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Photo #1571 – 03.05.13

Noah Paints a Car

My nephew Noah loves his cars.  So you can definitely understand his excitement when he got a crafty paintable car for Christmas.  He was able to not only play with messy paints, but also make his own model car.  He did take a quick break to smile big for the camera before going back to painting his wheels.


Photo #1512 – 01.05.13

Happy 4th Birthday, Noah!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Noah!!

And just like that, my nephew Noah is 4 years old today!  Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday, Noah!!

Photo #1490 – 12.13.12

Noah and Jada Dance Party

Noah and Jada Dance Party

Noah and Jada make a cute cousin couple, don’t they?!  This past summer, they enjoyed a little dance together…either the waltz or the samba, I cannot remember which…

Photo #1467 – 11.20.12

The Lil’ Kid’s Table

Sippin’ some juice, eatin’ some cherry tomatoes, playin’ with a few badminton shuttlecocks…these are just a few of the normal activities Jada, Noah and I were doing at the little kid’s table in my cousin Victoria’s childhood treehouse this past summer.  Gotta love playing ‘House’!

Photo #1389 – 09.03.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012…Gone Crazy!!

Well…we were a good lookin’ crew, until someone said “Silly Faces!” and we erupted into chaos.  Kids will be kids…whether they are actual kids or just kids at heart…

Have a happy Labor Day!

Photo #1388 – 09.02.12

The Apgar Clan, August 2012

What a nice lookin’ group, if I may say so myself!  We took this photo in the beginning of August and managed to get smiles and open eyes throughout!  Gotta love family.

Photo #1352 – 07.28.12

Noah & Jada

It isn’t always that easy to get these two to sit still, sit somewhat close to one another, have them both looking at the camera, and get them to have some sort of smile on their faces.  So this shot of my niece and nephew was a great alignment of all these factors.  Right after this photo, Noah tried putting some chapstick on Jada’s lips…and she wasn’t all that thrilled, so they went their separate ways.