trees sooner rather than later, so maybe we’ll have a few less leaves to deal with come this time next year!

Photo #1473 – 11.26.12

Rutherford Falls Ice

I love experiencing waterfalls after a good rain.  But sometimes, I also enjoy waterfalls after a good cold spell!  This ice-encrusted waterfall just below the outlet of Lake Rutherford in High Point State Park still had a bit of water flowing beneath an icy shell on this particular January day.  I did not stick around in the cold too long, but certainly long enough to take a few photos and relax a bit to the sights and sounds of the icy falls.

Photo #1472 – 11.25.12

Ocean Grove Pier…Before Sandy

This past summer, we spent a crazy weather day down at Ocean Grove on the Jersey shore.  I had been to the town before, but hadn’t been on the beach until now, and it was a great beach!  Heather and I enjoyed about a hour of sun and fun in the waves…until the storm clouds rolled in out of nowhere and the rain started.  A light rain turned into downpours with thunder and lightning, so while our beach day was pretty much over, we still had a fun day with family going out to eat and wandering around town.

I took this photo of the main pier at Ocean Beach while it was still nice and sunny.  Unfortunately, the power of superstorm Sandy did quite a number on this pier and pretty much destroyed half of it, including the building.  Here are a couple photos that show the pier during the storm and after the storm (in the after photo, notice the jetty rocks on the right side, which are the rocks in the before photo above behind the pier…):

Photo #1471 – 11.24.12

Spring Purple

Well, we have experienced a few warmer days here in northern New Jersey this week, but the cold nights still remind us that we have a long, cold winter to get through before spring.  So even though it is going to be a little while, here are a few purple flowers to keep you thinking about the warmth and growth of spring.

Photo #1470 – 11.23.12

Dark Jetty Rocks

Ocean waves are fun to watch, but they are even more fun to watch when they are crashing into rock jetties.

Photo #1469 – 11.22.12

Thankful for Bountiful Food

This is what Thanksgiving is all about…filling your plate with as much delicious turkey and sides as possible and chowing down while hopefully saving at least a little room for pie and other desserts.

Well, I guess that isn’t exactly what Thanksgiving is about, but the bountiful feast is certainly a part of many people’s holiday traditions.  So enjoy your meals today, but more importantly, take a moment to think about all the things in your life that you are thankful for.  I have so much to be thankful for, likely including a number of things I don’t even think about regularly, and I’m looking forward to sharing this Thanksgiving with family.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Photo #1468 – 11.21.12

Whoa!  Happy Birthday, Mike!

Surprise, Mike!  It’s your birthday!!

Today, my brother Mike is another year older and another year wiser.  Have a great birthday!!

Photo #1467 – 11.20.12

The Lil’ Kid’s Table

Sippin’ some juice, eatin’ some cherry tomatoes, playin’ with a few badminton shuttlecocks…these are just a few of the normal activities Jada, Noah and I were doing at the little kid’s table in my cousin Victoria’s childhood treehouse this past summer.  Gotta love playing ‘House’!

Photo #1466 – 11.19.12

Star Streaks and the Milky Way

When we go camping and there is a chance of clear evening skies, I usually try to have my tripod with me so that I can attempt some long-exposure starry exposures.  With dark skies and not a whole lot of nearby light pollution, the night sky above the Joaquin campground in upstate New York is always a great place to capture some starry photos.  This particular photo was taken by pointing the camera nearly straight up and captures a 3-minute exposure of tons of stars with the cloud-like Milky Way serving as a backdrop.  Considering this was just a small portion of the sky, it was amazing just how many stars were lighting up the night!

Photo #1465 – 11.18.12

Greta & Brian’s Baptism

Last Sunday, we celebrated with Amy, Brian and Greta following the baptism of both lil’ Greta and Brian.  Both Brian and Greta did very well, although Greta was a bit unsure about the baptismal water being splashed onto her by the pastor.  And of course she was cute and looked beautiful throughout the celebration.

Congratulations to Brian and Greta!

Photo #1464 – 11.17.12

Spaghetti, Camping Grill Style

Power outages are no fun, especially week-plus power outages during a bit of cold weather.  Luckily, this was the only real inconvenience Heather and I experienced in the wake of Sandy as we and our home escaped harm, and seeing/hearing the destruction experienced by others, we felt pretty fortunate.  On the third night or so of no power, Heather decided to cook up some spaghetti using our camping grill set up outside on the patio.  It was definitely a bit chilly out there, but we had a nice candle-lit meal back inside.

Photo #1463 – 11.16.12

Vibrant Yukon Sunset

On one of the last nights I spent in the town of Faro in the Yukon Territory, my buddy Ken and I were able to catch a spectacular sunset that cycled through some very vibrant reds/oranges/yellows.  The surrounding mountains only added to the visual treat.

Photo #1462 – 11.15.12

Baby On the Way

Old toy letter blocks are great.  Old toy letter blocks arranged in words are even better.  But the best is when you are walking through a huge antique festival and you happen to spot old toy letter blocks arranged in words that spell out a message that you would like to share with family, friends, and anyone else that might care to listen…

And would you believe it, that is exactly what happened to Heather and I when we came across this handful of blocks in a little toy wagon!

So in case it isn’t obvious, Heather and I are excitedly expecting our first child next year!  I say excitedly expecting, but I also mean anxiously and nervously expecting…  Heather is thankfully doing well overall, and we are really looking forward to taking this huge leap into parenthood.

Today also marks the 4th anniversary of Daily Photographs!  It’s hard to believe I have been posting these photos for this long, but it has really been enjoyable and I always appreciate hearing the great feedback.  In terms of stats (aren’t stats fun??), the site is quickly approaching 70,000 visits, more than 1,250 comments have been left, and 175 people are signed up to receive my Daily Photographs (scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out the e-mail signup!).  This past year had a few long-term delays that resulted from becoming a bit busy with moving into a new home, training for a marathon, and other fun stuff.  With a ‘Baby On the Way’ in 2013, I cannot make any promises about interruptions to the frequency of daily photos, but I will certainly try my best to continue sharing photos.  As always, thanks for checking out my Daily Photographs, and for a look back at the photo that started it all, click here to view Photo #1 from 11.15.2008!

Photo #1461 – 11.14.12

First Snowfall of Winter 2012/13

Well, it isn’t officially winter here in northern New Jersey…but the recent snowfall we received and chilly temperatures we are experiencing definitely reminds us that winter is quickly approaching.  This shot of our front yard was taken last week the morning after a couple inches of snow fell in our neck of the woods.  Luckily, this was also the first morning we had power in nearly 9 days since Sandy had come through, so I was able to warm up a bit after walking around in the snow.

Photo #1460 – 11.13.12

Salmon Beads

Antique shows can be great places to capture some interesting photographs, and that was certainly the case at the Bouckville Antique Festival we attended this past summer.  Although I didn’t take as many shots as I would have liked, there was a lot of neat stuff all over the place that caught my eye.  This shot was taken at one tent where someone had tables of various beaded necklaces, mostly grouped together by color, and I thought the reds and pinks with the different shapes and sizes worked well together.

Catch-Up Time! – Photo #1432 to Photo #1459

Once again, I have fallen a bit behind and need to do a rapid catch-up.  This upcoming week will mark the 4th year of Daily Photographs, and now that I’ve finished my marathon training (more on my first marathon soon!) and have power back after Sandy (8.5 days in the dark/cold…but we are good to go now!), I will hopefully be able to bring you even more great photos each day.

For now, here is a selection of recycled favorites that I have posted previously (click on the photo to read the old post), although they may be new to many of you, especially if you haven’t been following me since the beginning.  Enjoy!

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