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Photo #1580

Morning Meadow Bouquet – Etsy Print


A meadow full of flowers, just as the rising sun hits, is a great place to be with a camera!  I had to get down low (and a bit wet with dew) to capture this photo of backlit flowers and grasses, and the mix of focus gives a bit of depth to the scene.

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Photo #1530 – 01.23.13

Great Smokies Creek – Etsy Print

Great Smokies Creek - Etsy Print
The peacefulness of a Great Smoky Mountain stream like this one is tough to match. This particular stretch of water was located in the Cataloochee Valley region of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Photo #1491 – 12.14.12

Hint of Purple

Hint of Purple

I love finding flowers to photograph, especially while out on a hike.

Photo #1478 – 12.01.12

Wispy Web

I am not the biggest fan of spiders, but they are definitely interesting little creatures.  I love coming upon intricate webs during my outdoor travels, and on this particular morning a couple years ago, I stumbled upon a big meadow full of dewdrop-lined webs that were lit up by the rising sun.

I hope this spider was able to catch a poor little fly or other insect for breakfast…

Photo #1462 – 11.15.12

Baby On the Way

Old toy letter blocks are great.  Old toy letter blocks arranged in words are even better.  But the best is when you are walking through a huge antique festival and you happen to spot old toy letter blocks arranged in words that spell out a message that you would like to share with family, friends, and anyone else that might care to listen…

And would you believe it, that is exactly what happened to Heather and I when we came across this handful of blocks in a little toy wagon!

So in case it isn’t obvious, Heather and I are excitedly expecting our first child next year!  I say excitedly expecting, but I also mean anxiously and nervously expecting…  Heather is thankfully doing well overall, and we are really looking forward to taking this huge leap into parenthood.

Today also marks the 4th anniversary of Daily Photographs!  It’s hard to believe I have been posting these photos for this long, but it has really been enjoyable and I always appreciate hearing the great feedback.  In terms of stats (aren’t stats fun??), the site is quickly approaching 70,000 visits, more than 1,250 comments have been left, and 175 people are signed up to receive my Daily Photographs (scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out the e-mail signup!).  This past year had a few long-term delays that resulted from becoming a bit busy with moving into a new home, training for a marathon, and other fun stuff.  With a ‘Baby On the Way’ in 2013, I cannot make any promises about interruptions to the frequency of daily photos, but I will certainly try my best to continue sharing photos.  As always, thanks for checking out my Daily Photographs, and for a look back at the photo that started it all, click here to view Photo #1 from 11.15.2008!

Photo #1419 – 10.03.12

Adirondacks Winding Road – Etsy Print

Scenic, winding roads out in the middle of nowhere are always a nice treat.  That was definitely the case on this drive through a portion of Adirondack Park east of Lake George.  The October foliage contrasted well with the mix of evergreens, and this particular location had a great atmosphere about it.

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Photo #1406 – 09.20.12

Babbling Brook in Autumn – Etsy Print

Autumn officially begins here in the northern hemisphere in only a couple days, so I thought I would post this autumn scene to get everyone in the mood.  Taken on a hike in Stokes State Forest in northwestern New Jersey, this photo features the Flat Brook as it passes through a neat stretch of mixed deciduous/coniferous forest and boulders of various sizes.  It was pretty peaceful sitting on a big boulder out in the middle of the brook to capture this shot, and I would definitely suggest making some plans to go on some autumn hikes!

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Photo #1403 – 09.17.12

Sunlight on the Front Yard

I must say, I really love going outside some mornings to find bright sunshine lighting up our front yard.  It’s a great way to start the day!  The way it filters through the tall canopy of surrounding trees creates some neat contrasts of light and dark.  On this particular morning a few weeks ago, I had gone out for a nice morning run, and when I got back to the house, I kept running inside to grab my camera to capture a bit of the bright sunlight.

Speaking of running, I don’t know how many times I have been out for morning runs recently where I really wished I had my camera to capture some beautiful morning moments (lots of wildlife, foggy lake sunrises, etc.)…but for now, marathon training takes precedence over photography!

Photo #1394 – 09.08.12

Deep in Thought with Karma

While enjoying a bit of midday relaxation outside our cabin on the Wheaton River in the Yukon Territory one day, my buddy Ken and I were joined by two of the cool dogs on the property, Karma and Tatra.  Ken snapped this photo of Karma and I staring off into the distance…who knows what we were looking at, or what we may have been pondering.  Although I’m guessing I was just checking out the fantastic scenery all around, since I found myself doing that quite often!

Photo #1386 – 08.31.12

Blue Seashore

Receding ocean waves, sandy shore, and a tint of blue.

Tonight is a blue moon, so if you are near the ocean, maybe you’ll see some waves as blue as in this photo…or maybe not.  A blue moon occurs whenever two full moons appear in the same month, but they are pretty much the same color as any other full moon.  However, it is possible to see a slightly blue-tinted moon following a large volcanic eruption or possibly even large forest fires, as the ash and/or smoke filters the light in such a way to make the moon appear blue.

Photo #1369 – 08.14.12

2 Years of Wedded Bliss for Ken & Laura

Today, Ken & Laura are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary and probably remembering their great wedding day on a beautiful August evening in 2010.  And maybe they are exchanging t-shirts or sheets in line with the traditional ‘cotton anniversary’…it’s tough to beat a comfy cotton t-shirt!

Happy Anniversary!

*This photo was brought to you today by Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives…if you are like me, you probably sang that little phrase in your head…

Photo #1348 – 07.24.12

Walkin’ With Charlie

Our friends, Ken & Lindsay, joined us on a great Memorial Day camping trip a couple months ago, and they brought their pup Charlie along for the fun.  He’s a great camping dog, and one of the days, we all went on a long hike around the neighboring park.  Near the end, we were all getting exhausted, and Charlie was definitely looking forward to getting back, so he was trotting along pretty well when this photo was taken near our campsite along the forested woods roads.

It was a great hike!

Photo #1339 – 07.15.12

Dried Cow Parsnip

Cow parsnip is typically easy to identify alongside roads, at edges of fields, and many other places as it shows off its tall, big clusters of little white flowers.  But once the flowers are gone, the dried out stalk can still be easy to recognize.  This particular dried-out cow parsnip flower cluster looked kind of pretty and whimsical framed against the blue of an early morning sky.

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Photo #1308 – 06.14.12

Stars and Stripes Forever

I don’t have many flag photos, but I thought this one was appropriate for today in celebration of Flag Day.  Flag Day commemorates the date in 1777 when the flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress of the United States.  The flag has gone through a number of changes since then, though, ultimately showing off the 50 stars and 13 stripes we see today.

And for today’s musical selection, here is a snippet from a song I sang in 4th or 5th grade chorus…or at least, how I remember it sounding in my head…:
“Red, white and blue
Let’s sing about
Our flag it’s true
Let’s sing it out
Red, white and blue means liberty”

Photo #1209 – 03.07.12

Salsify, a.k.a. Goatsbeard

Salsify may be the process by which delicious salsa is made, or it may be what happens to someone that learns how to dance the salsa.  However, in the context of this photo, salsify refers to the name of what is commonly thought of as a giant dandelion.  Also known as goatsbeard, this flower does look similar to a dandelion, but it is certainly larger, as the seedhead can be up to 4 inches across.  Heather took this photo of a salsify that was just waiting for a good wind to come along and help disperse some seeds.

Photo #1180 – 02.07.12

Two Panes Remaining

This barn window has certainly seen better days, since four glass panes are completely gone and the two that are remaining appear to be quite dirty.  But then again, windows on old barns are supposed to look rustic and beat up.  I only got a quick glance of this particular barn window because I was busy taking photos of Amy & Brian’s pre-wedding setup and other features at the Mountain Springs Lake Resort.

Photo #1139 – 12.28.11

Oxeye Macro

After posting a photo yesterday of arguably the second largest object in our solar system, I figured I would follow up with a photo of something much, much smaller.  So here is a close-up shot of the stamen of an oxeye daisy that is still wet from the morning dew.

Photo #1121 – 12.10.11

Persian Silk Tree Stamen

The Persian silk tree, commonly referred to as a mimosa tree, has some pretty neat flower structures that form white and pink puffs of these long filaments.  The tree is native to eastern Asia and is an invasive species here in the eastern U.S., although it may still be available from nurseries as an ornamental shrub despite its invasive behavior.  From these pink puffs, to fern-like leaves, to big seed pods, the Persian silk tree is full of interesting features that set it apart from most native trees in the area.

Photo #1111 – 11.30.11

2-Year-Old Lillian

Lillian is Heather’s first cousin once removed (daughter of her cousin Ashley), and she is all kinds of cute.  While celebrating her 2nd birthday this past August, we had a few fun moments snapping photos while she was playing outside.  She went through a bunch of different expressions, but this shot of surprise/innocence/bashfulness was my favorite.

Photo #1111…actually, Photo #1092 – 11.11.11

11 – 11 – 11

If only I had started this photo blog 19 days earlier back in 2008, I would have been able to post Photo #1111 today, November 11th, ’11…of course, I had no idea at the time that I might still be posting daily photos nearly 3 years later!

But to celebrate the fun of 11-11-11, here is a unique barn from down in Tennessee that has a bunch of 11’s (or 1’s, 111’s, or even 11,111,111,111,111,111) making up the open slits in the barn’s front sliding door.

Photo #1085 – 11.04.11

Soft Meadow Flowers

When I take photos like this (macro, shallow depth of field, flowers), I often try to envision what the image might look like in black & white or with reduced saturation.  This particular photo was taken as the rising sun produced a wash of orange light over these little meadow flowers, and while I do like the original photo with vibrant green stems/leaves and yellow flowers, this less-saturated and softer alternative seems to give a better impression of delicate flowers.

Photo #1042 – 09.22.11

Oxeye Daisy

There sure are many types of daisies that all look fairly similar!  It is estimated that there are more than 200 species of daisies, from shasta to gerbera to oxeye (and 197+ more!), but for the most part, there are recognizable differences between the species that make it somewhat easy to correctly identify them.

This particular oxeye daisy was one of many in the open meadows where we went camping this past July, and it was beautifully backlit by the orange glow of the rising sun.

Photo #1039 – 09.19.11

Wheel O’ Fun

Aren’t Ferris wheels fun?!  Unless you’ve got a fear of heights, they are one of the more gentle rides to enjoy at a fair…you go up slowly, you come back down slowly, and repeat a couple times.  Of course, some ferris wheels might create a bit more anxiety than others…such as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in Singapore that reaches 541 feet, or about 42 stories!

This particular Ferris wheel was a rather typical one at the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show.  Judging by the one rider in this photo, it looks like it wasn’t very popular at the time this was taken…

Photo #1008 – 08.19.11

Among the Trees and Ferns

Located in upstate New York (maybe not extremely upstate…but above-the-catskills upstate…), Plainfield State Forest is a nice bit of state land that is undeveloped and consists of a number of dirt roads that provide access to the park.  There are ponds filled with loud frogs, hills full of fossils, and cool forests like the one in the photo above.  One morning, while camping at the adjacent Joaquin Campground {photo #1000}, I enjoyed a nice walk through the trees and ferns (and other small brush) in the state forest, taking a few photos along the way.